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  1. Selling my Aaton LTR 54, 6500 euros (located in Paris). The PL and S16 conversion was done by Jean Pierre Beauviala (the creator of Aaton)... He actually shot a documentary with it, so there's some history behind this little beast. I've just had all the electronics redone as well as one of the mags refurbished. Second mag needs a bit of work that I can organise at the moment of the sale.
  2. Arri Flex SR3 - 18,000€ obo ADVANCED PLUS - High Speed Complete IVS System This is my work horse, it’s shot over a hundred rolls in the last year. Never a problem, even at 150fps. Last fixity and scratch test was around 6 months ago (all mags tested). I will include a full service with the camera of all electronic and mechanical components. Accessories 3 x Beamsplitter (25/75, 50/50, 75/25) 2 x Ground Glass (1.33 + 1.78) 4 x Magasine High Speed 2 x Viewfinder extension (short + long) 1 x Arri Base plate 2 x 19mm rods 65cm 1 x Top Handel (without IVS) 1 x Arri 24v Fischer 2 power cable 3 x onboard batteries 1 x Arri charger 1 x Fischer 2 battery attachment Optional Extras 1 x Vlock plate on 19mm rods 150€ 1 x dovetail plate 200€ 1 x Arri Handel kit (left + right + pistol grip) 1200€ 1 x Bridge plate Handel adapter 350€ 1 x BlueShape 12v to 24v block 2000€ 6 x 150w BlueShape Vlocks 150€ each 1 x Black Magic video converter + power cable 150€ 1 x TVLogic 5.6 + power cable 450€ 1 x Manfrotto magic arm 100€ 1 x Sahtler V25 head + sticks 3500€ 1 x Arri work light 150€ 1 x Arri MB20 + all flags + 19mm bracket 1600€ Cases 1 x Magasine case (4 mags) 200€ 1 x Body case 200€ 1 x Battery case (peli 1450) 100€ 1 x Accessory case (peli 1450) 100€ 1 x Arri MB20 Case 150€
  3. Thanks so much David... I was worried Id need to be more careful with expired stock, but from what you're saying I could shoot with the corrected 100T to give basically the same final look as 50D
  4. Hey! Slight detour off topic, I'm hunting for EXR 50D for 16mm for a Wes Anderson style look... It's impossible to find the stock, but I found some EXR100T on eBay... Who thinks I could get away with that, should I filter for the daylight? Any advice would be wonderful! Thanks in advance
  5. Thanks everyone! No luck yet... ideally US based and 400ft rolls... Though I will take what I can get!!
  6. Thanks for the quick reply! I was planning to get it there but they are sold out unfortunately :(
  7. Hey! Just wondering why you are selling, I'm interested!
  8. Hey all! As the topic reads... I'm urgently Looking for Kodak EXR 50D 16mm film or maybe Fuji 64D... Ideally in New York, but I could travel or pay for post. Film love to you all!
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