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  1. No worries, I just didn't want there to be false rumors in the market. We are not at liberty to discuss the project due to NDA, despite us exiting in December 2019. Yours truly Lasse R. @ Logmar Camera Solutions
  2. @Tyler Purcell - Please stop making false and unfounded accusations – none of what you’re saying is correct. Logmar and Kodak has been cooperating in good faith since 2015.
  3. Hi Nicholas, The ultimate outreach :: our bank. Regards Lasse
  4. Hi Nicholas and Andries We are currently busy on three other projects that we need to finalize first before we could jump on this but we just wanted to see if there was any real interest before wasting time making a MRD on it. It doesn't seem to attract enough interest to be something that we would invest in however. All the best Lasse
  5. Please be advised that we are in no way. shape or form connected to Tyler Purcell and his camera project. We wish him the best of luck however. /Logmar
  6. We would not be interested in doing conversions, only designing new cameras as conversions are not sustainable from a business point of view. BR Lasse
  7. Could you define cheap/affordable? (Naked camera body price without lens) for a 35-2 with integrated sound
  8. Most likely backlit and not laser to avoid a lawsuit from someone looking into the lens mount and going purposely blind to get a "pay day"
  9. Hi Perry We could impose a crosshair between each sprocket for scanner registration. Granted we havent really thought it through yet it's just an idea we are kicking about at the moment. Regards Lasse
  10. Exactly Mark 3:1 aspect ratio with standard Super8 cartridge and horizontal pull claw
  11. Hi, I'm wondering what the interest (if any) there would be for a 2-perf anamorphic super8 camera which accepted the normal Super8 cassette but didn't require threading etc. Price is unknown but it would be higher than 2500$ for sure. Best regards Lasse
  12. Hi Craig, Our camera does not support auto exposure, everything is under user control. All the best Lasse
  13. Hi Perry, In our camera the pressure plate is always "engaged" and it's not possible to run the camera without the pressure plate pressing on the film as otherwise the claw would bend and damage the pressure plate (as it would force itself into it) The film can be loaded wrong however so that it's not lying "where it's supposed to be" and then the pressure plate will still apply pressure to it which causes emulsion tearing, sharpness issues and other artifacts as you have seen. The side steer CAN be disengaged on our camera and in fact the user must disengaged it in order to be able to load the film. If the user forgets to engage it again after loading film he/she can still shoot film with the side steer disabled as there's no user feedback. The side steer is controlled by a manual lever with no software feedback telling or warning the user if he hasn't engaged it, therefore it's the responsibility of the user to make sure it's engaged. It is therefore plausible that a film can be shot with the side steer disengaged. All the best Lasse
  14. Hi Tyler, I think 500T can look fantastic just see here: especially the lamp shot I think is one of my favorites All the best Lasse
  15. Hi Andries, You need to take up your concern with the scanner manufactures and get them to adhere to the SMPTE specifications then you'll get rid of the weave. As long as they keep "doing their own thing" you'll never combat this issue and just for the record KODAK and the other film manufactures are not to blame for this either as they follow the specifications as well so all this "moaning" about weave and jitter should really be aimed towards the source of the problem which is the scanners that are not designed to the specifications of the medium they are supposed to capture and not the cameras nor film material. We could have designed our S8 camera so that it would work with modern scanners by changing the way we register the frame and guide the film however if we did that we would break the SMPTE spec and the people who wants to project would complain that the footage was jittery and full of weave. So why not follow an industry standard when it exists instead of doing things "your own way". All the best Lasse
  16. Hi David, I'm guessing the weave is a scanner artifact that wouldn't show up on a projector. We've seen this many times where film that looks immaculate in projection weaves and jitters on a scan since the scanners are typically *NOT* designed to the same specifications as Super8 cameras. The scratch must have been caused by debris in the gate as it appears and then dissapears again. Perhaps Moy can elaborate if he has a projector he can run it through. All the best Lasse Logmar Camera Solutions
  17. Several users have requested open sources on our camera and to comply with these motions we've decided to release the schematics and firmware the 15th of August to all valid Logmar serial number holders. We hope by doing this that the growing community of Logmar users will be able to come up with great features, ideas and improvements that we haven't thought about ourselves. Best regards Lasse R.
  18. Hi Anthony, The electronics in our S8 camera alone is about 600€ nothing more! And that's counting the WiFi, Audio, LCD etc. so even if we stripped all that out and made the camera with a hand-crank and crosshair viewfinder like the Ikonoskop 16mm the cost saving towards the end user would be so little that people would just complain about the high price and the lack of features. Our real problem is that our minimum ordering quantity of metal is 50 sets. We must manufacture batches of fifty cameras each time and we need to pay everything upfront with our vendors hence we need to rely on a prepayment model in order to build cameras (just like we did with the beta round) and that model has a time element in it as well as we need to have sold almost all the cameras in advance before we can start to build them so if the cameras are slow to sell it can take a long time before we can start. If we had the luxury of building 1.000 cameras the price could be dropped significantly but we would never be able to get under the 2.000€ level even with those numbers as the cost of manufacturing in Europe is simply too high and with the precision involved and required to build these cameras there's only a limited amount of companies that can do it and they know they can charge for it - our camera for example is build in the same factory as PhaseOne and Hasselblad. Best regards Lasse
  19. Hi Patrick, I see on the forum you mention that the resolution is VGA (640x480) and that the frame rate is 18fps. Excuse me for stating the obvious but why would people want to record such a low frame rate and resolution? You do not get Super-8 look just because you shot through a shutter and a lens, it comes from the film itself. Also when talking digital any video camera or photo camera can today shoot video in much higher resolution also with same lens mounts or through adapters the only thing missing is the shutter but that's not needed for this purpose to be frank. Believe me when I say that I applaud your efforts however I think you'll find a bigger market in making a video assist system for existing Super-8 cameras than trying to replace the film it-self because people has a Super-8 camera for a reason and in 99% of all cases the reason is not that it's just collecting dust in a corner but rather being used. Best regards Lasse
  20. Hi Anthony, Thanks for asking - our webpage hasn't been updated for quite a while as we've been working on a new web site design through a third party and we've also been overly busy building the vast amount of cameras. The new web design is far from complete however Tommy just posted an update with some photos of the cameras. We are currently waiting for test footage to show up from the first assembled camera so that we can see that everything looks good - after that we will swiftly shot a couple of film with all the cameras we've sold and ship that off to processing as well so that we know for sure that all cameras will work fine with film before we execute delivery to our customers. Best regards Lasse
  21. Hi Omar, We are not lending cameras out at present, but Pro8mm will most likely have a rental program in place sometime next year. Good luck with your project. Lasse Logmar CS
  22. Hi Guys! Sorry it's been a while since we've been responsive in this forum - things have been crazy busy in our end! Wittner does not have distributorship in Europe, In fact we have never talked to him. We will be fulfilling initial orders to customers outside of US, Mexico and Canada directly from us. We will make an announcement about our beta camera program later today or tomorrow - in all essence we'll be selling an initial 10-20 cameras via Pro8mm and the same amount for EU at a reduced price of 3.500$ USD. More news to come very soon! /Lasse
  23. Hi Matthew et. al., We've earlier made a statement about our current platform being able to support also 16mm which is true however we are not planning to do a 16mm variant of our camera at present time nor in the foreseeable future (next couple of years) since there are already many good 16mm cameras available on the market. A big drive for 16mm (except it being a larger format) is the use of reel material instead of the cartridge which allows longer filming time which I'd say is the major drawback to general super-8 and we'll be bringing out a special magazine option for our camera that holds 200ft reels to solve this. Best regards Lasse, Logmar ​
  24. Hi Guys & Gals, The fair in Deidesheim is now over and it was really exciting to meet other like-minded enthusiasts. Nicklas Rühl has written a good resume of the fair here: Filmkorn article in german here Filmkorn article translated with google translate here Here's a video by Martin Rowek which has some shots of the camera and internals. Here's a photo of the new camera with attached viewfinder on top: Right now we are waiting to get our promotional video material which was shot in Deidesheim and while we are waiting for that we are finalizing some improvements to camera in terms of noise reduction. Enjoy!
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