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  1. Suggest best monitor options for BMPCC6K which will allows me to change camera settings by touchscreen through that monitor.
  2. i think it will be interesting for you to see this video
  3. I am agree with you that the ideal from the list is Sigma, besides that they are the sharpest ones as well, but the price is for me to high. That's why i was thinking to purchase rehoused Sigma art zooms into cine by cinematics. As you may know Sigma cine zooms and Sigma Art zooms have the same glass, that's why i can prefer rehoused version which will cost 2-3 times cheaper. Here's the lenses which i am talking about:
  4. Which one would you prefer and why?1. DZOFilm Pictor Cine Zoom 20-55mm and DZOFilm Pictor Cine Zoom 50-125mm T2.8 S35 (PL Mount and EF Mount), price 2300$ and 2490$2. Venus Optics OOOM 25-100 T2.9 Cine Lens (PL Mount), price 5000$3. Fujinon MK 18-55 T2.9 and Fujinon MK 50-135 T2.9 (E Mount, EF mount will be available soon), price 3300$ and 3500$4. Tokina Cinema ATX 11-20mm T2.9 , Tokina 25-75mm T2.9 , Tokina 50-135mm T2.9 Mark II (PL Mount, EF Mount, ...), price 2200$, 5800$, 3500$5. Sigma Cine Zoom 18-35mm T2 and Sigma Cine Zoom 50-100mm T2 (PL Mount, EF Mount, ...), price each cost 4000$6. R
  5. Hi, Is anyone heard about this company or bought from them lenses which is located in China ? www.pchood.com Mostly interested with their modified into cine sigma art zoom lenses http://www.pchood.com/index.php?route=product/product&keyword=sigma+&category_id=0&product_id=356 http://www.pchood.com/index.php?route=product/product&keyword=sigma+&category_id=0&product_id=359
  6. Hey, i want to know your thoughts considering does Blackmagic planning to announce in 2020/21 a successor of a bmpcc6k camera?
  7. I agree that for professions it's not serious to buy gear from grey market, because you and others as well are getting payed pretty well from different projects, so you need to be sure that the gear which you have and use has a factory warranty and you have purchased it from authorized dealer for not having any issues and etc... But there is a sector of people who wants to make a risk and buy more gear with less price for a long time shooting, because they don't earn enough money like professions which will allow them to do like you.
  8. Did you bought a camera or lens on this online stores? If yes which are the pros and cons? Does any of them has a shop to go their and physically choose and test the camera or lenses? https://www.e-infin.com/ww/ http://eglobalcentral.eu https://panamoz.com https://slrhut.co.uk https://www.hdewcameras.co.uk https://www.lensauthority.com https://www.camerajungle.co.uk https://usedphotopro.com https://www.keh.com
  9. If so, any item above of 200 euro i need to pay 15% tax. It's better and cheaper to buy physically instead of shipping.
  10. Because in Yerevan we don't have Canon, Sony, Red and other companies authorized dealers or just a dealers our market is very small and majority of here's cinematographers/videographers go to Dubai, others go to US or Europe to buy their desires gear and bring back or asking friends to bring one of the item during travelling from US/EU or Dubai to Yerevan or if the item price is not high they buy online. For me the best place to buy is B&H but it's too far i won't go NYC.
  11. In late this summer i'm planning to buy camera (Canon R5 / Sony A7IV (if it will be announced) / Red Komodo), RF lenses and different accessories for one of that cameras. So i need to travel to one of the european cities like London, Berlin or ... or to Dubai to purchase them directly from Canon shop or specific brand representatives or large markets specialised in selling video equipment. As you are more experienced in purchasing camera gear so from where would you suggest me to purchase in which city of the Europe and or in Dubai? Please if there is specific shop, store add their website,
  12. sure, so which gel filters can be the best ones for CTO / CTB (Rosco / Lee or) ?
  13. very interesting, so what do you think does 300d ii with his brightnest is enough for you're documentaries? Or you gonna buy/rent when 600d will be available? as 300d ll is a daylight with 5600k (+/-200 - how i know), for getting closer to tungsten do you use gels? If yes tell which one you use and which Kelvin do you get?
  14. Ok i see about mark i light, yes you're right i am planning to rent those lights and understand which one i will choose. I didn't heard it before that flexible lights need to be sent back and repaired very often, but i suppose that it's very possible. Sure intellytech's would be more useful and no leds would be damaged, so they will last longer. Is there any online store like ebay with more oriented on a used video/photo lights ?
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