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  1. Sony CineAlta 4K Set PL-mount 6 lenses. 20mm T. 2.0 25mm T2.0 35mm T2.0 50mm T2.0 85mm T2.0 135 mm T2.0 The lenses are very little used and in very good condition. To get acquainted with their characteristics, look at the links below. Price 8500 Eur Contact: idproductional@gmail.com
  2. For sale ALEXA SXT PLUS ARRI BP-12 ARRI CCH-1 ARRI HEB-2 ARRI SP-4 ARRI S-4 ARRI VEB-3 ARRI LMS-3 2X VIEWFINDER CABLE CODEX CDX-75112 READER 4X CODEX 512GB CARD CODEX CDX-3790 SXS ADAPTER 2X CODEX CDX-37097 SXR ADAPTER TIMECODE CABLE EXTERNAL POWER CABLE SOUND CABLE 2X 15MM RODS ARRI ORIGINAL CASE ARRI 12 inch Standard Dovetail Arri Alexa internally fsnd Filter Set, 0.3 0.6 0.9 1.2 1.5 1.8 2.1 2.4 Price: 25.000 € + shipping Please contact: idproductional@gmail.com
  3. Hello! I am selling my Baselight TWO system with BlackBoard One version 4.4.6689 24TBx 2 40TB net storage GTX 680 Graphics Card, the system has no support from filmlight but is in good working condition and suitable for learning and working and Sony Monitor Pvm-x300 30 inch monitor. The reason for the sale is the relocation of my family to another EU country. For any more info please contact me. idproductional@gmail.com Thank you Bledi
  4. Hello! I have BP-8 for sale. Contact me in idproductional@gmail.com Thanks Bledi
  5. I have Arri Sr3 Advance for sale. Please Contact me: bledar_cili@yahoo.com Thanks Bledi
  6. Hello! I have an sr3 advance on sale. Please email me for more info. idproductuctional@gmail.com Thanks Bledi
  7. Selling Red Komodo Kit plus extras with 14 hours used. RED KOMODO 6K BODY ANGELBIRD AV PRO CFAST 2.0 MEMORY CARD - 1TB CORESWX KOMODO V-MT BATTERY PLATE RED KOMODO OUTRIGGER HANDLE TILTA TA-RF-PL CANON RF/PL ADAPTER CANON RF/FD ADAPTER SMALLRIG 2756 MINI TOP HANDLE SANDISK EXTREME PRO CFAST CARD READER 3x Canon BP-975 Lithium battery V-mount V-mount Charger DJI RONIN-S GIMBAL NEW OPEN BOX RED Hydrogen Total price 12.000 euro without shipping. For more info please contact me: idproductional@gmail.com Thanks Bledi
  8. Selling my Red Komodo with 7 hours used. The camera is bought in Europe more precisely in CVP and that is why it is sold in euros. Location is Tirana, Albania. Thanks RED KOMODO 6K BODY ANGELBIRD AV PRO CFAST 2.0 MEMORY CARD - 1TB CORESWX KOMODO V-MT BATTERY PLATE RED KOMODO OUTRIGGER HANDLE TILTA TA-RF-PL CANON RF/PL ADAPTER SMALLRIG 2756 MINI TOP HANDLE SANDISK EXTREME PRO CFAST CARD READER Canon BP-975 3x Lithium battery 10050 mAh V-mount V-mount Charger Total Price €12.000 Extra DJI RONIN-S GIMBAL NEW OPEN BOX €766.90 See less
  9. Hi, I am Interested in the Angenieux 30-80. is it still available?


    cheers, philipp

    1. bledarcili


      Hello Philipp!

      Yes is still for sale.

      Please contact me in :




  10. Hello! After several months of waiting for Red Komodo she finally arrived, but a few days ago I won a budget for a feature film and plans to shoot with her are not positive. The director I will work with, insists on Arri Amira because of the look that the movie should have. To save time I am thinking of replacing the Red Komodo Kit with an Amira Arri used in good working condition plus cash. Red Komodo is new with 10 working hours and everything is in the original box. (for more see in the picture). For more info please contact me: idproductional@gmail.com Thank you Bledi Cili
  11. Hello! The camera was bought at UK CVP a year ago, everything works very well. It is for sale because many plans failed due to the situation created by Kovid 19. The kit consists of the following accessories: K1.0003873 ALEXA Mini Body with preinstalled licenses for full 4:3, MXF/ARRIRAW and OpenGate functionality. 10.0008147 1x ALEXA Mini 4:3 License Key 10.0008148 1x ALEXA Mini ARRIRAW License Key 10.0014640 1x ALEXA Mini ARRI Look Library License Key K2.0003216 ALEXA Mini Titanium mount for PL mount lenses with L-Bus connector K2.0005861 ALEXA Mini Viewfinder ALEXA Mini labeled MVF-1 (AMIRA EVF) (1) 75cm viewfinder cables K2.0006171 ARRI Alexa Mini Audio Connector With Cable K2.0006140 ARRI MVB-1 Viewfinder Mounting Bracket K2.0008982 ARRI Bebob Vmount Power Splitting Box K2.72007.0 ARRI Center Camera Handle (CCH-1) (2) K2.0014957 ARRI MSB-2 Mounting Side Brackets (2) K2.0006347 ARRI MAP-2 Adapter Plate (15mm Rods) (2) K2.0006334 ARRI MAP-1 Lightweight Adapter Plate K2.0006352 BPA-4 Bridge Plate Adapter for the ALEXA Mini (2) LEXAR 256GB Professional 3600x CFast 2.0 Memory Card LEXAR Workflow CR2 Thunderbolt/ USB3.0 CFast 2.0 Reader + USB Cable Hours 1550 Total Price without Shipping 46.000 $ For more info please contact at this email address. jonis1001@gmail.com
  12. I am selling a lot of equipment because of some moves I am making with my studio. I want to sell this great lens Angenieux Optimo DP Rouge 30-80mm Zoom Lens with PL Mount and case. The lens is in very good condition and very little used. Contact: idproductional@gmail.com For more info about the lens see the link below:
  13. For Sale Sachtler Cine 30 HD 150mm Fluid HeadHead System kit with long legs. Is used only for my project, not for rent. For more info see the link below: Contact: idproductional@gmail.com
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