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  1. Miguel Angel posted a perfectly fine example of what the camera is capable of under available light and Tyler said it sucked. So now we are arguing who has better taste. My favorite color is blue so when Tyler says every camera should have a native warmth... well, I disagree. Who is wrong? Obviously its easy to mix up our subjective taste as objective fact, but it is, of course, a pointless argument.
  2. Not going to happen. He will ignore this until somebody changes the subject. Havent you posted plenty of frame grabs before? Didnt he ignore all of them until the subject changed? Or did he passive aggressivly imply that you dont know the difference between good and bad looking footage? I cant remember.😊
  3. No, you just said the quality of the content is not as important as the quality of the format it was shot on.
  4. Well, I shot 35mm film for ten years of my life before everything switched to digital and I have to admit... Im a little jealous of the authenticity Sean Baker was able to capture in that movie. Forget film or digital, he captured life on the screen. Thats all I aspire to these days.
  5. So the gun to the head question is, would you rather shoot a fantastic script on an iPhone 3G or shoot a terrible script on top notch, state of the art, 35mm film?
  6. Kinda like the marketable difference between digital today and digital only a decade ago?
  7. Well, to quote William Shakespeare, to be called a filmmaker or to be called a video maker, It just doesnt matter if your script sucks.
  8. For the record, I think the term film or filmmaker is universal to anyone that shoots anything on any format, but just to play film purists advocate for a second... and this question is for everybody... would you find it wise or unwise for a producer or a director that is shooting their next movie on film to hire the best DP in the world even if that DP has never actually shot anything on film, only digital?
  9. Its true. Who needs marinara sauce when ketchup taste fine? Its all tomatoes. 😜
  10. I saw what looked like a student film the other day where someone was planting a flower and they covered it with a drone shot. Made me smile.
  11. Yes, I only meant small independent movies.
  12. Anybody else notice with all the newfound accessibility to drones that filmmakers seem to be shoehorning drone shots into their independent movies? I cant tell you if an establishing shot of someones house from 200 feet in the air adds production value, but I can tell you its very jarring. So heres the lesson kiddos, just because you have access to a drone doesnt mean you have to use it. 😁
  13. No. And it's not always the producer's practical decision either. And there's no objective right or wrong to any of this, which is what makes this whole discussion so silly.
  14. What we really need is some sort of machine that we can feed a script into to be analyzed. Then it can spit the script out the other end with a big stamp that says "FILM" or "DIGITAL." Maybe then all these filmmakers will stop making fools of themselves by picking the wrong format for the script they wrote. :P
  15. Such an impressive production. Overwhelming. Thanks for posting.
  16. A guy once told me that Tony Scott wasn't an artist, but rather a master craftsman. I remember thinking, then I'm fine not being called an artist, because Tony Scott movies are awesome. Right, I forgot, thanks. "Person who shoots stuff..."
  17. I met a filmmaker who bragged that he'd been fired from every "normal" job he'd ever had like they were beneath him. As if to say being a filmmaker "artist" makes you better than a grocery store clerk or whatever. So I think people tend to distance themselves from the term "artist" so they don't sound pretentious... as Robin joked... and now I see Dom just said above. And also because Justin Bieber screamed at the grammy crowd that he's an artist and deserves respect. B)
  18. This "Could Digital Kill Film?" thread... has officially killed all paint. I'm here all night.
  19. So what is poor VHS? Water paint? I'm here all night.
  20. Imagine looking at a painting at a public art show, then suddenly the artist yanks the painting off the wall and starts shaking it all over the place.... That's how I feel when I watch a Paul Greengrass movie BOOM!
  21. Sure, but then referring to a digital vs. film test, he went on to say, "...people tend to see what they want to see." Of which I wholeheartedly agree.
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