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Found 64 results

  1. Just finished a film and selling (3) Super 16 lenses. All of them were overhauled by Abelcine and the gears renewed with teflon a month ago by VP. The are all super clean, project sharp and clear. Only a few cleaning marks on them due to age. The 50mm Illumina is super sharp. If you buy a random lens on Ebay, you will most likely have to pay $$ to get it up to speed. That work has already been done to these. Zeiss 16mm MKIII s/n 7500048 Zeiss 25mm MKIII s/n 7500143 Optar Illumina 50mm s/n 9725013 Send me a PM, sensible offers welcome. Selling individual or as a set. I have receipts, more pics, and details. Thanks, Martin
  2. Greetings, Selling my trusty Arri SR3 package. A++ Excellent, with recent service records, both camera and mags overhauled at TCS (tcsfilm) in NY in July 2013. Ready to go. Camera body (3) mags charger long and short finders 1:78 GG long rods 2 handles handgrip XC-75 video tap (b&w), with prism Transvideo Rainbow 5" monitor (2) barneys Single frame remote Asking $3500. PM me if you're interested. Thank you, Martin
  3. Selling a Arri S16 11-110 T2.2 (PL Mount) Zoom in very good condition. It fully covers the S16-Format and is in very good functional and optical condition. No scratches, no dust or fungus. It works smoothly and has been well cared for. For questions simply message me. Asking price: 5000€ (shipping not included) Located in Vienna, can be shipped within Europe. More pictures upon request.
  4. Selling an ARRI Arriflex SR2 S16 Kit ... http://www.ebay.de/itm/281357532395?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649 2500€ or best offer, shipping within Europe.
  5. Seldom used. PL & Nikon mounts. Bought new from AbelCine.
  6. Hey guys, So we're shooting the first ten minutes of our feature film this month and I'm trying to finalize my lens package. We can afford 5 Super Speeds (35, 50, 85, 100, 135) but I don't know how low I can go on 16mm. If it can handle something like an 18 or a 21, or even a 24, I would be very interested. for more information on our movie, check us out at po.st/sowhat
  7. Have for sale an Arriflex 416 Plus package. Included are: Top handle. 2 400' mags IVS videotap. cases cables. Production-ready. Regularly serviced and cleaned at a Los Angeles camera house. Also have a large selection of compatible glass listed here as well. $9000 contact kennysule@gmail.com
  8. Hello all -- Posting this on this forum in case anyone is interested. The buy-it-now on ebay is no longer available but I will let this one go for $2799 and end the auction early. It's a real steal at this price and am letting it go for cheap. http://www.ebay.com/itm/ARRIFLEX-Arri-SR3-Advanced-Super-16mm-Film-Camera-PL-Mount-S16-/271279445838?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3f2983d74e Great camera, but there are a few quirks that are cosmetic don't effect the image quality or ergonomics, but I'd prefer to have a camera in better shape, that is why I'm letting it go. Here is a video of it running recently (9/15/13) : Item is located in NY and will ship domestically. Contact: ekyfilms@gmail.com ---- For Sale Arriflex SR3 Advanced Super 16mm Film Camera All items included with this item are pictured. Besides a few cosmetic wear marks this camera is in working condition. This was recently tested at a camera house (9/15/13) and is fully operational and works as intended and runs smoothly. A video can be sent of the camera running. Included items are: • Arriflex SR3 Advanced S16 film camera body • (2) 400 Foot Arriflex SR2 S16 mags • Arri SR3 Handbook • Light-weight Flightcase • 20/80 Prism For a Videotap (no port cap) Features of this camera include: • 5 to 75 fps • Manually adjustable Shutter angles 180°, 172,8°, 144°, 135°, 90°, 45° • 54 mm stainless steel PL mount • Heated Eye Cup
  9. Hey, I´m selling three Arri Ultra 16 Primes, all in excellent condition. http://www.ebay.de/itm/190880216668?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649 Thanks for watching! Best .t
  10. The fact that I'm creating a topic of this nature may come to a surprise to many of you, but I feel it's necessary because I'm getting at least three different answers based on my own research. 1) Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/16_mm_film#Super_16_mm WP states the camera aperture is 12.52 by 7.41 mm (0.493 by 0.292 in). This gives us an aspect ratio of 1.6884:1 (1.69:1). Unfortunately, nothing is cited clearly in that article (shocker!). For an interesting twist, the entry also lists regular 16 mm as having a height of 7.49 mm (0.295 in). I thought Super 16 just extended the horizontal dimensions of the format, not also shrink it's vertical dimensions. 2a) Arri: http://www.arri.com/camera/film_cameras/16_mm_film/arriflex_416416_plus.html (click on the "Technical Details" tab) 2b) Panavision: http://www.panavision.co.uk/pdf/downloads/equipment-info/other/formats-guide.pdf I lumped these two together because they both cite the same specifications: 12.35 by 7.49 mm (0.486 by 0.295 in). This gives us less horizontal resolution than what's listed in WP's entry, but now matches the height of regular 16 mm. We now have an aspect ratio of 1.6475:1 (1.65:1). 3) Kodak: http://motion.kodak.com/motion/uploadedFiles/Kodak/motion/Hub/eb/choices/Choices_INFOGRAPHIC.pdf You'd think these guys would offer evidence corroborating with the camera makers, but they say it's 12.42 by 7.44 mm. Their Super 16 "Sell Sheet" (http://motion.kodak.com/motion/Products/Format_Choices/index.htm ; click the Super 16 mm tab) at least confirms that regular 16 mm is still 7.49 mm in height. Their Super 16 film dimensions calculate to an aspect ratio of 1.6694:1 (1.67:1) which is the closest match to the often touted 1.66:1, in my opinion. So we're left with three different physical descriptions. Which one is correct? What does SMPTE, ANSI, and/or ISO state for the record? (I'm not a member of any so I'd appreciate it if those who were could chip in.)
  11. I'm looking to buy a super 16 package in great condition and working order, any one of the following camera kits would be amazing - AATON XTR PROD or XTERRA or ARRI SR3 or ARRI 416. I need the kit to be usable straight away once a lens is added - so no spares or repairs. If anyone knows of any for sale please let me know, other s16 kits considered as well as long as they are ready to shoot once a lens is added. I'm working on a small budget. Thanks, Ian
  12. CANON 11.5-138mm T/2.5 ZOOM CINEMA LENS SUPER 16 PL for sale ONE OF THE BEST SUPER16 ZOOM LENSES AROUND. SUPERB CONDITIONS. PERFECT GLASS. SMOOTH FOCUS. NEVER RENTED. Lens: 11.5-138 Canon T-Stop: 2.5 Mount: PL Min. Focus: 3ft. 6in. Weight (lbs): 3.75 Front Dia.: 95mm PL Mount. Perfect for Arri and Aaton super16 cameras and digital cinema cameras with sensor size up to Super16 .It works on RED cameras if these are used in 2K resolution (I personally shot a music video in this way and the images looked great). It should be perfect for the new Digital Super16 cameras like the Bolex D16 (http://www.digitalbolex.com/products/bolex-d16/) and the Ikonoskop A-Cam dll (http://www.ikonoskop.com/dii/) with PL adapters, since these have Super16-sized sensor. It should also work on the new Blackmagic Cinema Camera, according to an article on EOSHD.com, where they tested a very similar lens (Canon 8-64 PL) on that camera and it worked well. They only noticed a slight vignette at 8mm but this lens should not have that problem, as its minimum focal length is 11.5mm. See the article here (http://www.eoshd.com/content/9447/hurt-locker-lens-canon-8-64mm-t2-4-pl-zoom-perfect-companion-for-the-blackmagic-cinema-camera) Full details and more photos on BBlist: http://www.bblist.co.uk/item.php?item=34974 GBP 3,300. The lens is located in London - UK. Any inspection welcome. Collection in person is preferred, however I can ship it anywhere (shipping costs not included). For info: hello --at-- mzo --dot-- tv Thank You!
  13. Hi all, I'm a film student in Ireland D.O.P.ing on a Super 16mm short in a few months time and am looking for advice on processing and transfer. At the moment I have an assortment of short ends of various stocks (At the moment, almost 200ft of Vision 2 500T, 30ft Eterna 500T and a few more short ends on the way) I am wondering if labs out are willing to develop short ends of different stocks, even very low amounts, and count them all as the one total in regards to pricing. I don't know anything about developing pricing as the last time we shot S16, the college organised stock, processing and telecine. I am also looking for labs in Ireland/UK/Europe that develop 16mm at competitive rates for a student, the budget is low but I am willing to spend to get the look as I believe it is essential for the film. Thanks all.
  14. Very Rare Super 16mm high speed camera package for sale. Camera shoots up to 200 fps! The Milliken's reliability has earned it the highest rating by cinematographers and assistant cameramen worldwide. Picture quality is exceptional at all speeds, made possible by the unique Milliken pin-registered intermittent movement. The register pin stops the film and locks it during exposure. The result of this unique movement is sharpness and steadiness that meets the highest Film and TV Industry standards. This camera has been used on multiple award winning surf films and by some of the worlds best water cinematographers. This is a complete package that comes with 2 lenses, water housing, heavy duty travel bag, and much more! I hate to let this gem go. It's very rare to find a complete S16 mint package of these cameras. - High Speed Super 16mm Milliken DBM 4C Camera • C-Mount re-centered for Super 16 • Camera aperture opened up to Super 16 specifications: (.295 x .492) • Original camera timing light assembly removed. • Camera rewired for RCA power plug. • Intermittent film movement & sprocket rollers modified for single perf. film operation • 2 Batteries • Charger • 3 Shutter Speed Options: 72° (installed), 140°, 160° • 8 200ft. Empty Film Rolls • 7 400 ft. Film Cans • 64, 200fps Motor Installed - Additional 128, 400fps Motor Included • Custom Built External On/Off Switch for easy use out of water - SPL Water Housing This professional housing is constructed of ultra light- weight aluminum, sheared and formed on a sheet metal press brake and then welded solid by a certified welder. All aluminum is hard anodized to protect against salt- water corrosion. The housing is painted with an industrial powder coat paint. Depth rating is 15-20ft. This housing can handle any size surf you have the nuts to swim into. • On/Off Switch • Dual side detachable handles - Milliken Boresight in Original Wooden Box - Porta Brace Camera Bag It's made from 1000 denier Cordura fabric with a comfortable suede shoulder strap. The lightweight, rigid-frame design provides maximum protection for your camera and accessories, and comfortable carrying for you. - Som Berthiot Pan Cinor 17-85mm 1:2 Lens Super sharp and fast zoom lens. Vignettes slightly at the wide end. Viewfinder Included to use camera on land with visual focus and zoom capability. Clean cosmetics, clean optics, no fungus, no separation, no haze, no oil on the aperture blades. The focus runs smoothly. The zoom lever is missing but doesn't effect the lenses operation at all. - Computar 12.5mm 1:1.3 Lens Sharp, Wide, and Fast. Covers the Super 16mm frame easily. Very clean cosmetics, clean optics, no fungus, no separation, no haze, no oil on the aperture blades. The focus runs smoothly. UV filter.
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