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  1. Hey everyone! The production company I work for is parting ways with our Red Weapon Helium 8K S35. It is in great condition, 333.6 hours used. Willing to sell each accessory separately. Red Weapon Helium 8K S35 Brain w/ Skin Tone Highlight OLPF - $30,000 Side Handle DSMC2 - $600 Bomb EVF w/ Spinner (no cables included) - $2,000 Ti PL Mount - $1,000 AC / Wall Power cables x2 - $150 for both. DSMC Canon Mount - $500 All accessories OBO. PM for more details and photos. Thanks!
  2. I shoot sports nearly every day after work and I never shoot 1/48. Way too much motion blur for action. I typically shoot around 1/60 - 1/80 at 24fps. For 60fps shots I'm usually at 1/180.
  3. Red Volt Battery Bundle 15 batteries. 5 chargers. $1,100 OBO Based out of Salt Lake City. Photos viewable at this link: https://classifieds.ksl.com/listing/52546796 PM me on here or you can reach me through the contact info given on that link.
  4. Hey there! I've got a handful of lenses that need to go. I've got some Canon mounted Zeiss Duclos ZF.2s, a handful of Nikon lenses. I've got all of them posted up on a local Salt Lake City marketplace viewable here: https://classifieds.ksl.com/search/?keyword=3329436 They're all used and marked down quite a bit below original retail costs. If you're interested in picking up multiple lenses I'm willing to put together a kit price as well. Thanks!
  5. Freshly updated demo reel. The harshest of criticism would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  6. Yes, Meshes of the Afternoon is a good one. You should check out Takashi Ito, titles like "Grim" or "Spacy". Ito explores space like no one else.
  7. No... It isn't. It's a desktop app. All Adobe products moved into the Creative Cloud a few years ago. I wouldn't bother with Power Director. Just get Premiere and edit with what is industry standard. It isn't even that expensive.
  8. Yeah here's a link: https://creative.adobe.com/plans?promoid=NV3KR7S1&mv=other
  9. This trailer definitely has done a better job of world building than 2049. But, the 2049 trailer doesn't really need that much exposition because of the first movie right? They used a fair amount of miniatures though, didn't they? At least judging from their BTS blog posts on the site.
  10. What do you mean by video gamey? I think it looks amazing considering it's pretty much shot in their garage and mostly in camera.
  11. I couldn't imagine pulling double duty on a big feature. I mean, just the shorts I've both directed and shot I've felt like I was doing a disservice to my actors because I couldn't be there for them all the time.
  12. From what I understood it's always been open to interpretation. Scott says he is, Phillip K. Dick says he isn't. I think I've even heard Ford doesn't think he is. I bring that up because replicants only have like a four year life span right? So it's been a few decades now and he's still alive.
  13. So does this end the conversation about Deckard being a replicant or not?
  14. Looking at the video above, it says you can use a green screen rag with the Grip Cloud. What would be the point of that versus just using a frame?
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