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Found 6 results

  1. I'd like to find a 2-perf, 3-perf or Super 16 camera. My budget is $3,000-5,000. My first choice would be for a 2-perf with a lens, second choice is a 3-perf with lens and third choice is a Super 16 with a lens. My range on price is with the expectation that a 2-per or 3-perf with a lens is going to be on the high end of my budget while a Super 16 with no lens should be at the low end. Of course if someone has an Arricam ST 2-perf with some Cooke lenses they like to sell me for $3,000, I'd be happy to be proven wrong on my price estimates. :D Seriously, if I'm way off on my price ex
  2. For sale is my beautiful 2-perf (Techniscope) Arri 3C (IIIC) camera package. This camera was never a rental and it looks like it's hardly ever been used, it's in such beautiful condition. I've owned it since 2009 and during that time I found and bought an original Arri factory 2-perf conversion kit, which was installed by the technicians at Clairmont Camera in North Hollywood. I'm guessing everyone here knows why 2-perf is so great. But just in case... basically you get twice the run time from the same amount of film. A 400' roll of 35mm film running at 24 fps lasts about 8 minutes instea
  3. Just for educational purposes, here is some footage from a short I shot last year. We were stealing this, so we couldnt light anything. It's all available light. https://vimeo.com/174719862 We shot 5219 with a 2 stop push. I rated it at 1250, which gave me about a t/2 in some places, but often my meter said "E.U.", so I really wasnt sure how it would turn out. We I went in for the transfer i was very very impressed by how it held up, even with it only being 2-perf. I'm so used to thinking that you need to shoot digitally if you want to shoot available light at night, but this turn
  4. hi, Filmmakers make film. Digital peeps make Video! I am too old school to change, when the digital age came, I was in the process of converting my Kinor 35 to two perf at Aranda, when the digital tsunami hit. Projects shot on film began to fade away, to the sorry state it is now. Only those with studio support could afford to shoot film. Although 2 perf was a cheaper way to shoot film for indie projects, the lack of cameras and support doomed it before the 2 perf movement could begin. I have slowly aquired a number of 2 perf Camera's, and would like to start a 2 perf workshop in
  5. Hey guys, I found a write-up about this in the Incamera Kodak magazine about this short film shot on 2 perf 35 mm and I just have to share it here because I think it's really superb and probably one of those very few shorts that leaves an impression on me.
  6. I just watched the good the bad and the ugly on AMC. It was cropped to 16:9 by punching into the middle of the frame. I didn't really notice any pan and scan. But I must say, the image quality held up very well. This was on AMC via fiber optic RCN. It looked really good. Very impressive for nearly fifty year old 2 perf. Lots of detail in the faces.
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