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  1. Can someone tell him he's right so I can stop seeing this thread every 5 minutes?
  2. The bigger question to ask yourself is "Am I actually interesting?" "Are the things in my brain legitimately divergent?"
  3. Richard Boddington (one of the few here with feature-length director credits) said something very similar to Tyler. If you wanna be a filmmaker/director then look into being a producer. If you control the budget no one can tell you that you can't be the director. Most of the auteur type guys started off as producers in one way or another for their own projects. Then said self-produced work was seen, opening more opportunities.
  4. Zeiss CP2s are awesome I'm loving them and they're getting cheaper.
  5. Metal on the bottom gets so hot I can't hold it. But it would probably be shoulder-rigged anyway so it's fine.
  6. Even if you are in for the money: the critics don't matter.
  7. You know where you put a mirror REALLY close to the lens and angle it so it doubles the image while the physical mirror itself is out of focus? What do you find to be the most compact way of doing that? I currently use a C-stand cuddled up next to the camera tripod, but I'd like a method that doesn't use stands if possible. Thanks!
  8. I would do it for a few hundred. Depends on what market you're searching in.
  9. The $700 ones got bought up but still:
  10. I tried a Pocket 4K at a tech demo and the thing almost burned my hands, are they fixing that overheating issue?
  11. 1. Actually shaped like a video camera 2. Cheaper, you're a film student not a production house 3. Great low light performance 4. Variety of mounts via the FZ mount
  12. Get a Sony F3 they're only like $700 now
  13. I have 2 130wh batteries but each of them only provide about 50 minutes of run time. If I need to go out for a 6 hour shoot, what is your recommended battery arsenal?
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