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  1. All I see is a do not enter circle... Anyone else?
  2. I guess it's usually option 3 for me... thought I have contrasty tastes. On cameras with only 9 stops of DR I find myself always exposing to keep highlights safe, then proceeding to crush the shadows even more in post. But my work might be garbage and ugly so who knows.
  3. I correct the exposure on it and it just doesn't have the pop I want. Film technically blows out too, I just want digital to look better when it clips.
  4. Tried shooting RAW on my 5D Mark ii and a 1k with a strong purple gel was really clipping some color channels. The talent was over 8 feet away from the source too. This was pretty much raw off the sensor Are all the DSLRs still like this? Are there advancements in still digital photos that someone could recommend me? I'm really bummed out my stuff came out like this. I know film would immediately correct the issue, but a lot of times I can't get access to labs in a timely manner. Thanks to any who can point out a good camera (preferably Canon)
  5. Is the Venice a global shutter? It's weird cause I was shooting a CRT TV with a 5D and was trying to get the scanlines to show up and it was kinda tricky lol.
  6. How much was all the film to shoot your short?
  7. The guidelines may disagree with you on that one
  8. Asking $1200 OBO + shipping Recently serviced by Convergent Design. OLED screen is brand new, as well as the video input chips. Everything photographed is included.
  9. Was trying to find a nice comparison thread on REDcode, comparing it with the other compression methods out there for camera recording. The one thing I really like about RED is they give you a nice little calculator to see how much storage you need, though the redcode part of it leaves me in a guessing game: https://www.red.com/recording-time I see the compression can go all the way down to 20:1 but is that just a garbage unusable image? At least better than H264? What redcode could compare to 4444XQ ProRes for example? I see people saying 6:1 is ideal but that really chews through t
  10. And with our economy on the verge of collapse, you're implicitly saying film is gone for good? I appreciate the look of it in high saturation circumstances but motion picture film is way too expensive for enough people to care about bringing it back.
  11. I've taught 1 on 1 workshops to over a hundred 30-unders regarding basic cinematography tech. Anything outside of a DSLR scares away about 85% of them (even C-stands upset them, dude). Nowadays kids filmmaking (usually just youtubers or tiktokers) are trying to do it cheap and fast, there was no phase of their life where they were forced to use film so they don't really romanticize it.
  12. Young person here: they don't care about film. They barely care about lighting their god damn shots
  13. We're closer to digital figuring out how to solve ugly RGB clipping than we are to film becoming convenient and affordable.
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