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  1. Hi, my name is Andy Schroeder. My producing partner and I recently launched a start up around camera tech we developed and I thought some of you might be interested in seeing what we can do. Our company is named Optical Radiance. We use patent pending tools to make any camera "see" in the spectrum of three-strip Technicolor (circa 1935 - 1955). It is an all analog process, no color grading is necessary on the footage after it has been filmed. Even if you're not interested in classic films there are some side benefits from filming in the process like a greater color palette and easily color matching mutiple cameras from different brands. I decided to finally become a registered user on the forum in part to let others know we're out here, but I don't want to make anyone feel like I'm putting on a commercial, so I'll just add that you can see examples and a more in depth explanation at opticalradiance.com If you have questions let me know, thanks (:
  2. Hi, I've been shooting at ASA800 and am rating it for the same (I don't ETTR). The noise levels are very low, lower than the original pocket cam in a shootout (which is why I chose that ASA). But I'm also shooting in-camera 1080p ProresHQ for an Apples to Apples comparison, so the downscaling and compression will play into that. ASA3200 is grainier and the color takes a hit, but is still very usuable, not unlike the grain on the orignal cam at ASA800. I'll have to look at it in 4k and at diff.ratings in the near future, I started with comparing to the original as thats been my fav. camera to work with the last 5 years
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