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  1. As David mentioned almost certainly the Angenieux f/3.2 25 - 250mm zoom. And I am willing to bet the Angenieux T4.4 35 -140mm zoom lens as well as Tonino Delli Colli was one of the first cinematographers in history to adapt this zoom lens with the ARRI IIB/C. Angenieux was the lens of choice with all the top Italian directors of the 1960s; Sergio Leone, Federico Fellini, Luchino Visconti, Pier Paolo Pasolini, Vittorio De Sica and many more.
  2. Thank's guys, great responses!! David I will check with Otto it sounds like they are the more indie filmmaker friendly of the two. Keslow does have a great selection of ARRI 35mm cameras for rent but the last time I tried to rent from Keslow they seemed to prefer a major movie studio like Warner Bros. backing the DP. Rental houses like AbelCine do not even rent / sell analog film movie camera anything anymore. And yes there is always Panavision. Stuart, Tyler I will check with Camera Division and Camtech. I never tried either of those rental houses. There used to be a great place called Old School Cameras in Burbank that was in business for a few years but they downsized and moved to Oceanside, CA. Some of the gear in Burbank was sold or rented through Alan Gordon in Hollywood, and indeed Alan Gordon now does have a great selection of 16mm analog gear for rent...including one Bolex movie camera! Not too much 35mm anymore for rent but the best selection of 35mm movie cameras for sale anywhere in California that I have found! Still it would be great to see a traditional walk in old school rental house again with vintage analog movie camera gear in LA with Aaton, Eclair, Bolex, Cinema Products ...ect. movie cameras. But those days I am afraid are long gone. Clairmont Camera used to have the best selection of 35mm / 16mm movie cameras for rent IMO but those great vintage movie cameras were long sold, from what I heard, most went for sale at auction, then to Alan Gordon and Keslow after Clairmont went out of business. For the 2020s, although online rental and not a traditional "walk in" rental house, it looks like the "new" old school vintage movie rental house will be Sharegrid ! Wow some great vintage movie cameras are on that site including those rare vintage French movie cameras (Aaton / Eclair).
  3. I actually own two 35mm movie cameras and I have to rent them out to other indie filmmakers /cinematographers who have trouble finding analog gear. Any places in the Hollywood area thats rents analog movie cameras anymore? Most every rental house I have checked in the LA area that used to carry analog movie cameras have either gone out of business or they have a very spare selection of analog film cameras maybe a ARRICAM and thats it. Or the rental won't rent to you unless you have the backing of a major movie studio. Any rental houses with a good selection of analog gear out there still friendly to indie / low budget filmmakers? There used to be quite a few ... now hardly any, almost every rental house is 98% digital. I know there are still filmmakers shooting film because I just saw Star Wars! Purchasing movie cameras is a different story though!! Plenty of places I found selling vintage 35mm and 16mm analog film cameras!! Maybe that is the only option these days.
  4. Back to 2 perf... the days of finding a great deal on a 2 perf camera are over. We're building a 235 2 perf camera because we found a movement... It's basically what Tyler said. I have two 2-Perf movie cameras a 235 and ARRI 2C (converted) but neither were easy to get. Some of the 2-perf movie cameras I found out there have some iffy history to them and others were not converted right. Your best bet is a 2/3 perf SWITCHABLE 35mm movie camera. Your choices are very few... but they are the ARRI 235, Arricam LT & ST and Aaton Penelope. 4 perf anamorphic - anything (camera/lens) is very EXPENSIVE . 2- perf is the CHEAPEST THERE IS but you are limited only to feature films. 3-perf is the best possible FORMAT there is but only the 2nd cheapest compared to the ultra-cheap 2-perf. I would NOT stay locked into any "format" be it 2,3,4 perf. You need to be flexible to 2/3 perf these days ideally switching to format for online internet cinema (3-perf) or format for feature films (2-perf).
  5. "I would truly love it if any camera tech made like an in-depth tutorial on how to fully disassembly and take care of their Arriflex IIC. I wouldn't mind paying either for access to the videos. Perhaps that can be a thing ;P " There are motion picture dealer websites like Visual Products that has every manual in PDF format you can imagine for all the classic 35mm movie cameras. And for the new ARRI movie cameras ARRI has downloadable manuals and brochures. I keep a a PDF copy of my ARRI 2C 2 Perf Techniscope and ARRI 235 Techniscope. http://www.visualproducts.com/productInfo02.asp?ID=137
  6. Hey guys, I just called Axel today and he is no longer in the movie camera repair biz.
  7. Hey Rich I just sent you a proposal. Let me know what you think. Thanks for helping make this a safe and stress free purchase. :)
  8. Hey Richard, I finally spoke with Chris today, really great guy and he explained everything, it was stolen but was recovered. He told me he will have the stolen camera history deleted from the stolen gear section in the Insync Publication magazine. I think this is a valuable lesson for everyone ALWAYS CHECK HISTORY WITH MOVIE CAMERA GEAR. Pretty much every movie camera part or lens has serial#s with traceable history and dealers , rental houses and trade magazines usually have records of this. There is a lot of stolen gear out there in the marketplace and both buyers and sellers need to be careful check things out before purchase /selling. Insync Publication is a great resource for a list of stolen gear and there are several other places. Maybe I can list a thread here soon on resources soon. I have heard stories of people *accidently* buying/selling stolen gear only to be stuck with the headache. Everything turned out fine here but the lesson is always check the camera history! Same applies to used cars! lol :D http://insyncpubs.com/
  9. Just so everyone knows I am a potential buyer and the movie camera had been stolen from the previous buyer in 2008. It was recovered. Richard has been really great about being transparent about the history and he will put me in touch with the previous buyer to explain what happened. Richard is 100% current owner of the movie camera and it is not currently stolen. He has taken very good of the movie camera and it works 100%. It is currently listed in Insync Publications as "stolen" but I have been assured the title has been cleared. We will try to delete it as "stolen" since it appears to be old history. Again the camera is currently NOT stolen. http://insyncpubs.com/classifieds/ STOLEN EQUIPMENT: These item were taken 01/10/2008 Arriflex IIIC camera #85080w/handheld door #85C150 and eyepiece, together with Italian flatbase and Arri handheld crystal motor #109 Arri IIIC orientable door #85A081
  10. Hey Richard can you give me an email/call regarding the stolen/theft history on the movie camera?
  11. Thanks Mark! This is awesome. Ergonomics for hand held cinematography is important to me, and this is is a great recommendation. Wooden Camera was my first choice and as I live in Hollywood, California their shop is like 10mins drive from me. I think I will bring my ARRI to their shop very soon and see if we can find a good shoulder rig / hand grip. I like wooden grips and there are a few places that specialize in this like Omeneo , Moviegrip and Ergocine. Any recommendations? Will a 4 pin cable connect from my CE motor to the handgrip? http://www.ergocine.com/black-walnut-trigger.html
  12. Does anyone know the best handgrip or shoulder rig for hand held work with an ARRI IIC & Cinematography electronics motor? http://cinemaelec.com/products/2c_crystal_motor_base/
  13. I shoot on 35mm 2 perf myself and I always wanted to shoot with the Aaton Penelope!
  14. Visual Products will PL mount the ARRI 35 IIC for $1600 USD. Nikon mount I am not sure. PL mount is the best choice.
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