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  1. I am about to buy one but not sure if it will vignette with Super 16mm. Also, is it easily adaptable to PL mount camera (it is Arri Standard).
  2. Looking for any compatible eyepiece extension for Arriflex 35 III. Current viewfinder is the orientable type.
  3. Hi Satsuki: I have exactly the door that you have on top (orientable) in the photo. Does that extension eyepiece that you have work with it? It looks like exactly the two pins and thread that I have as well. Are you offering it for sale? I am looking to buy one.
  4. What long or medium eyepiece extensions are compatible with the Arriflex 35 IIIC? Is the entire Arriflex line (including 16mm) compatible across the board? I am left eye dominant and it's very difficult to use the stock eyepiece of the 3C with the magazine loaded. Does anyone have any suggestions.
  5. More and more I am convinced that film need to be scanned AND displayed at very high resolution (like 8K, possibly more). There is some weird interaction between the texture of grain and digital pixels. I assume at some point of upping the digital resolution that interaction will stop and we'll finally only see the grain as the limiter of resolution of the overall image. That is why I am very suspicious that most digitally restored films (like almost the entire Criterion Collection) has been aggressively denoised and then grain was added in post. It was the only way to deal with that weird effect. I have no way to prove it but I am very suspicious that is the case. As far as storage effect, it seems that I have to find a way to test a short strip in a still camera and develop it myself. Then, reference it against a developed fresh negative. Thank you for showing the examples!!
  6. Thank you so much Stuart. I often see film offered on ebay with "new" or "unopened" cans. But how can one tell if it's still good or not, right away? What if it were stored for 5 years or more? Do buyers actually call Kodak to check on dates or you just have to trust the seller?
  7. I see clips on Vimeo stating "expired" Kodak film. But, there is no expiration date on film cans as far as I know. How do people know that a film roll has expired?
  8. What was the cost of the conversion of the BL4?
  9. Does anyone know what voltage is needed to power the Beaulieu R16? Is the connector on the camera a typical 4 pin connector for 12V? There are alternatives to the handgrip battery, right?
  10. Noobee question: I hear that cameras with registration pins help with film/frame stabilization. What exactly are the symptoms of an "unstable" operation of a camera without registration pins? Does that mean that the spacing between frames on the film will vary? And if yes, couldn't this be corrected post scanning by aligning all the frames via software? In such a case, would that negate the value of a more expensive camera with registration pins? thank you all for the help. I am exploring which camera to buy and that would help with my decision. Namely, Arri IIC vs IIIC.
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