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Found 8 results

  1. hey all. wanted to share this film cost calculator that I've been working on for a while. www.filmcostcalculator.com Eventually I'd like to add more equations that can list out alternative results to compare various perf options. Also working on a 1000' roll calculator. Hope it helps! Feel free to comment with any notes and ideas.
  2. Hello, does anyone know of anyone or place to buy a 2 perf movement for the arricam lt? It doesn't look am camera doesn't have it and I don't know who other than them would have it so if anyone could give me an active source to pursue on that, that would be great.
  3. Just for educational purposes, here is some footage from a short I shot last year. We were stealing this, so we couldnt light anything. It's all available light. https://vimeo.com/174719862 We shot 5219 with a 2 stop push. I rated it at 1250, which gave me about a t/2 in some places, but often my meter said "E.U.", so I really wasnt sure how it would turn out. We I went in for the transfer i was very very impressed by how it held up, even with it only being 2-perf. I'm so used to thinking that you need to shoot digitally if you want to shoot available light at night, but this turned out exactly how I had hoped. We shot on super speeds at a t/1.4-2 split. The transfer was on a Spirit 2k at Fotokem in LA. We set basic looks as we went, and that's what this is, just a basic grade, right out of the scanner. If you want to download the 2.5gb 422HQ you can find it here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/n5qo2cm9au9wo7k/L9974909_CR_A15_A17.mov?dl=0 Here is the finished short: https://vimeo.com/130967218
  4. I'd like to find a 2-perf, 3-perf or Super 16 camera. My budget is $3,000-5,000. My first choice would be for a 2-perf with a lens, second choice is a 3-perf with lens and third choice is a Super 16 with a lens. My range on price is with the expectation that a 2-per or 3-perf with a lens is going to be on the high end of my budget while a Super 16 with no lens should be at the low end. Of course if someone has an Arricam ST 2-perf with some Cooke lenses they like to sell me for $3,000, I'd be happy to be proven wrong on my price estimates. :D Seriously, if I'm way off on my price expectations, please let me know. If you have a film camera that's been sitting unused or under utilized, please consider dusting it off and sending it to a good home. I have a short I'd like to shoot in December with kids from the local theater club and crew from the local University. If we can pull that off, we've got plans for a feature to shoot in June.
  5. For sale is my beautiful 2-perf (Techniscope) Arri 3C (IIIC) camera package. This camera was never a rental and it looks like it's hardly ever been used, it's in such beautiful condition. I've owned it since 2009 and during that time I found and bought an original Arri factory 2-perf conversion kit, which was installed by the technicians at Clairmont Camera in North Hollywood. I'm guessing everyone here knows why 2-perf is so great. But just in case... basically you get twice the run time from the same amount of film. A 400' roll of 35mm film running at 24 fps lasts about 8 minutes instead of the usual 4 minutes. A 200' short end is suddenly not a pain to work with since it lasts about 4 minutes. So that means you spend half as much money on film stock and processing since that's paid by the foot, too. The aspect ratio is naturally 2.40:1 at the gate so it's well suited to that cinemascope look, but much less expensive than anamorphic on film stock/processing (not to mention lens rental costs). If you wanted to shoot 1.85:1 on this camera, you could have the ground glass pencilled with two vertical lines to create 1.85 within the 2.40, and you'd still have roughly twice as much negative area than if you shot 1.85 on Super 16. I know of a feature film that just wrapped which did exactly that. Some recent and beautifully-shot 2-perf films: "Hunger", "Shame", "The Place Beyond the Pines", "American Hustle", "The Fighter", "Silver Linings Playbook", to name a few. Includes: - Arri 3C Camera body with PL mount port cap, body (magazine) port cap, in custom shipping case - Custom-made by Shurco 2-perf 2.40:1 Arri-3 style ground glass, with clear plastic case - Panavision (PV) Mount (PL mount currently installed, centered on Academy, not Super) with some shims - Cinematography Electronics Crystal Motor Base (could also be used with an Arri 2C, best motor you can get for these cameras) - Arriflex 3C Crystal Handgrip Motor (12V) with screws and gear (could also be used with an Arri 2C, a very rare item) - Italian Flatbase Motor Adapter Plate for above handgrip motor (ECE - ROME), untested - Custom Samcine Hand Held Support Brackets for IIC/IIIC in small hard shipping case - 2x 400' Arri 3 mags in a 2-hole mag case - 4x 200' Arri 3 mags in a 4-hole mag case. Note, two of the mags need some minor servicing. One looks like it's never been used - 2x 400' Fromm Shoulder Mags with spare rubber belt drives and 1x adjustable shoulder bracket (no case) - Jurgen's Orientable Video Door for 3C with Sony Color CCD camera - Arri Hand Held Door for 3C - Arri Orientable Door for 3C - Arri Straight Door for 3C with 2x Anamorphic desqueeze lever - Flat cover for above Straight Door if anamorphic dequeeze module is to be removed - Wide Angle Deniz Eyepiece with rubber eyecup that has shutter that can close - Spare Arri Eyepiece with rubber eyecup -push eye against eyecup to open shutter type, helps prevent light leaks - 1x Jurgen's Extension Eyepiece - 1x Arri Extension Eyepiece - 1x Arri Right Handgrip (no on/off switch) Arri Rosette style attachment - 1x Rosette to Rosette extension arm (adapter bracket needed/not included to use with above handgrip). Bracket pictured in hand held mode is not included) - 1x Unknown Brand Balance Plate Top A35/S35 switchable, like BP-9 (for 15mm rods) - 1x Van Diemen Balance Plate Bottom (Dovetail) ~12" - 2x 12V 4-pin XLR to 4-pin XLR power cables, one with a pigtail - 3x Power Cables for Jurgen's Video Door - 2x Medium Carbon Fiber rods (15mm) - 2x Medium rods (15mm) - 2x Short rods (15mm) - 1x SR2/SR3 type LWS 15mm bracket with 2x screw-in extension rods (for attaching to front of CE Flat Crystal Motor Base - Arri grease The inching knob (shutter/frame advance knob) has three holes drilled in it which was done to attach a hand-crank module from Clairmont Camera for a commercial (shot before the 2-perf conversion). Due to the 2-perf conversion, the Cinematography Electronics Crystal motor base does not count footage correctly. Simply divide the readout by half for an accurate footage count. I've created an album on Flickr with quite a few photos. On the wide photo with everything, you may notice two smudges. I've erased two items which I realized after the fact have no relevance or use with this package. I've also included some frame grabs from a music video I made with this camera after the 2-perf conversion. It was a joy to shoot with, performing flawlessly with not one instance of a hair in the gate. It was almost entirely shot with short ends of 200' or less. If you're not familiar with the 3C, you could think of it as the final refinement of the 2C before the Arri 35-3 came out, mostly designed as a result of engineering Arri did to the 2C for the German WW2 film "Das Boot". It has an orientable door which keeps the horizon level as you reposition the eyepiece up or down (on the 2 doors here that let you swivel the eyepiece up/down). It has a more sturdy hinged door (not interchangeable with the Arri 35-3 door), unlike the metal prongs which hold the 2C door to the body. That design was never intended for the weight of a Jurgen's video door and I've seen a few 2C bodies that are wearing out where these prongs grip, making it risky that the door could fall off. The 3C came from the factory with a PL mount, and it has a very nice crystal handgrip motor which is often sought after since it works just as well on the 2C. Something else I like about the 3C, they have a variable shutter, something that's hard to find on a 2C. The 3C also has a rosette for mounting accessories, right by the inching knob. The 2C doesn't have that. This is a beautiful example of the very rare Arri IIIC. The 3C movement is the same as the 2C movement and motors, mags and of course ground glasses are interchangeable. It took me many years to assemble this package so at least initially, I won't consider splitting off pieces of it. That said, feel free to get in touch if you're interested in something, and I'll keep you in mind. Available for $6,500 Or Best Offer. Available to see in NYC or Los Angeles, if you cover shipping costs to LA. For convenience, preference will be given if there is a buyer in the NYC (1st) or Los Angeles (2nd) area who will pick up in person and pay cash. I live in NYC but have friends/family in LA who can coordinate a sale in LA for me. Please check out the pictures and shoot me a private message if you're interested or if you have any questions. Thanks for looking! Rich https://flic.kr/s/aHskwM83a3
  6. hi, Filmmakers make film. Digital peeps make Video! I am too old school to change, when the digital age came, I was in the process of converting my Kinor 35 to two perf at Aranda, when the digital tsunami hit. Projects shot on film began to fade away, to the sorry state it is now. Only those with studio support could afford to shoot film. Although 2 perf was a cheaper way to shoot film for indie projects, the lack of cameras and support doomed it before the 2 perf movement could begin. I have slowly aquired a number of 2 perf Camera's, and would like to start a 2 perf workshop in New York City. So few of todays generation have never touched a film camera, so training sessions would be necessary. Since most of the gear is russian, I will approach this group first, to see if there is any interest in a workshop. Victor Huey
  7. Hey guys, I found a write-up about this in the Incamera Kodak magazine about this short film shot on 2 perf 35 mm and I just have to share it here because I think it's really superb and probably one of those very few shorts that leaves an impression on me.
  8. I just watched the good the bad and the ugly on AMC. It was cropped to 16:9 by punching into the middle of the frame. I didn't really notice any pan and scan. But I must say, the image quality held up very well. This was on AMC via fiber optic RCN. It looked really good. Very impressive for nearly fifty year old 2 perf. Lots of detail in the faces.
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