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  1. Hi I still have 2 x Aaton Penelope cameras for sale. Price reduced to £17,500 each Message me your email address for pictures. The kit is supplied with; 2 and 3 perf movement 2 400ft mags Colour video assist Extension eye piece 2 aaton onboard batteries Arri bridge plate Sliding plate Mag nose cover and mag cover Short eye piece Heated eye cup Heated eye cup cable Wooden hand grip and cable Pitch and shutter tools Ground glass 235-178 - ONE OTHER GROUND GLASS TBC Aaton charger On/off switch + long and short cables
  2. Please note the Aaton XTR prod has now sold. The other cameras as listed above are still available.
  3. For sale Cooke S4i CXX 15-40mm in very good condition. Perfect optics and has been fully tested. The lens has very minor signs of use and wear. Email for pictures Price £21,000 I also have Zeiss 70-200 and Zeiss LWZ 15.5-45 lee@lightningmedia.co.uk
  4. For sale and the last one I will have for a while. Aaton XTR prod kit, comes flight cases with accessories. Please message for more details and pictures lee@lightningmedia.co.uk I also still have ; 2 x Arricam ST 2 x Arri SR3 2 x Aaton Penelope 4 x Arri 435es
  5. Both Arricam LT cameras have sold. One Arri SR3 kit left as well as the other cameras.
  6. Hi I have 2 Cmotion Coperate wireless lens Control System 3 axis with Heden motors available. They are both supplied in custom made flight case. Supplied with the following: Short 3pin Lemo male to female Long 7 pin Lemo male to male Figure 8 mains lead Short 3pin female Lemo to D tap 3 x Short 12pin Lemo to right angled 7 pin Lemo - male to male short 7 pin Lemo male to male 2 hand unit 1 receiver unit 2 batteries charger 3 heden motors Scale rings Antenna Going for £5k each. Viewing and testing in West London. lee@lightningmedia.co.uk antennas
  7. Hi I have 2 x Arri Alexa Plus 4:3 cameras ready for a new home. They are both in good condition with flight case and accessories. Hours on them are: 3007 1589 Going for £25k each Viewing and testing in West London. Get in touch for more info and pictures. lee@lightningmedia.co.uk
  8. Hi I am selling the following cameras; 4 x Arri 435es £6000 each 2 x Arri LT £8500 each 2 x Arri ST £9000 each 1 x Aaton Penelope £20,000 each 2 x Arri SR3 £4000 each All cameras are in kit form and flight cased. Get in touch for more info and pictures. The equipment is based in West London for viewing and testing. lee@lightningmedia.co.uk
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