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  1. Hi everyone, Looking for a s16 camera package as the title says. interested mostly in a sr3 or Aaton Xtr Plus/prod Let me know if you know of one for sale. Thank you very much, Leonardo
  2. Hi, on the lookout to buy 1000' mags for the ARRI 535B. Let me know If you have one or two for sale. Thank you, Leonardo
  3. Hi, is the camera still available? Thank you. Sorry just realized the post is from 2009
  4. Hi, is this camera still available?
  5. Hi! is the camera still available?
  6. Hello Fred, thank you for checking in! It is literally my dream camera but unfortunately it's out of budget for me. Thank you! Leonardo
  7. Hi, as title says I'm on the lookout to invest in a 2perf or 3perf SYNC camera. Please reach out of you have anything available. Thank you, Leonardo
  8. You know I have to try Tyler.....it s my duty to.....
  9. Is the camera still available to buy?
  10. Is this Still available? Thank you!
  11. Hi community! I was wondering if you ever heard of a 535B camera conversion from 3perf to 2perf? Is it something that is doable? Thank you very much, Leonardo
  12. Still available? Price? 3 os 4 perf?
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