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Found 15 results

  1. I recently bought a Canon Scoopic M and the exposure meter doesn't work. I've fixed some other issues with the camera already so I want to try to fix it myself. Has anyone any experience with fixing this and could help me out with some guidance? I also downloaded the repair guide so if that's any help to find there, please use it as a reference. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hello everyone, I am a French documentary filmmaker and would like to develop my own practice in shooting on 16mm. I am looking for an affordable camera to shoot by myself (previously I was shooting with a team). As far as I know, these are the cameras that could be good companions: Scoopic 16 or 16M / Bolex EL / Aaton A-Minima / Ikonoskop but if you own another camera that could do the job, feel free to suggest it to. Looking forward to hearing what you have to offer! Thank you! Margaux Guillemard
  3. I have a couple extra sets of Battery/Charger sets for Scoopic M and MS models available. Built using new 2000mAh NiMH Batteries, newly manufactured cases and chargers available as packages or separately as you want. The Batteries fit in the cameras without any modification and are very reliable. The chargers will also power the original Scoopic Batteries and other rechargeable battery packs that your battery may have been recelled with. $225 for two batteries and charger/receiver $150 for one battery and charger/receiver $100 per battery $50 per charger and receiver I'm also looking for an original Scoopic in decent shape to trade for if you have one of those. Thanks for looking
  4. Glen Brownson

    Next step?

    I currently have a Krasnogorsk K3 (converted to S16) and a Canon Scoopic 16M. I've used both several times over the last couple of years and have learned a lot with them. I've managed to get some good results, however, although there are things about both that I like, they each have things about them that I dislike. K3 + Rugged, cheap, large choice of M42 lenses available, Super 16, stable speed control, compact, reflex - Wind up, tricky to load, light leaks, Standard Meteor lens 'soft' (i.e slightly out of focus) at widest settings, unstable registration, reliability issues 16M + Easy to load and use, electric, affordable (but not cheap), reliable, good registration, reflex (but dim in low light), good macro, not too bulky, - Fixed lens - soft at widest setting, speed noticeably unstable (probably fault with my camera), dim reflex at higher f stop The common problem with getting sharp images with wide angle views is the biggest problem I have with these. So, I'm still looking for my 'perfect' camera. I'd like a hand held, reflex, electric camera with changeable lenses. Hopefully easy/quick to load. Super 16 preferred, but not essential. I'm also on a limited budget, maximum £1500 I guess. Two possibilities I can think of are: Beaulieu R16 and Bolex EBM (£££?) I nearly got a R16 with an (Angineux?) motorised lens, but I was put off the motorised lens due to reliability and dislike of controlling lenses with motors rather than manually. I don't know much about either of those, would they be better choices or do they have their own issues that cause user's problems? Have I missed other possible options that may be suitable? Thanks for any help you can give.
  5. I've acquired a fine looking Scoopic MS and a couple rolls of fresh Kodak Vision 50 ASA film. Before I shoot any projects, I'd like to shoot a test roll to check everything out. Some issues will be obvious without any special testing protocol - light leaks, image flicker film gate problems. But with respect to sharpness, I've heard some folks report the Canon lens is soft wide open and others report the lens should be sharp at f/2.5 if everything is correct with the internals of the camera. To test sharpness, is there a standard way to shoot a lens star chart. Zoomed in all the way, wide open I would presume? For exposure, the internal meter seems to work and seems ballpark correct but I don't know the precise accuracy. I have a old Minolta digital meter with cine mode, but it seems to be way off compared to my DSLR cameras so that is useless. I got an app for my iphone and it seems to agree with my still cameras. I'm thinking I should stick to one exposure tool and check exposure with it but I'm not sure how to tell if my exposure is 100% accurate. If I shoot a gray card, when I get the film processed and scanned, would the histogram in Adobe Premiere be the way to check exposure?? Thanks for any ideas. Geoffrey www.chandlervideo.com
  6. Nice to be able to use equipment like the One-Man-Crew from Red Rock Micro & my Ultra16 Scoopic MS on a music video shoot this weekend. There are so many great tools out there with the DSLR "revolution" but it's fun to use them with film cameras too. This One-Man-Crew is the original version but I've used it with an SR2 before. I plan to do the upgrade to handle heavier cameras.
  7. Hi there, I'm selling my Scoopic 16MS. The camera is in excellent condition, it really does look brand new. It comes with 2 batteries, both of these will need recelling. A charger, lens hood, 5 internal filter trays. An external battery box, and a fitted case. Happy to ship to the states. £450 plus shipping
  8. Hello everyone, I recently got a Canon Scoopic Ms and it's ready to roll. The camera is very easy to use and I found some helpfull info here and on other websites, but I couldn't find the user manual. Do you guys have a pdf version that you can share? I have the Scoopic M user manual and the camera is very easy to use, but maybe someone can tell me what the "Remote" options printed in orange and only available on the MS version do. Was there a remote for the camera? Can the camera be triggered electronically? Thanks in Advance.
  9. Does anyone know what the external battery connector on the grey canon Scoopic is called or where I could find one? It has 4 pins but it's clearly not XLR
  10. I've been shooting on a K3 for the past year or so, and decided to pick up a Scoopic (Gray model). The camera definitely needs a CLA, but overall seems in decent condition. The main problem is power, which I understand is common with scoopics. It came with a battery and charger. The battery is charging now, though I'm assuming it will need to be recelled. I was curious as to what other options there are in terms of powering the camera. Specifically, I was wondering how simple it would be to make an external power source to connect to the four pin connector on the camera. I'm no electrical engineer, so I assume it would be more complicated than finding a 12V battery and soldering it to the proper cable. I've also seen some tutorials on making internal battery packs using 10 1.2V AA batteries, though they all seemed a little insecure to me. What goes into making an external power source for the camera, and what should I look for?
  11. This forum is abound with requests for cheep 16mm cameras. Very few however broach the subject of sound. I'm looking for a camera with sound sync and a reflex view finder. I have four 100' roles in my freezer so it would be beneficial to be able to use them as apposed to a camera that only shoots 400' roles. I've shot two short films using the Canon Scoopic. Both projects where dialogue free. From what I've been told there's no good way to sync sound to them. In fact, I was told if you tried the sound would become desynced. is this true? I'm looking for a camera under $500 that has sound sync and a reflex view finder. I'm currently looking at a Bolex M5 with a reflex zoom lens but it's a bit more than i'd like to spend.
  12. I am looking to buy a Canon Scoopic in good working order. MS or M preferred, but grey model considered. Would also consider other 16mm cameras - looking for easy to use, suitable for hand held work and ready to go. Electric preferred, but would consider wind up cameras (K3 etc) if price was right. I am in the UK so would prefer a UK seller, but would consider buying from abroad, subject to assurances that seller & camera are OK. Cash waiting. Thanks Glen
  13. Selling off my 16mm kit. Includes the following: - Canon Scoopic 16M with 12.5-75mm 1.8 lens - Two (2) Canon S-12 Batteries (1 has fresh, working cells and the other needs service) - Canon S-12 Battery Charger - Canon Scoopic Carrying Case - Cable Release - Filter Set: - Canon 72mm UV 1x Filter - Canon 72mm Skylight Filter - Tiffen 72mm FL-B Filter The camera is in excellent working order. The motor runs smoothly at all speeds and the interior and exterior are also very clean. The glass is free of scratches, haze, fungus, etc. As with any lens, there may be some microscopic dust on the inside of the lens, but nothing that affects image quality in any noticeable way. The one battery was re-celled within the past month and works as new. The battery charger is also in normal working condition. A charged battery will supposedly last for 100 reels of 100' stock. Regarding the filters: I have never used this set of filters. They were included when I purchased the camera and they are not in great shape. I am only including them in case someone can make better use of them than I did. Asking $500 plus exact shipping costs. Please don't hesitate to message me with any questions you may have. Thanks!
  14. Hi, I'm after a Canon Scoopic MS battery, preferably recently recelled, but at least intact. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance, Ed.
  15. Hi, I'm after a Canon Scoopic MS battery, preferably recently recelled, but at least intact. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance, Ed.
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