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  1. Thanks Uli! I did contact Herman, he only has 3-perf right now...I am looking for a 4-perf only basic kit.
  2. Awesome 2-perf 35mm discussion guys! Here was my old ARRI 2B Techniscope 2-perf movie camera (1958) with the ultra rare Fellini Door it was a super hot rental for many years (yes this door was invented for the famous Italian director Fellini !!!). I have only seen two 2-perf Techniscope IIC or IIB movie cameras with a Fellini Door ever and mine was one of them. I just sold it this year after shooting with it for years to upgrade to a newer 2-perf movie camera so by summer 2021, I should have either the ARRI 35-3 2-perf (1983) or the 235 2-perf (2003) (yes I actually have the 2-perf moveme
  3. This is really great info guys! I think the film resurgence in the last 3 years has been FANTASTIC! I have been shooting analog film since 2003 and even though digital has it's place and is here to stay ... I have ALWAYS championed analog film and it is my first format choice if possible over digital. Another analog film movie camera that I am sure David knows about but just forgot to mention is the Aaton Penelope. The Penelope above all analog film movie cameras is hands down my favorite movie camera from last generation of movie cameras...but like the other last generation movie cameras the
  4. Wow David!! You are so right, you hit the bullseye here. 2017 is exactly when all of these movie cameras you mention starting going up like double / triple in price. My question ... what happened in 2017 ?? Was there an event or something that just sent all these analog movie cameras to Pluto? I remember seeing so many 235 movie cameras for sale and reasonable priced before 2017. In fact there were so many of these movie cameras I just kind of took my time buying one especially when everyone was buying a ARRI Alexa (and still buying Alexa today). I regret now not buying the 235 back in 2017
  5. Bump! Wow is the 235 that hot everyone? I found very few available for sale out there. Very very very few. You would think there would be a boatload of analog film gear out there. That's kind of shock to me because we are well into the digital age and I figure most would be shooting digital by now. Maybe I "guess" it's a good thing... it says to me "film is alive and kicking more than ever now" clearly more so than digital. Anyone with any leads to a 235 movie camera for sale please do PM here.
  6. Hello fellow filmmakers, Just looking for a 235 body in 4-perf. Not looking for any other perf. Basic kit ... no mags, no bridgeplate / dovetail camera support. Video assist a must. Medium extension eyepiece is a plus. Low or medium mileage on movie camera please. 1) ARRIFLEX 235 Camera Body (1) Integrated Color Video Assist IVS (PAL/ NTSC) (1) Medium Extension Eyepiece (1) Riser Pad
  7. Hi Paul,

    How are you? It's been a while. I was wondering if you know anyone out there that has a 235 4-perf movie camera for sale in the USA? I checked Visual Products they only have a 3-perf.

    Just looking for a very a basic camera body no film mags or AKS.



    1) ARRIFLEX 235 Camera Body 

    (1) Integrated Color Video Assist IVS (PAL/ NTSC)

    (1) Medium Extension Eyepiece

    (1) Riser Pad

    1. Satsuki Murashige

      Satsuki Murashige

      Rob, don’t know if you saw Alexander Boyd’s for sale listing on this forum: 


    2. Alexander Boyd

      Alexander Boyd

      Thanks for linking Satsuki. Rob has been in touch, but I only want to sell the camera as a complete package. 

  8. As David mentioned almost certainly the Angenieux f/3.2 25 - 250mm zoom. And I am willing to bet the Angenieux T4.4 35 -140mm zoom lens as well as Tonino Delli Colli was one of the first cinematographers in history to adapt this zoom lens with the ARRI IIB/C. Angenieux was the lens of choice with all the top Italian directors of the 1960s; Sergio Leone, Federico Fellini, Luchino Visconti, Pier Paolo Pasolini, Vittorio De Sica and many more.
  9. Thank's guys, great responses!! David I will check with Otto it sounds like they are the more indie filmmaker friendly of the two. Keslow does have a great selection of ARRI 35mm cameras for rent but the last time I tried to rent from Keslow they seemed to prefer a major movie studio like Warner Bros. backing the DP. Rental houses like AbelCine do not even rent / sell analog film movie camera anything anymore. And yes there is always Panavision. Stuart, Tyler I will check with Camera Division and Camtech. I never tried either of those rental houses. There used to be a great place cal
  10. I actually own two 35mm movie cameras and I have to rent them out to other indie filmmakers /cinematographers who have trouble finding analog gear. Any places in the Hollywood area thats rents analog movie cameras anymore? Most every rental house I have checked in the LA area that used to carry analog movie cameras have either gone out of business or they have a very spare selection of analog film cameras maybe a ARRICAM and thats it. Or the rental won't rent to you unless you have the backing of a major movie studio. Any rental houses with a good selection of analog gear out there still frie
  11. Back to 2 perf... the days of finding a great deal on a 2 perf camera are over. We're building a 235 2 perf camera because we found a movement... It's basically what Tyler said. I have two 2-Perf movie cameras a 235 and ARRI 2C (converted) but neither were easy to get. Some of the 2-perf movie cameras I found out there have some iffy history to them and others were not converted right. Your best bet is a 2/3 perf SWITCHABLE 35mm movie camera. Your choices are very few... but they are the ARRI 235, Arricam LT & ST and Aaton Penelope. 4 perf anamorphic - anything (camera/lens
  12. "I would truly love it if any camera tech made like an in-depth tutorial on how to fully disassembly and take care of their Arriflex IIC. I wouldn't mind paying either for access to the videos. Perhaps that can be a thing ;P " There are motion picture dealer websites like Visual Products that has every manual in PDF format you can imagine for all the classic 35mm movie cameras. And for the new ARRI movie cameras ARRI has downloadable manuals and brochures. I keep a a PDF copy of my ARRI 2C 2 Perf Techniscope and ARRI 235 Techniscope. http://www.visualproducts.com/productInfo02.asp?ID=1
  13. Hey guys, I just called Axel today and he is no longer in the movie camera repair biz.
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