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  1. How does the sound compare with the Red One MX's fan? Interested in an F55 myself but can't do a loudish camera. Thanks.
  2. My initial blueprints would grant me something like 22x26 feet with a 10 foot ceiling, would that suffice most interior shoots? Would it be enough to get a full body green screen shot up and working?
  3. Hello all, had another one for any shooters to add their 2 cents. I thought about building an addition to a cheap house I came across and wanted the addition to be a stellar space for getting shoots done. I know I'd want a 10 foot ceiling to get my speed rails a little higher but what dimensions do you walk into and think "ah space is abundant" depending on whatever sort of project you're doing? Thanks for any dimensions you can throw at me.
  4. Something that isn't a hatchback? I find myself worrying about blindspots too much when it comes to anything other than a standard 4 door with lower trunk.
  5. Hello all, it's been a while. Was in the market for a new (used) car and have always driven a 4 door sedan my whole life. The car I currently have (2008 Azera) is able to take in a few C-stands without the arm or grip head just barely but I was looking to buy something that made the in and out process a little easier. Anyone have some makes/models/years they could throw at me? (I don't want an SUV or Truck)
  6. When it's a sequel I think the reason is also pretty obvious.
  7. Watched through it, what did you use to record your friend's VO? It sounds pleasantly vintage.
  8. Wanted to update that I've been using the exact same impact grip heads for 2 more years and still not a single issue.
  9. Are FDs really all that expensive now? Or just particular ones? I remember most FD lenses were only $20-60 a pop in 2013.
  10. Yes, let's say if a studio or production team is very pro-MJ, and your name pops up as the first thing next to Leaving Neverland, then there is a good chance they don't call you back. Specifically with the music industry (music videos lets say in this case) people are extremely petty and territorial. Know from experience and talking with others far more into it than I.
  11. I just released a video game which needed a content disclaimer and a bunch of revisions to get published to Steam... and it really seems who gets cancelled for what comes down to how much people liked you before your hot button incident got outed. Likening it more to comedians who get cancelled for jokes as opposed to outright assaulting someone. Kwame Brown has recently blown up Youtube, preaching a concept of the "go along get along gang". He'll bring up all sorts of things (literal rape charges for one) from the pasts of prominent figures well ingratiated with this current iteration of liberal media and wonders why they haven't been cancelled too.
  12. Mommy and Daddy make a couple phone calls and immediately get you on professional film sets in positions higher than a PA. Or immediately get you jobs/commissions with corporations with money to spend. Classic nepotism.
  13. Then those teenagers grow up to have disposable income and operate as a reliable executive produce base sort of entity. Getting together $1000 for a short becomes relatively easy without spending your own money. Unless you have the family connections in your first 20 years, you're not moving up the ladder in a standard hollywood way. They don't care about your quality, they just want to see you drive sales.
  14. If you can't get your short on a silver screen to physically legitimize it, don't waste your submission money. If you don't have any insider connections for people you can pitch to, your best bet for gaining traction as a filmmaker is bringing people on board with larger online fanbases than you so they can link and drive traffic to your work once they're in it. Reality is, you can make something frightfully mediocre, but if influencers are attached then people will give it mostly positive attention. This is coming from one of the only millennials on this forum who built up productions from nothing.. Additionally, a forum poster here who's gotten multiple distribution deals said festival discovery is like expecting to win the lottery. Sorry it's not exactly what you're looking for, but I'm sick and tired of pretentious fest organizers profiting off this illusion that industry bigwigs attend their no-name festivals.
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