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  1. Well, I didn't invent it, but you seldom see illustrated bios. Since it is kinda rare, it may stand out. When the topic is visual talents, we might as well 'show some off' is my thought. If they ask for a certain format, give them what they want. When I applied for a Guggenheim and Aaron Siskind Fellowship they asked for very specific limits on the size and type of bio they accepted. So I tried to oblige. Didn't get the fellowships, but learned something in the process. BTW, you filmmakers should be applying for Guggenheims if you have a decent body of work. It is free and the only thing that surpasses it is the MacArthur Genius.( but it is something you can't apply for.) Here is the 4 part series on my experience applying for a Guggenheim: Some links NSFW Part 1: The Quest for a Guggenheim – What Inspired Me / The Upcoming 4 Part Series / Notable Guggenheim Fellows in Photography https://danielteolijr.wordpress.com/2016/06/07/notable-guggenheim-fellowship-recipients-in-photography/ Part 2: The Quest for a Guggenheim – History, Application and Process Timeline https://danielteolijr.wordpress.com/2016/06/14/the-quest-for-a-guggenheim-history-application-and-the-process/ Part 3: The Quest for a Guggenheim – Submitting a Portfolio / An Example Portfolio that Failed to be Awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship. https://danielteolijr.wordpress.com/2016/06/21/the-quest-for-a-guggenheim-an-example-portfolio/ Part 4: The Quest for a Guggenheim – Budget, Notification, Rejection and Closing Remarks https://danielteolijr.wordpress.com/2016/06/29/the-quest-for-a-guggenheim-budget-notification-closing-details/ Good time to get going if you want to apply. You still have some time for 2019. Prestige, recognition and money. Plus it is free to apply...so why not? Even if your body of work is so-so, good experience and free...do it!
  2. That is a good idea. Never thought of photo storyboard for budget minded. You could also combine the 2 methods with photos of scenes with stick people drawn in. (I can't draw at all, hardly even stick people.)
  3. No, didn't think of that. I heard the song by chance on a stream radio broadcast. Normally I do Google things like 'boomer's highball' or 'balling the jack.' But the bum phrase didn't mean much to me to look up. Kerouac said the person sang it, but I figured it was the same as if some said they heard me sing 'I wanna win the lotto.' Referring to a way of speaking, but not a real song. You have to try and figure things out even with Google as one source said a boomer is a drifter and another said a boomer is a new trainee. But looks like the source saying they are a trainee is gone, can't find it. If you have never heard On the Road audiobook, get the Matt Dillion version. Excellent! I got it from the library inter-library loan. That must have been something in the railroad (steam) era. I'd love to have been able to photo it.
  4. https://www.shutterstock.com/video/elements/all How did they work out for you?
  5. This brings up another possibility. Using HQ stills or a series of stills to illustrate your projects on your resume. I was an early adopter of using an illustrated bio. nsfw https://danielteolijr.wordpress.com/2015/06/19/biography-of-daniel-d-teoli-jr/ Personally I prefer looking at pictures or film clips than in reading words. You can have a book of text and still be a shitty camera man. But actual work IS the proof in the pudding. When you look at Bruce's frame do you need much more information? The lighting, shadow detail and comp? Could he say the same thing in a thousand words with no photo? Would 10,000 words do it? Nothing will replace visuals. My bio is kinda a mess. I changed the blog to a zine format and it wrecked the spacing and layout of the photos. But I got too many blogs to go back and fix thousands of photos. Plus I don't really care. I'm not looking for a job, I'm a museum photog and experimental filmmaker. I just work on my own, place my work with museums and institutions, on a donation basis. Plus I specialize in a few areas seldom other work in. So lots of wiggle room with my work. But if I had $$ to burn, I'd hire someone to make a nice looking bio instead of the free WordPress model. Here is a vita by Les Krims. He was an early mentor of mine from the 1970's. Beside museum grade photographer, he is a professor at a university in NY. It is an excellent example of an artist's resume / vita or CV combined with illustrations of the artist's work. nsfw https://archive.org/details/LesKrimsVita
  6. Have you used storyboards for your films? Did it work out for you? How did you find the artist? Are there union storyboard artists for the big budget films to pick from? How much does it cost, on average, to get a big budget storyboard done? Does the director usually sit down with the artist and go panel by panel to make the storyboard? Or do they just give the artist the script and let them loose? Thanks
  7. OP, shoot digital. Buy found films for .50 to a couple bucks each and project for your projector fix. If you get em cheap, other film collectors will buy them after you look though them. It is like sifting through trash to find a few gems. If you can't afford film then that is that. Don't be like one photog that said if they ever stop making film he will give up photography. Be flexible, do the best you can with the budget you got. Good luck!
  8. Over the years I've gone over Kerouac's 'On the Road' many times. It puts me in the zone for working with my archive from that era which has a large collection of beat generation photography, films and ephemera and mimeo revolution / small press poetry. In 'On the Road' Kerouac makes reference to 'Hallelujah, I'm a Bum...bum again.' I never could figure out what he was talking about. Today the mystery was solved. 'Hallelujah, I'm a Bum' is a song. https://archive.org/details/hallelujahimabumyodelingdickbrooksd.d.teolijr.a.c.8.17.19 Photo by D.D. Teoli Jr. Skid Row, Los Angeles 1971
  9. Kenny, dunno exactly. But I'd try to combine the 2. If you don't want to combine, then use a sample portion of the one that you don't want to combine if you think it will apply to the job with a link to the rest of the content. Good luck!
  10. Mathew...how can you have 0 posts? Doesn't your OP post count for #1? You should have something in your contract about using samples of the finished work for your portfolio. I can see a client not wanting to give away full control for your use. But figure out some wording to get what you need. You touched on all good options...links or actual content on YT or Vimeo. Generally I like a sampler video that shows examples from many projects. Good luck and let us know how it works out!
  11. That is true. Back in the day I did use a meter to get 'in the ballpark' when shooting film. Still, when on the street, you turn left or right and the exposure is different. You gotta take the shot and no time to adjust or get a reading, so you wing it sometimes.
  12. Photo by Mike Gorman (Used under auspices of fair use.) People like to make fun of chimpers nowadays. I never use a meter for still work. 99.9% I just use the screen aka chimp. (The girl with her toes in is a common mimic of trans people trying to look like little girls. Noticed that tendency from making my film 'Genderqueer...a social documentary study of Instagram.') For 'Pinky at The Grove in L.A. (Candid) I first shot a test exposure, then walked away to evaluate the exposure. After making the adjustment in a few seconds I went back for a second helping and shot this as I walked by, from the hip....about 2.5 feet away from her, zone focused. Chimping and learning to shoot from the hip are two very important skills to develop if you like to do candid street work. Pinky is a single image HDR as well, with lots of post work. You wont get an image to look like this when you shoot into the sun unless you add some light or do lots of post. For candid street and doc work you have to make do with what you got, in the blink of an eye. That is the defining characteristic of greet doc photogs. They bring home the goods in whatever circumstances they find themselves in. I almost always shoot on manual as well. You can never shoot a shot like this on auto unless you do lots of adjusting with the exposure compensations. But why? Why not cut the bullshit and just shoot on manual? The kids nowadays like to brag that 'they shoot manual' like it is a big deal. Jeeeesus...manual is nothing special. It was how all cameras were before they came out with the program dial. Manual was how we ALL did it back in the 70's. And we had to pay big bucks to chimp with our polaroid backs back then too. Be grateful for being able to chimp...embrace it!
  13. Yes, that is true. Different exposure were not made at the time of the scan. Looking forward to seeing samples of the output at your website comparing the no HDR, the 2 scan and 3 scan machines. You know the deal...a picture is worth more than...
  14. From library on Ohio... Traditionally running from July 3 to August 11, the Dog Days of Summer coincide with the dawn rising of Sirius, the Dog Star. Sirius is the brightest star in the sky (not counting the sun) -- just one star in a group of stars that form the constellation Canis Major, or “Greater Dog.” Here are some items you can borrow from the library for when it's too hot to be outside.
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