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  1. Social acceptability? All this PC stuff is crap. The lying politicians got the people all bamboozled, don't they. These PC freaks are not even running for political office, yet they have to be PC at ALL costs. PC is nothing more than code the lying politicians invented to not say anything that would hurt their chances at getting elected. PC has nothing to do with truth, it only has to do with what can be sold to a confused society. I read an article the other day about the PC people and 'cancel culture' as in destroying people, companies, cities or states that toe the PC party line. https://www.prospectmagazine.co.uk/life/with-cancel-culture-political-correctness-has-indeed-gone-mad That is their greatest joy isn't it...destroying anything they don't agree with in their narrow world view. That is one of the joys about working underground. You are already cancelled as far as the curators and art world goes. When you are underground, as long as it is legal, you do as you like and let the proverbial chips fall where they may. I have not seen the Joker. From the TV clips I saw it did not appeal to me. But in the soft civil war America is in, our world may get more and more violent as one side forces its will on the other. So maybe I should see Joker as a prognosticator and just for the violence. If the violence is that noteworthy that it would knock Joker down from receiving best picture, that it would rightly deserve, then I should see what it is all about.
  2. Do you think the rapids were computer? I wondered why he did not drown. The rapids looked pretty rough. He had no flotation device. I don't remember if he had any heavy gear on, but heavy boots and all don't help.
  3. ...that is the title of Justin Chang's NPR review of 1917 at the link. Short 6m57s audio: https://archive.org/details/1917isamindbogglingtechnologicalachievementbutnotagreatfilm I guess he is of the school of Robby Muller who didn't like the camera to distract from the film's message. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Justin_Chang Couldn't argue much with Chang's critical views of the film. He had valid points, albeit nitpicky to me. But where one can argue is when it comes to the art...is 1917 a great film or not? Of course, art is always in the eye of the beholder. To me 1917 is a stupendous film.
  4. Thanks for the replies. Your animation was my second choice Malcom. Very nice. I was thinking it would be like spinning or revolving a coin on edge, just slow. But if it is $$, then it is out of my budget. No, have not considered lo-fi approach. But good idea to try for some things. I like your animation Malcolm. I will see if my software does it. I have Movavi film editor. When I write the Russians they don't offer much support. If I figure it out I will list you in the credits for technical advisor Malcolm. If you don't want to be mentioned in my films, let me know. They are mostly underground material. And it would not be the first, second or tenth time people don't like to be associated with me, so no problem. I also bought a copy of Premier Elements but have not tried it as yet. I wanted to put it on another computer. I've found some of these video software programs clash if on the same computer. I've got a the free DaVinci. But it is too complex for me. I didn't know what NLE meant Will. Here is something about it for any of you also in the dark. Yes, budget is always an issue Malcolm. I work in many areas. It all takes $$ and movies are the most money sucking.
  5. Yes Perry, no one is disputing the color work. Here is the reps reply on it. The scratches were removed with the wet gate and then the FRS software was used for grain reduction, dirt removal and a little sharpening. There is a weird perception to the eye when you remove some of the grain the impression is that the image softens slightly, hence a little sharpening is applied.
  6. https://www.redsharknews.com/production/item/6913-this-is-revolutionary-the-world-s-first-liquid-lens-lightfield-camera "The coming revolution in holographic video technology has been given a boost with the unique approach of Spanish start-up Wooptix. It has presented the first single lens light field camera capable of capturing light field video in real time and it does so using a liquid lens."
  7. Don't know. If they have software that does that then who needs wetgate? I will ask the rep. And if it is not all wetgate, then it is a lie by the company. Here was a another video he sent. I think this one shows the wetgate with no color correction. https://www.dropbox.com/s/uhdrfjb7gawldy5/2 - wetgate-scratches.avi?dl=0
  8. Here are the FilmFabriek before and after wetgate photos, but WordPress reduced them so not as sharp as originals. Still, gives you a good comparison. https://danieldteolijrarchivalcollection.wordpress.com/2020/01/14/before-and-after-example-of-filmfabriek-wet-gate-scan-of-cine-film/
  9. Real wet gate or not, FilmFabriek does a nice job. Here are 2 sample videos the company rep sent me. https://www.dropbox.com/s/cwtw5des7tlc4tj/1%20-%20no-wetgate-scratches.avi?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/cd272iik73mwqee/3%20-%20wetgate-scratches-restoration%400DiGrSh.avi?dl=0 I have a nice before and after photo, but you can't see much with my very low photo limit here. Take my word for it...amazing!
  10. Some large format guy used to travel with a changing bag so the inspectors could fondle his sheet film in the dark. He allowed 45 minutes extra. I don't have the personality for it.
  11. Very nice! Good range of photography and it looks good. @.+/- 53 the guy looks kinda choppy coming into the frame. @ +/-1.47 it looks kinda choppy with beginning of the couch scene. (Or did you want it that way?) Anyway, no big deal. But the real issue is your text at the end is hard to read. I'd say may your text bigger and more readable. Good luck!
  12. You need to cover the waterfront OP. Yoga...aerobics...weights...sleep...good diet. (everything I need to do myself!) Good luck!
  13. Why not pay for a short test reel scan by the scanning companies you are interested in. Then see how it looks after post. Or are you buying a scanner?
  14. Predictions for Best Picture nominations for 2020 Oscars Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Little Women 1917 The Irishman Marriage Story Joker Ford vs. Ferrari Parasite JoJo Rabbit List from: https://observer.com/2020/01/oscar-nomination-predictions-netflix-1917-ouatih-parasite/ Have not seen them all, but my pick is 1917 No matter how your slice it...Deakins is a wizard.
  15. There is a good behind the scene film on how Delicatessen was shot in the specials features. Fascinating. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Delicatessen_(1991_film) I got my copy from the library. Great film.
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