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  1. Hi, I am selling my Zeiss lens set for Super 16mm. It is excellent condition and serviced last month. 9.5mm. T1.3. MkII 12mm. T1.3. MkII 16mm T1.3 MkII 25mm. T1.3. MkII 50mm T1.3 MkIII Asking $10.5k https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Ac9hMj8Tumqraw20PMH1-n4YYQomeSaK PM if interested. Thank you
  2. I have some fresh Aaton A Minima 200ft rolls, always refrigerated 6 BW and 2 Color
  3. Hi Petr, I know this is a long shot, but is this lens still available? Please let me know Thanks
  4. I have 6 rolls of 7226 BW Tri X film for the Aaton A Minima, and 2 rolls of 7201 Color 50D. All unopened. I purchase them directly from Kodak, and they have been refrigerated ever since. if you are interested in the whole lot, or single rolls, please PM preferably at angel@ideatap.com it would be faster, or you can also leave a message here, it just might take me longer to get back to you
  5. hello Nico, very interested in your lens, let me know how to proceed and make it happen Thanks
  6. Hi Nico, I am interested in your lens, is it still available?
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