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  1. It was actually from a photoshoot for the company the jacket is from :) Its called Tuxer, but i guess a lot of companies make similar ones :)
  2. Love this! I've heard that the stretch is changing throughout the focus distance. Did you notice that at all? Im seriously considering these anamorphic lenses, would be a nice complementary to my FD glass i believe.
  3. I feel you. Fog + forests = magic, wherever you are 🙂 Did it look as blue to your eye as it did in the edit? My forest mists is usually very green. It depends on the forest too i suppose. Il attach a frame from a shoot this fall.
  4. Looks great man! Love the images 🙂
  5. Looks great man! I love that you fully have embraced the upstage-lightning. Im in the same boat as you 🙂
  6. Hello guys, I've worked as a professional photographer, mostly in studio, for sex years now. Both fulltime and parttime / freelance. Im finally taking the step towards cinematography and it was greater than i expected. With my photography background, i have a lot of experience "for free" with lightning, composition and so on. The new part for me was new softwares, grading log footage, sound and the biggest part by far – story. I find it difficult, to write or make a short stories which is not to long, yet interesting and have a meaning of some kind. Also it have to be "doable" with little to no budget and as a one-man-crew production. Do you write all of your stories yourself? Or do you work with anyone who can help or come up with the ideas? Please feedback (mostly the imagery, since its in swedish - sorry) the video below. Its about how you have to appreciate the little things in your everyday life. It turned out to be like a mini-motivational video or whatever. Cheers!
  7. I love the idea and the ending was great haha! What did you think was the hardest part about making the film, and would you like to change anything now when its done?
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