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  1. I believe it's very well loaded, and do not worry about the pressure, u see the pressure plate itself is arranging this. Let's hope the springs of it are in the manufacturer's limits. Also if you don't see the film scratches itself anywhere on the magazine then I can guess you did a perfect loading and u should try with a new roll. Before you do this, clean the magazine and your gate, the test film isn't so clear. Don't forget to shoot with the magazine lids closed this time. (jokin). Dimitrios Koukas
  2. I don't know what is a pelican can u be more specific? Is it the oxygen masks? Dimitrios Koukas
  3. Why not Videography and Media arts? Dimitrios Koukas
  4. Your result would be a track I guess? It's like u follow her with a stabilising system.Beware that the light u turn on and off don't spoil your background. Good luck Dimitrios Koukas
  5. Also there is a button on the camera with the markings W and Z. W goes for wide angle lens and Z goes zoom .Press it to see what happens. U see your camera has a ZOOM lens wich is a wide angle AND a TELEPHOTO too. Dimitrios Koukas
  6. This are your camera specs am I right? Try to remove the digital zoom option from your camera And remember that it's unatural a camera to get bigger or smaller or to other physical parts of it. :blink: :blink: 0.34 megapixels (effective), 18x optical zoom/360x digital zoom, Mini DV format, 2.5" LCD, auto and manual focus, electronic image stabilization, 1.14 lbs. Dimitrios Koukas
  7. There is no need to apologise to someone that doesn't know what framming is. What I believe from what she is saying is that she presses the zoom button all the way and always goes to full telephoto. You have just asked her to be more specific. Dimitrios Koukas
  8. Even that I have my times of electronic, rnb etc music, my tastes are quit similar with Tim, except Dylan and the beatles. Also some eighty's stuff like the mission, the sound, Cure etc. Manic street preachers I liked a lot and David Gray. Dimitrios Koukas
  9. Most video cameras have a B mount wich is the special bayonet type. Also note that there are some digi-primes allready in the market in case that u want to go with this. www.digiprimes.com Dimitrios Koukas
  10. Mr. Rose, I can still scan the manual for u and send it in your e-mail if u like. I believed I have been helpfull here? Dimitrios Koukas
  11. By the way, have u done what I was telling u about running the camera with open magazine lids and an allready developed film? Dimitrios
  12. twelve images, wich is about 13 perforations, then u have to pull the loop up and then send half on each side Dimitrios Koukas
  13. I liked mattias style, Also in case they have a hole under don't forget to cover it with spun or some diffusion. Put them on dimmer packs, I am sure that u can hook them up in the club's lighting desk, in case u re not equiped with one. u can use 8 per/ channel if u want, in case u have 250w photofloods, if u dim them they will give u a nice warm look and u can also flash them for more fun. Try to play with the clubs lighting , if there is any, and ask for the bar's electrician or the person that uses the fixtures to be there for a cooperation. Dimitrios Koukas
  14. First of all don't panic. 435 Arri gives you (as u allready know) the possibility to change ground glass, but also it has some short of masks for the Arri glow feature. Wich means if you have changed the ground glass then u have to change the Arri glow mask too. It's located somewhere in the top left of the cameras door. Regards Dimitrios Koukas
  15. Friend, The american cinematographer Video manual first edition has an article on this on pge 167 ''hiding lavalier mics'', if you want I can send you the page scanned. Dimitrios And by the way we are out of topic here, so please ask some sound engineers about this.
  16. This is a very nice suggestion, that u can also use outside! U have three hours after the sunrise that the sun itself could ''burn'' your background easily.U just need a good large silk or grid cloth surface with a good rigging, cause u see this thing will ''fly away'' with some light breeze. By doing this u will only need reflectors for your foreground, I don't know though if three hours are enough for u. Anyway for a studio application use just one 1x1.40 m soft source 45 degrees for the background.Don't worry if u see shadows, just be sure that u overexpose the background a bit. Go one stop higher than you readings for the shadowed area. This will make it look even. Then u can use whatever u like for the foreground, knowing the f/stop set for the background. Please if you need more explanations don't hesitate to ask. Dimitrios Koukas
  17. I usually shoot tv commercials in 35 fully aperture gate,that gives me the oportunity to scan it in the telecine and crop where I want, as long as the most of the works I ve done for TV adverts companies prefer full screen TV 4:3. Or sometimes that they want WS television 1:1:78, I am just changing my ground glass using the same gate. U go for the telecine and just tell the technician what format u want it on tape. 3-perf, is really good for HD tv series or anything that goes for wide screen.For television. In the case of 3-perfs for cinema we only save some money when shooting for 1:1:85, that we re loosing after in the indermediates. Pleas correct me if I am wrong. Regards DImitrios koukas
  18. "I do miss the warmth and lustre of film," Fairfax sports photographer Tim Clayton says. Who is this guy? And why not going on film when he misses it so much? I believe that the big money productions are duying not film! Everything now goes for the post and CG. When anyone can have an AVID Xpress or final cut in his office to play with, and when people believe that sony HDcamcorders for home movies are the best solution for their projects, I can see the reason why. Hehe Dimitrios Koukas
  19. Maybe the bungie rope will do best for your aplication, but imagine that your first AC will jump up and down in panic to catch the camera! And also have in mind that the chain cause of it's weight it's in a way more ''controlable'',the bungie will do some left and right yawings too. But, you are the DP here, and u are the one that has to comply with the productions demands. Good luck with this and I hope that u will give me the opportunity to look some of this footage in the future. Dimitrios Koukas
  20. You see a bungie rope wasn't the point my friend, cause we needed the camera to stop, and believe me it stoped smoothly, cause as I said the chain that was hanging on the other side of the crane got heavier as it was going up, so deaccelerate smoothly! Really smoth like u had a mechanism or a man doing it! The rental company trusts the AC's I work with. I said it's so simple but sophisticated. No worry to crash the camera in two, we tested the whole thing with sand bags more than twice.... I can't find the footage to post it unfortunately, it was back in 1996, a tv commercial for METAXA drink. Regards Dimitrios Koukas
  21. I can't vote by this I am sorry, I see cinematographer's that I really like are not in this list, so the voting will be short sighted. Regards Dimitrios Koukas
  22. Century optics and OPTEX have made some really good tele converters and wide lens adapters that have been used from proffessionals, do some tests though if you are going to do anything ''extreme''. Carefull with the wide-angle converter's cause sometimes u can see the edges of the lens inside your frame. Only use them though if u don't have any other solution, or your lens set can't cover the focal length you want. Once I wanted to macro photo a finger's nail showing Greece in an earth's sphere that it was as big as my thumb, for this I have used two Angenieux lenses one 10mm pan-focus and one 50mm oposite the 10 mm.(DOn't aske me how I set the f/stop, I just guesed it viewing thru my eypiece. It worked really well, and yes I have seen it projected. So I guess that probably there is no problem using any converters that have been made for proffessional use! Dimitrios Koukas
  23. Brian, Did you noticed anything when u unloaded the film I was askin you, not when u have loaded it. I know NPR has a drawing on the magazine pressure plate side that says ''12 images'' and show u that u have to pull out the loop and then put it back six frames each side. One thing that u should do, is use an allready developed 16mm film and run it with the lids open, so u will inspect the correct movement. If anything looks ok then it's the pull down claw, or u haven't ''clicked'' the magazine in place. Please tell me what happened, I will be here for further help. Also u can buy sylvia's carlson, proffesional cameramans handbook from focal press, u will find many interesting things there about NPR. The take up side should have emulsion facing out, it's a sign that u have loaded properly,(no offend here). Tell me if u want me to e-mail u some scannings of the manual. Dimitrios Koukas
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