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  1. For sell a Zeiss SuperSpeed 9.5mm T1.3 S16, a great luminous wide angle cine lens. I sell it because i search a zoom instead of primes. Price is 900 Euros + shipping. Regarding the state of the optics there is no mushroom / fungus / dust inside. There are slight "cleaning marks" on the glass, as well on the front and rear element, obviously not affecting the image. But there is no claw or crack on the glass. I bought it for a French DP who took great care. Cosmetically really in good condition, the paint and the numbers / lettering are there. The aperture ring is very fluid, the f
  2. Hey! We're looking for a DP based in London UK to work on a micro budget road movie (Set in the US) that will be shot on Andromeda DVX100, with Elite Letus 35mm adaptor. If the budget allows then we will be shooting on Aaton XTR, S16mm film, or combination of both. Synopsis and more info here: Awaken The Giant Within At the moment we're looking for the right DP and we want to, soon, start shooting some tests. You must have experience on micro/low budget productions and be based in London, UK. If you are interested please send an email with the following details: Cv, camera/tech ski
  3. Hi everyone, I'm looking to buy an A-Minima, without lens. I'm based in Paris, France. Any advice/contacts/suggestions on where to find one near would be great. thanks, diana
  4. I am looking to purchase a Aaton XTR Plus, but I cannot find one. The only one I have found is one in LA but I have questions about its past as the seller says: "I am not a filmmaker and don't know....." it sounds like stolen kit to me. So back to my point, would anyone be able to help me on my way to finding one of these cameras. Thanks.
  5. Shooting a film on rented a- minima cameras for several years now. Looking to purchase two and two xtr's and several lenses magazines etc. If any one is selling please drop me a line. Love the cameras, for this project they are the only way to go. Cheers Raymond
  6. Thought I'd post a short film I finished a short while back. I wanted to text a batch of 64D I had in the fridge while working with a new DP and lab. (Video and Film Solutions, Rockville, MD). Rather than film a roll,of my hometown I adapted a dream my friend had into a quick micro short film about the end of the world. Really pleased with the outcome and don't know why more shorts aren't filed inSuper 16. Tech info: Aaton XTR ZEISS Super Speed MKI FUJI 64D Lab and transfer: Video and a Film Solutions Thank you for watching
  7. Mine has seperated prisms, so if you have one around on a parts machine I'd love to hear your offer! Joe
  8. Hi All, Thanks in advance to anyone that may be able to help me out here. I will be shooting a feature next month with my Aaton LTR and may have a television playing in a shot. The shutter in the LTR is fixed, however, I do have a speed controller (Media Logic, I believe). I was wondering how I might be able to avoid any flickering, pulsing, or rolling in the image. I'm not sure if the speed controller gadget will help me out here or not. I'm in the US at 60HZ. Any solutions are very much appreciated. All the best, Jeff
  9. hi, I am selling fully functional Aaton LTR standard 16mm camera set with 3 magazines, 2 batteries, charger, alpine metal case, aaton mount (+adapters). For free I give Angenieux 12-120mm zoom as a "kit" lens. I am from Slovak Republic and the best would be to sell it within Europe. If you have any questions, just PM me.
  10. Hello everyone, selling an Aaton XTRplus Package in great, fully functional condition (see item description below) including ... … - Aaton XTRplus Body | PL Mount, S16, Ser. # 1776 - Standard Viewfinder - Extension Viewfinder - (3x) 400' magazines | coded as A, B and C - Wooden Hand Grip with Run-/Stop-Trigger - Aaton Mattebox - (3x) Batteries | all recently re-celled - Charger | able to charge 3 batteries simultaneously, with discharge function - Short & Long Rods - XLR 4-Pin and other cables - Leather Barney - Manual - Metal Flight Case - Receipt of most recent
  11. Hi! I'm getting more serious about shooting a documentary on s16mm film. Since I often work alone on personal projects I was exited to learn about AatonCode. I'm about to get a Aaton A-minima. I tested it last week with my timecode synced audio recorder, only to later discover that my local lab don't have a Aaton code reader on their new scanner. I really wan't to use that lab, because one of my motivations to shoot film is to contribute (in a very small, but at least symbolical way) to keeping film alive. I wanted to ask anyway if there are some labs in Europe that offers Aaton code servic
  12. Hi! I'm looking for a used Aaton A-minima. All offers considered, but if possible I'd like a kit with the following: 3-4mags, powerbase, wooden handgrip, batteries and charger, blimp, top handle, PAL video assist. EU sale preferred if possible. Sadly for any seller I've seen that the prices for A-minimas have gone down quite a lot… but if you sell to me you'll at least know that it will be loved and used :) Looking forward to hear from you! Take care/Kalle, Sweden (contact info at www.kallefolke.se)
  13. Greetings, Selling my trusty Arri SR3 package. A++ Excellent, with recent service records, both camera and mags overhauled at TCS (tcsfilm) in NY in July 2013. Ready to go. Camera body (3) mags charger long and short finders 1:78 GG long rods 2 handles handgrip XC-75 video tap (b&w), with prism Transvideo Rainbow 5" monitor (2) barneys Single frame remote Asking $3500. PM me if you're interested. Thank you, Martin
  14. Hey there, first of all, I'm a total beginner when it comes to shooting film, using film cameras. I bought an Aaton XTR off ebay (I know, risky!) with the intention of learning how to shoot film and eventually shooting more film. So, considering I don't know much yet (I have a DP-friend who regularly shoots film), I encountered the following: after plugging in the battery, the LCD display seems to malfunction. It keeps displaying some weird signs as opposed to proper numbers. Now I don't know if that's my fault (eg. if I'm doing anything wrong) or if it's the camera. I'll have
  15. Selling a fully functional Aaton T4 Battery Charger including a B2 cable for charging two batteries at once (not pictured). 12V/300mA (supposedly also charges 16V batteries) for 1.2 and 1.4 Ah batteries Asking price: 200€ or best offer. Located in Vienna, shipping within Europe. Bank Transfer (preferred) or Paypal. Private sale. Feel free to ask me any questions.
  16. Hi, has anybody else encountered this problem when using the Aaton Penelope in 2 perf configuration using Kodak 5222 or any other film stock for that mater? (See below) This is happening in the middle of takes, while the camera is running so it's not a gate check then re-raking issue. The camera wasn't making tell-tale "problem" noises. We shot 12 rolls. The issue is across all 3 mags used but got progressively worse as the shoot went on. The tendency is for more instances towards the tail of the rolls. The heads are OK. It didn't happen on roll #1. Roll #2 22 times. #3
  17. Hi there, just seeing if there is any interest in an original Aaton Wooden Handgrip with Start/Stop-Trigger? I'll post pictures if anyone's seriously interested. I was thinking 500€, but I'm open to offers. best,
  18. Selling a Canon 16/S16 15-150mm f/2.8 Zoom Lens (Aaton Mount) in very good condition. It is in very good functional and optical condition. No scratches, no dust or fungus. It works smoothly and has been well cared for. Slight signs of wear. For questions simply get in touch. Asking price: 600€ or best offer. Located in Vienna, Austria. Shipping everywhere within Europe. Bank transaction preferred, Paypal accepted (buyer covers fees).
  19. Hello everyone, I have a simple question: which adapter should I use when planning to use a lens in Arri Standard Mount on a camera with Aaton Mount? Is a "Arri Bayonet to Aaton" adapter doing the job? I can't seem to find a "Arri Standard to Aaton" adapter. Thanks in advance for your help!
  20. Selling a well maintained, fully working AATON A-Minima Kit including ... - Aaton A-Minima body (PL Mount, S16) - 3 Magazines - Videotap - Powerbase - 3 Onboard Batteries - Charger - Wooden Grip - Top Handle - Case Camera has been checked and works flawlessly. Asking for 5500€ OBO. Shipping everywhere within EU. Camera is located in Austria and can be checked upon and directly picked up.
  21. Hi, I have an old yet in pretty good condition, Angenieux 16-44mm 1:0.95 zoom. Would love some advice from anyone who's familiar with this lens. I tried to google this lens but there's very little information out there. It says 1:0.95, but what's the F & T stop on this lens? How common/rare and good/bad is this lens? I ran few test rolls on my Aaton s16 LTR but I don't know enough to tell if this is any better/worse than other Angenieux zoom lens. What is the mount on this lens? Here's some photos: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4xg2aagb2xqluvh/S_20140521-_MG_1957.jpg https://w
  22. Hello, I'm in the market for a super-16 camera with video assist/tap, 400ft mags, crystal sync at 24/25. Got my eye out for an Arri SR2, SR3, or an Aaton, although a reliable Eclair NPR could do the trick. A camera in Europe is preferable as import duty costs a fortune. Looking to spend £1000 - £2000 ($1650 - $3300) depending on the model and condition. Thanks, Greg
  23. Hello Guys, I am looking for an Arriflex SR on board Battery with holder; Would an Aaton LTR on board Battery work on an SR for testing? Would someone guide me, to where can I Find a cable made for Arriflex SR with the right polarity to use on a Cine 60 Belt, or on a standard 12v Bescor Battery. Schematics are explained on John Fauer 16SR User Guide. However I'd rather try to find the cable already made. Thank you all in advance!
  24. Hey there, about to buy a late Aaton LTR 7. The camera has been converted to S16, but the mags haven't. Instead of having them expensively converted to S16 as well, could I use the camera with an XTR Prod 400' DX S16 magazine? I could get that for $200, that's why I'm asking about the mag compatibility of the LTR. Any help is highly appreciated.
  25. Hello everyone! I've done quite some research about the different Aaton LTR 54s, but still I would love to hear your thoughts about this particular one and it's associated price. I'm about to buy an Aaton LTR 54 (#897). So it's an early LTR 54 which was converted from 16mm to Super 16. It features 32fps Top Speed, Mechanical Drive for Mags, Optional Light Meter, Optional Relay optics for VR 30 tube tap. It was owned by a professional director of photography and comes with a few accessories. In 2010 it was serviced for the last time so I'm expecting to have it serviced again quite s
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