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  1. Phil, I have been providing details about this horrible situation for almost 3 years. One of the lenses was sent in with a scratch on it for servicing and re-polishing. It was return 11 months later with the same scratch and was brought to Van Diemen attention immediately upon inspection. Attached are before and after photos. 'what was promised and what was expected' has already been documented on this forum IN DETAIL. Please read through the email excerpts from Van Diemen.
  2. This has been the worst experience I've had with any company. No comparison by any means. I have sent lenses to Russia, Ukraine and Japan for servicing but never experience so much stressed as with Van Diemen. They refuse to remove $2k USD for shoddy workmanship. They lied about the time frame and refused to every acknowledge they did anything wrong. If you don't live local or don't have the ability to walk into their shop, then my advice is to avoid Van Diemen at all costs. If you ship from overseas, Van Diemen will be super strict about the amount you put on the Customs document to avoid paying local duties, but when they send the lens back, they will put the full amount, so the customer has to pay the duties! WTF! Unbelievable! AVOID VAN DIEMEN if you cherish your health!
  3. NIGHTMARE.....NIGHTMARE....NIGHTMARE.... My experience with Van Diemen is the worst customer service experience of my life....GUARANTEED!!!! I finally found an associate who will be traveling to Surrey and I requested to have them retrieve the lens and pay via Banker's cheque or cashier's cheque, Van Diemen has declined that as a viable option, stating I have to wait 2 weeks before they can release the lens. A Bank's cheque is a guarantee of the funds availability and that the cheque will not bounce!! But leave it to Van Diemen to complicate it! FURTHERMORE, they are complicating my attempt to pay cash stating they have to meet bank regulations, "to prevent Money Laundering attempts." (email, June 14, 2021) WTF!!!!
  4. It is now June 2021 and we are 3 years into this. The latest update from Van Diemen is "We reserve the right to start charging storage and interest if this is not resolved promptly and has to be taken further." Van Diemen accepted Paypal to reel me in and now want cash and are threatening me with storage and interest charges. When I showed concern about sending a wire transfer and about retrieval of my lens, Van Diemen says "The guarantee that you will receive the lens is my word" LOL
  5. (1) One lens was submitted for conversion with a predicted 90-day turnaround. It completed in about 2 years. (2) Two lenses were submitted for servicing (repairs). One lens was serviced, and the other lens was sent back in the same condition as before (but Van Diemen demands payment for it regardless) (3) Van Diemen accepted Paypal for 50% upfront deposit. (4) Van Diemen refuses to remove charges for the lens that (in my opinion) is not serviced and I have provided them before and after photos (immediately upon receiving and inspecting lens) (4) Van Diemen demands wire transfer only (no Paypal, no credit card). I refuse it because I have reason to doubt their service, as it is evident in (4) (unacceptable servicing while demanding payment).
  6. I have contacted multiple law firms to handle this matter, but I have been advised this case has better chance in personal court. Committing libel: I have provided direct communications with Van Diemen since June 2018. If everything stated here is a fact, then it is not libel...especially since I can prove it with a paper trail. This whole issue is a matter of what is considered 'reasonable service time'. Van Diemen email states 'within 90 days' to complete service. If the service is completed in 2 years, that is not reasonable. Furthermore, I have emails from forum members who are in the same situation as I am. In my opinion, this is a pattern and should not be considered a coincidence.
  7. Update: It took a while but I have made the webpage and intro youtube video about my awful experience with Van Diemen. It will be followed by more videos. https://vandiemenlenseshorribleservice.com/ While I am at a major loss, I hope this webpage and videos will help others make an informed decision before they ship off their lenses to Van Diemen lenses.
  8. Thank you for the response. I can understand that a process can take long, but I do NOT agree with being lied to. Had Christopher been upfront (honest), I would have the option to accept or decline. But that was not the case. I'm now 2 months shy of a 3 years wait and devastating loss of revenues. Just like your experience, Christopher was indeed "always kind and understanding on the phone even when I was boiling mad." But that does feel to me like the characteristics of a CONMAN.
  9. Thanks! It should be ready within a week, and I will include screenshots of other people's messages who are suffering in the same manner
  10. 31 months later.... We have now entered 2021 (3rd year) and Van Diemen is still sticking to the lies Christopher from Van Diemen in a December 2020 email to me states that "There have been no unreasonable delays in completing the work you requested". WHAT!! A wait of 2 years may be reasonable if they promised 18 months, but not when Van Diemen declared "90 days" as turnaround time. I have people on multiple forums contact me about the same scenario with Van Diemen. However, they seemed to be afraid to speak up in fear of retaliation by Van Diemen, as is so obvious in my case. Van Diemen has caused irreversible damage to my business. I'm unable to travel to UK due to the pandemic, but I have now developed a website to make the public aware of my horrible experience with Van Diemen. I will be launching the website soon. Anyone who thinks I'm avoiding payment is simply missing the point of all this.
  11. Van Diemen reels you with their BS so you can shell out the 50% upfront. Then if you want to cancel because you find out the truth, they scare you with a cancellation service fee....so now you are in it and at their mercy
  12. As Sergio said it, I am disputing the shotty work that Van Diemen did and I will not pay them for it. For the lens they completed conversion after 2 years (instead of ~90 days), they demand wire transfer only! Thats crazy!!! I do NOT TRUST THEM after all I have went through with them!
  13. I NEVER demanded my lenses without payment. I am disputing the charges for lens that was not serviced and Van Diemen is forcing the charges on me! I am disputing their demand for CASH or wire transfer only, while they accepted 50% of the payment via Paypal and are now refusing to accept credit card or Paypal!
  14. Van Diemen claimed they aim to deliver in "90 days". I waited ~300 days before I felt it was an unreasonable delay. If Van Diemen could NOT competently complete an order on time, they should have been upfront. Instead they MISLEAD me, so they can take my 50% deposit and hold me hostage, as they have been doing for last 3 years. Van Diemen has an apparent advantage of the distance, and they are acting like gangsters. Today, when I informed Van Diemen my intention to fly to UK to collect my lens and settle payment, Christopher stated, "We do not allow personal visits during the period of the Pandemic." WHAT?!!!! I cannot collect my own property during the "Pandemic" while people can carry on daily activities! Why is my attempt to settle a business transaction considered "personal visits"?!!! Wow!!!
  15. I don't know you Mark from "London" but in my opinion, you didn't care to read the thread. Your assumption that I changed my mind has NO basis. In fact, I urge you to show me how I changed my mind. Here are facts: June 2018 Van Diemen accepted 50% of my deposit via Paypal. Feb 2020 Van Diemen refuses to accept final payment via Paypal. WHY? May 2018 Van Diemen sends one lens back and it has no sign of servicing. Now they want to charge for it!!! See my photos I provided as evidence of BEFORE and AFTER. June 2018 Van Diemen stated they ...we aim to deliver conversions in 90 days from agreement of terms and receipt of deposit. CONVERSION TOOK THEM 2 YEARS!!! They forgot to mention that, because it will prevent clients from sending the lenses for servicing. But once the lens is in their possession, they can do whatever the hell they want......like what they did to me.....UNETHICAL! VAN DIEMEN IS A JOKE! Mark, in my opinion you have a good relationship with Van Diemen and are trying to show I did something wrong. But you do not know the facts. I welcome your feedback if it is unbiased.
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