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  1. If you dont' have time to do a test, you can try to check exposure with a digital camera and overexpose one stop. I did this with a 5D some years ago and it was successful.
  2. Simon Wyss made up another story, we wil never see pictures from him, he is too busy spreading his hate on german forum. https://www.filmvorfuehrer.de/topic/31157-wechsel-bei-bolex-international/?tab=comments#comment-326552 https://www.filmvorfuehrer.de/topic/31971-bolex-international-geht-es-schlecht/?tab=comments#comment-335648
  3. At least you are reading the good documentation. Could you please answer my question and not elucubrate on other topics? We both know that Bolex International has nothing to do with Paillard. Can you show the pictures of the "Wreckage". Photograms of the "ghost images", etc. Otherwise I will conclude you made up another story.
  4. I was answering Simon Wyss, my apologies if I wasn't clear. Hopefully we all agree that the Bolex lamp shades should be forbidden by the internet police.
  5. Simon, it is admirable that you are trying to repair cameras and keeping this medium alive. On the contrary, spreading misinformation to promote your activity is dishonest. To clarify what you wrote previously, can you upload pictures of to the badly converted super 16 camera with the contact of the person who bought it? Or was the conversion also made by an individual in Austria? "Yes, I will. First of all the turret plate is the original, so lenses are still centered on the film middle line, not onto the new wider frame. Grebenstein in Germany used to shift the central turret pos
  6. Simon, criticizing your only provider of spare parts on a public forum is questionable. Maybe you will have more luck with Chambless, he is selling spare parts. If your clients cannot reach Bolex International, I would suggest them to contact a Bolexpert, Jean-Louis Seguin, Cinethinker, Duall, Lee Boscher, etc
  7. I would suggest Omnimago in Ingelheim. They have a scanity for 35mm, 16mm, 8mm and the prices are reasonable. https://www.omnimago.tv/startseite.html
  8. I sold a Bolex (rex5) super 16 to this French cinematographer in Spain. I don't remember if he was in Barcelona or Madrid. If you don't find one to buy, maybe he will let you rent his camera. https://www.instagram.com/lagoonoperators/
  9. Visuals in Geneva Switzerland are selling their Arri master macro. https://shop.visuals.ch/fr/macro-pl/168998-arri-k2475720-arri-master-macro-100-t20-m.html#/18-condition-used
  10. Another theory coming from an internet expert. I would not trust this person entirely as he is trying to promote his own camera repair work. You speak about a "correct conversion", who is offering this service? Some years ago this same person was inventing some stories about the beginning of the H16 camera. When I asked him to justify his assumption, he stopped answering e-mails. The person who replaced Otello Diotallevi and is now working for Bolex International is in my opinion very competent as he learned the craft from the former Paillard Bolex employee who developed th
  11. You can convert your Bolex to SUper 16 at Bolex International in Yverdon, Switzerland. They are overpriced but the conversion will be made correctly. https://bolex.ch/
  12. Hi Simon, thank you for your suggestion. I would like to use the Bolex as a printer as I working on a documentary about the Paillard Bolex company and want to keep it Bolex only.
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