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  1. Film collectors said they are cue or sync marks, but for the projectionist. Here are their replies. Cue Marks In Technicolor Film D.D.Teoli Jr. A.C. : D.D.Teoli Jr. A.C. : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
  2. Forgot something...was in a rush to finish a blog post on loupes and sent in the uncorrected photo above. When you get in a rush, you get sloppy. I don't like to sign my name to SHT. Here is the finished photo with color correction. Film has shifted color, so can only get so much correction done.
  3. OK, the blue stripe with 2 white squiggly lines is the optical sound. Why are the sprocket holes and both edges of the film colored? Do they serve any purpose? This is a scan from a 35mm scope teaser of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.
  4. They were walking about transferring sound from a nitrate print. What kind of machine is this? Found on LinkedIn for Simon Daniel Sound.
  5. I had read on Krebs that some companies can restore, but it is cheaper just to buy the key. So they go for the least cost to restore.
  6. Just one update... The Peak loupes that are good are the high priced loupes. Peak makes cheaper loupes, they are generally crap. I will do a shootout survey of the cheap loupes when I get some time.
  7. This post is probably more interesting to the Large Format photography forum, but they banned me years ago...3 times. So I gave up on trying for #4. Process cameras were mainly used for shooting screened halftones or continuous tone copies of oversize originals. You had glass or film halftone screens and generally used 20 x 24 inch film. The Art Department gave you the finished size of the reproduction and you used a hand calculator to figure the ratio adjustments. Or you could use the ground glass and a ruler. But the company didn't want you to do that. The size adjustment was outside and the ruler was in the darkroom. Too much wasted time going back and forth. In the left corner of the photo above is the vacuum pump for the vacuum film back. I'm in the process of finishing a vacuum easel for my copy stand right now. It is similar to the vacuum back. But I'm holding down paper originals which and not film to the vacuum easel. The vacuum film back is below. On the back was a vacuum film holder. You could put a halftone 'film' screen , which was oversize, over the film or raise or lower a glass halftone screen over the film. The film screen was just that, a high quality repro on film of halftone dots. It was $2.35 an hour back then. Here is a baby process camera... Below is / was the worlds' largest process camera Daniel D. Teoli Jr. Archival Collection It had carbon arc lights. Process camerawork was big back in the day. All the department stores used it for newspaper ads. Robinson's, The Broadway, May Co., Sears, Montgomery Ward. If you wanted to run newspaper ads you needed halftone artwork ready to go. I got on this topic today as my order of Loupes arrived from B&H. I have been using the old Agfa 8X Lupes from the 70's. I got my first Agfa Lupe from my first job in graphics arts. The new Agfa Lupes they make now are crap. And after going through the pile of loupes from B&H...most are crap as well. Terrible focus and spherical aberrations. But I found one loupe that is a good replacement for the Agfa. It is the Carson 10X stand magnifier. Peak also make good loupes, but they are $$. Loupes were an important tool back in the day. We used them to focus on the ground glass process camera and I used them for large format view cameras as well. But I use them even more now with cine' film scanning. I have a bunch of old Agfa lupes, but they seem to keep disappearing all the time. I never have enough loupes! PS... If you like this throwback in history also check out my post on Nitrogen Burst processing. https://danieldteolijrarchivalcollection.wordpress.com/2018/08/24/how-we-did-it-back-in-the-day-nitrogen-burst-processing/
  8. You got a middle initial Phil? Try using that. Spell out out Phillip and use the middle initial, see if that helps. Of course it wont be like magic. If it works better then you start from scratch with that name online. I dealt with comix artist John Howard. His name is the same as the former Prime Minister of Australia. So he was hard to find as well. Maybe a middle initial would have helped him out too.
  9. I was driving by an art center in WV and stopped by their show. They had a watercolor exhibit going on. One gal had some nice work and I was going to congratulate her for winning best in show. This was her entry... http://www.wvwatercolorsociety.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/AQU21_StineP_Gotcha.jpg But you can't find her. She has work all over the net, but no easy online contact. If you want work, don't be like her. I've told you this before, Google yourself and see what pops up. And do it in the regular search, image search and video search options. They had a kid on Reddit submit an outstanding 1 minute reel. But no easy way to contact him in the reel. Spell it out! And getting back to art shows...always expose yourself to all forms of art, theatre, music, etc. You never know what will set you in motion on a new direction with your work. I'm not big on watercolors, but what the heck, the show sponsored this post.
  10. Blackmagic discontinued their previous scanner and now have a C-Drive (capstan) and S-Drive (sprocket) scanner both w HDR. Their previous model was said to be poor at handling warped 16mm film. Is the current C-Drive scanner the same at handling warped film like the previous model or did they improve warped film handling? Thanks
  11. What is the deal on this unit? When was it in operation? Any comments about it? Was it related to the Cintel scanner being sold now from Blackmagic or is Cintel just a word thrown around? Thanks
  12. Are there any samples of this type of work online or is it your original idea OP? I had seen some reconstituted parts of lost silent films made from the paper contact prints of the films sent to the copyright office. But they were not looking to go low fi. You had better run a test OP of your idea to see it real time. It would be sad to do all that work only to find out it is crap. I've done experimental things like that, months of work and $$ lost, so don't be like me....TEST!
  13. Here is a sampler 1944 cartoon from the Private Snafu series called Censored. Private SNAFU 'Censored' D.D.Teoli Jr. A.C. : D.D.Teoli Jr. A.C. : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive On another disc they had an old WW2 instructional film with a counter at the bottom and a blocked out watermark. These are all public domain films so I am suspecting they took it from stock footage company I know of that puts counters at the bottom of all their films. What an ugly mess. In an interview, Scorsese said he desaturated the blood at the end of Taxi Driver to meet censorship demands of not receiving an 'X' rating. Maybe that original footage is lost or faded? He never did fix the brown blood even is the super duper Blu-ray editions. That is what $$ and greed does. If it was my film, I would not have desaturated a thing. (But I'm not money driven and broke.) You know everyone would want to buy the X rated version of Taxi Driver; so I'm sure greed would have made the bright red blood edition happen. Getting back to the military film with the counter. Wouldn't it be sad if someday all that is left for the historical record is that crappy res film with a counter and blocked out watermark? It wasn't some great film, just saying how greed **(obscenity removed)**s things up. With open content work, none of these issues comes up. You just do the best work you can.
  14. Yes, you can do body weight exercises and yoga anywhere. I need to get back into it and work on terrible sleep as well. Last night was first time in a few weeks I got a solid 5.5 hours sleep. My goal has been 6.5 hours. Sometimes I get 3.5 hours.
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