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  1. Tyler where did you find out about Logmar working on a 16mm? Would be Super 16? I tried to look on google but nothing comes out other than the 8mm and 65mm cameras from Logmar. To have a new Super 16 camera since the Arri 416 would be exciting to say the least.........
  2. 'We are tired of the discussion for film vs digital"
  3. Sorry to post here, for some reason the button to create a new topic in the books for cinematographers section was unavailable. I am looking for a book that takes in analysis the differences between the two mediums or perhaps a book that defends analog and why it shouldn't go away as a tool for expression.
  4. Hi, I tried to find some informations online but I couldn't find too much. I was wondering if you know by any chance which stocks, lenses and camera they used for the film. And more in general if you knew resources to find interviews from Fujimoto: with the amazing career he had I'm pretty amazed that I couldn't find articles on American cinematographer or even books...
  5. Hi everyone. Looking for a solution for an upcoming film shoot. First time shooting on S16 film! Very excited. Sorry if something might sound amateurish, it's the first time I'm lighting interiors and looking to learn. The whole film takes place on a stage with one character and I'm trying to understand what is the best solution to light him with a 'limelight' effect. I did a test shoot with a 750W Source Four Leko opening around 4 and it looked pretty good but once I started applying some CTB the light wasn't enough anymore. I'm sharing here a link with a couple of stills from the test. They are untouched, straight from the Lab. The progression is No CTB, Half CTB, Full CTB. Here's the link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1XvXJM-6FlogauyfdX1n-kXnSXDwfQnvx?usp=sharing Question is, is it possible to combine more 750 Lekos, since they are so cheap to rent, keeping a single light beam? Maybe having two opened at different degrees? If that is not a good solution, what would you suggest? 1600 Joleko? A reference for lighting the short film is the infamous Frank TJ Mackey stage scene in Magnolia. I was applying CTB on the Lekos to have more of a daylight look like the one in the scene. Here is the link for the scene that I'm talking about: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bbanWHx5AFQ At minute 1.13 you can see the reverse shot and you can spot the light they were using that day. Which light do you think it is? Since it is so far away is it maybe a bigger unit and they found a way to mimic a hard 'limelight' spot effect? Are there any other lights on Cruise character? Like ambience lights? Or more in general, how do you think this scene was lit? Another reference is this scene in The Prestige: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=etsiRLgSrsA Why the light on Jackman appears to be more 'bluish' than the one on Cruise? I read on ASC that they lit the scene with just Source Fours and 2K backs. Sorry for the ignorance but what would they mean with 2k Backs? And in general how do you think this was lit in comparison to the Magnolia scene? Thank you for all the help and sorry for the many questions! Just want to make a good work. Leonardo
  6. Hi Olle, just wondering if you consider to sell the A-minima kit and/or the Arri sr2. Thank you!
  7. Hi Everyone, just subscribed in this community. I am Leonardo, from Italy. I am looking to buy an Aaton XTR Prod or and Arri SR3. For a good price I could also reach for an Arri 416. If anyone has anything from the listed above please let me know. My email is gasteleo@gmail.com Thank you folks! L.
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