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  1. https://www.ebay.com/sch/analogfilms/m.html?_trksid=p3692
  2. Reducing my Bolex 8mm stash! Great deals! https://www.ebay.com/sch/analogfilms/m.html?_trksid=p3692 Thanks for looking, and regards! Todd
  3. Hello Again My Bolex Gurus!!! OK... Have a Bolex EBM - it Runs but only one speed - and pretty fast ,,, not one of the slower speeds... What could be causing this??? How many fuses are on-board/inside the camera? beside the one in the base. It seems I recall seeing a fuse tucked under a circuit board in side the camera. Well would love to hear from someone... Arthur!
  4. Here's a Bayonet Bolex... with carrying handle and motor option... https://www.ebay.com/itm/292595881532?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2648
  5. Hello all you Bolex gurus out there... OK, I have a Bolex H16 REX 5 that threads nicely and seems to be running well. The camera maintains the loop while running with out a take-up reel... But as soon as the take-up reel used the loop begins to be lost. But note not all take-up reels cause this... I switched out take-up reel and some reels work fine and some do not. and it seems to be consistent. any ideas on what causes this to happen? Arthur!
  6. I sell the pearl of my collection. This is already a rare version of a unique camera. Luxurious set with three cassettes 120 meters. The device is working. the price of 5000 euros, I can discuss, but if it does not, I will not worry)
  7. OK sports fans... The reflex on the early REX cameras is so small... I hear complaints that with super 16 it's even smaller... I've made some modifications to increase the size... and so far the works best... can see the full image, almost 10X but not quite... but the larger opening at the eyepiece is what really helps. there's no pinching or distortion in the image.... CHECK IT OUT!
  8. WTB UNDER £1200 Graduate in the summer and would like to shoot my own film on 16mm. Preferably looking for a bolex sbm or rex 5 but don't mind as long as it's reliable! Based in Newcastle/London and willing to travel. Thanks
  9. Up for sale a BP3 and a BP5 kit, includes All Arri parts; Baseplate, Baseplate and Rods used a handful of times one is 15mm the other 19mm. $1,000.00. In LA buyer pays shipping
  10. What causes the camera, Bolex REX5 to slow down? I know it's not always the spring. but what's causing this reaction? thanks for you help... Arthur!
  11. Hello Again All You BOLEX Gurus out there! I have a simple question... Did Bolex (the company) ever have a factory made Super 16mm camera??? thank you.
  12. Hello all you optics Gurus out there... It seems that a Bolex can come with one of 3 basic viewfinders 6X, 10X and 13X... What are those ratings based on??? The width of the image??? and then if you upgrade the optics... How do you measure the size? HELP!
  13. Looking to sell my Angenieux 12-120mm C mount Zoom Lens. Lens is in perfect working condition with no scratches, fungus or haze. a few minor cosmetic scratches on the body, non of which affect the performance of the lens. Asking price is 950 OBO. feel free to give call or text me at 7742660358 or shoot me an email at hrhagan@gmail.com for any photos or other info about the lens. thanks a bunch! Harry
  14. Super 16mm Conversions NOW available on AMAZON by Dr. Bolex... just search: Dr. Bolex https://www.amazon.com/dp/B018GPYE6G
  15. Hello, I have a Kern Aarau wooden tripod, no model number on it, that came with a Kern Aarau theodolite (surveyor's instrument). It's a very fine piece of kit. Could anyone tell me if they know if a movie camera fluid head could be attached to it. I'm thinking so far of a Ronford Baker fluid head. It would be used with a Bolex H16 and also potentially an Arri 2C. Thanks for any advice. Will take measurements if any further details are requested. Could even take some pics if necessary.
  16. SORRY - misspelled Tripod in the Title line... I have a Bolex style quick release on a rig ready tripod mount. My question for all you camera guys: How should this mount on a tripod? From the top downward or use the tripod's screw and attach from the bottom?? I've seen it done both ways... But what do you prefer??? Thanks for your help Arthur
  17. People! Go spare parts for this rare camera. Need a counter that is in the camera. Battery compartment for the control unit (bottom part)
  18. I just received a bolex h16 with all the bells and whistles etc including a rexofader. I cranked the camera with the levers at MOT and I, 24fps and then I hit the trigger.. absolutely nothing, is the spring busted? I've been prowling the forums and manuals, and can't quite figure out the problem?
  19. OK all you Bolex wizards... what is it?... I've seen them before but never actualyl attached on a camera.
  20. Time for me to sell one of my other Super16 camera : - 1 Bolex EL super 16 mm. Converted from normal 16 to S16 by Les Bosher, UK. Used, some small dents on the surface, but the camera works well. I shot one of my first documentary film with it. About settings : from 10 fps to 50 fps, film speed from 25 asa to 1600 asa, built-in lighmeter. Included : - 1 Bayonet to c mount adapter - 1 battery - 1 battery charger - 1 set of filters holder. Located in Europe. Price : 1000 euros. High res pictures on demand. ( you can e-mail me at : dartwiller@yahoo.fr) I hope my baby gonna find a new home.
  21. Hi Everyone, I'm thinking of buying a Kowa 16H lens for my Bolex H16 REX5 in the aim of making cinemascope. If I have fully understand this lens is adaptable directly on my proper lens, like for example a switar, with a clamp. I guess that I can find several models of clamps in fonction of the diametre of the lenses I want to use. The thing is that I want after that to be able to project my film with an Eiki NT2, and I wonder if I could use the same lens, as it is apparently made for both, camera and projector. How can I adapt the Kowa on the projector? With an other clamp? Here are I am with my supposition...
  22. The Doctor is in... Deep in the moment !!!
  23. OK... what to do with, yet another white elephant. It's a modified REX 1 with 200' foot load capacity. I got this long ago... works great... but was thinking of making it available. Either like it is or converting it to super 16mm or something. Anybody have any thoughts or suggestions on this? Arthur!
  24. Hello Everyone. I just wanted to let everyone know that I am selling a Great little Bolex H16 EBM Camera Package on eBay. eBay item number: 222563920707 http://www.ebay.com/itm/BOLEX-H16-EBM-Electric-16mm-Movie-Camera-Kit-AMAZINGLY-GOOD-CAMERA-PACKAGE-/222563920707?hash=item33d1d7eb43:g:JscAAOSwHLNZVGvt There is a link to a Youtube video demonstrating its operation in the description for the eBay listing. I have many detailed photos of all the items in the Auction, drop me a message and I will gladly send them to you.
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