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  1. CAMERA IS NEW IT HAS ONLY 15HRS OF OPERATING TIME, IT COMES WITH ADDITIONAL ACCESSORIES. CAMERA 1 ARRI Alexa LF Camera Body with LPL Lens Mount & Cap 1 ARRI Top Camera Center Handle CCH-4 1 EVF Electronic Viewfinder for Alexa 1 EVF Mounting Bracket 1 EVF Extension Bracket 1 ARRI BP-13 Bridge Plate 15mm Sliding Baseplate 1 ARRI Dovetail For Sliding Baseplate 12" Inch 2 15mm rods 10 Inch MEDIA 1 SxR Adapter for Alexa 1 SxS Adapter for Alexa 2 SxR Capture Drives 2TB w/ Cases 1 SXR Card Reader Codex 1 Cable: Thunderbolt 1 Cable: Card Reader to AC Power 1 SanDisk 64GB SD Card CABLES 1 EVF Cable (KC 150-S) 1 ARRI 4-PIN XLR to 2-PIN LEMO 12V Cable -3ft 1 24V 3-PIN XLR to @ PIN FISCHER Cable - 10ft AC POWER 1 XLR 3pin to AC Power Box Cameo 24V/220W LENS ADAPTER 1 Lens Adapter LPL to PL Mount ARRI WIRELESS RECEIVER SET 1 Arri WVR-1 1 Arri MIA-1 Bracket 1 Cable: USB to Micro USB 1 Cable: Power Box to 3pin female 1 Cable: 2pin to Edison
10 Antenna Rx TX for Alexa LF & Receiver BATTERY ADAPTERS Wooden Camera 24V Sharkfin battery bracket for Alexa LF (V-Mount) ARRI LF CASE Case for ARRI ALEXA LF FILTERS ARRI Alexa SFND Filters full set with case. PURCHASE PRICE OF ARRI ALEXA LF PACKAGE IS $135,510.00 OUR ASKING PRICE IS $113,255.00. BEST OFFERS ARE ACCEPTED PLEASE CONTACT US IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS. Email- seebeyondusa@gmail.com NOTE: THE LENS IN THE PICTURES IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE BUNDLE
  2. ALEXA MINI is a new camera it has only 15hr 20min of operating time on the body. It comes with the Wooden Camera Unified Pro Kit. 1- ARRI ALEXA Mini Camera Body with 4:3 and ARRIRAW License Keys 1- ARRI Titanium PL Mount LDS with L-Bus Connector 1- ARRI ALEXA Mini Viewfinder MVF-1 1- ARRI ALEXA Mini to MVF-1 Viewfinder Cable 2- ARRI 3500x CFast 2.0 Memory Card - 256GB 1- 2.4 GHz Antenna Wooden Camera Unified Pro KIT for Alexa Mini 1- Unified Cage for Alexa Mini 2x 15mm Rod (15") 1- NATO Handle Plus v2 Kit 1- UVF Mount (Alexa Mini, No Clamp) 1- Unified Bridgeplate (15mm Studio) 1- 2060 Dovetail (12") 1- Rod Clamp (15mm Studio) 1- Battery Slide Bought ARRI ALEXA MINI for $65,230. Camera is new, our asking price for the ALEXA MINI is - $57,500 OPEN FOR BEST OFFERS If you have any questions please contact us. Email - seebeyondusa@gmail.com
  3. WTB alexa xt, ARRI accesories including xr capture drives, shoulder pad, rig and much more. And lens set of zeiss cp.2 or cp.3 Gigglestudio11@gmail.com
  4. Starting out as Original Cine in 1989 renting 16mm and 35mm film equipment from a small cottage in Albert Park, The Vision House has been built on years of industry experience to become a premier boutique rental house based in Port Melbourne, Australia. Since its inception The Vision House has been growing every year with our inventory constantly being updated. We now offer a range of digital cameras including the Red Monstro Vista Vision, Red Weapon 8k, RED Gemini 5k, Alexas – Mini, Amira & SXT, Canon C700 Full Frame (PL Mount), Canon C200 (EF Mount) as well as the Phantom Miro LC320S high speed camera. Also offered is a large range of lenses including Canon L Series, Canon CN-E, Zeiss Compact Primes, Zeiss Super Speeds, Zeiss Standards, Zeiss Supremes, Arri/Zeiss Ultra Primes, Cooke S4i, Cooke 5i, Cooke Anamorphics, Leica M0.8s, Leica Summicrons, rehoused Mamiya 645 (PL Mount) and Kowa Anamorphic Lenses (Rehoused by P&S Technik and the new Evolution Series). In addition to prime lenses The Vision House also has numerous zoom lenses including the majority of the Angenieux Optimo range as well as various Zeiss zooms - covering both S35 and Full Frame/Vista Vision. An extensive range of support equipment is available that compliments the camera and lens inventory including tripods (from Ronford Baker to O’Connor), Remote Heads (Arri SRH-3 - Stabilised & PowerPod Classic - Non Stabilised), Gimbal Systems (Arri MAXIMA), filters, lighting as well as a range of camera accessories. Our aim at The Vision House is to provide the best equipment possible for you based on your specific job. Our long association with the Melbourne film and commercial industry coupled with our previous production house experience has enhanced our knowledge base, allowing us to offer informed advice to new and existing customers. http://www.thevisionhouse.com.au 195 Rouse Street, Port Melbourne Victoria, Australia, 3207 ph: +61 3 9676 2732 email: rentals@thevisionhouse.com.au
  5. I am selling my personal ARRI Alexa Classic EV camera kit, see below: 1x ARRI Alexa EV Camera w/ High Speed License SN:3245 1x Pro Res Codec Option 1x EVF-1 Electronic Viewfinder SN:2054 1x VMB-2 Viewfinder Mounting Bracket 1x VEB-1 Viewfinder Extension Bracket 1x CCH-1 Center Camera Handle 2x HEB-2 Handle Extension Block 1x BP-13 15mm Bridge Plate 1x BPA-2 Bridge Plate Adapter 1x WA-1 Wedge Adapter 1x LB-1 Levelling Block 1x SP-4 Shoulder pad 1x AC Power Supply 1x Gold Mount Battery Adapter Back 1x IDX A-AB2E V-Mount Battery Adapter Plate 1x 128GB SxS Card 2x 32GB SxS Card 1x 64GB SxS Card 1x SXS Card Reader SBAC-US10 1x Short Viewfinder Cable 1x Long Viewfinder Cable 1x Alexa 12V Accessory Cable 1x 3-Pin XLR Power Cable 10' 1x Audio Y-cable (5-Pin XLR to 3 Pin XLR) 1x Alexa Body Hard Case by Innerspace Cases 11,500 USD plus shipping
  6. Please email sales@broadcastsolutions.com for pricing and pics. Includes: - K1.0014861 ALEXA LF Camera Body - K2.0008429 SXR Adapter - K2.0006338 SxS Adapter 2 - K2.72018.0 SD Card - K2.72008.0 Electronic Viewfinder EVF-1 - K2.74001.0 Viewfinder Mounting Bracket VMB-3 - K2.72012.0 Viewfinder Cable Short (0.35m/1.2ft) KC 150-S - K2.72007.0 Center Camera Handle (CCH-1) - K2.0016936 PL-to-LPL Adapter - KK.0015010 Wireless Video Receiver WVR-1 - K2.0006942 SXR Capture Drive 1TB x4 - K2.0018790 ALEXA LF FSND Filter Set (Full) - Includes: Internal FSND 0.3 - 2.4 - K0.71030.0 ALEXA Bundle Accessory Set (EV/Plus) - Includes: - K2.72021.0 1x ALEXA Ethernet/RJ-45 Cable (3.00m/9.8ft) - K2.72017.0 1x Leveling Block (LB-1) - K2.74000.0 1x Viewfinder Extension Bracket VEB-3 - K2.66172.0 1x Bridge Plate Adapter BPA-2 - K2.72031.0 1x ALEXA 12V Accessory Cable KC 154-SP-S - K2.72083.0 1x Shoulder Pad (SP-4) - K2.72013.0 1x Viewfinder Cable Medium (0.65m/2.1ft) KC 151-S - K2.72015.0 1x Handle Extension Block (HEB-2) Alexa Case
  7. Im hosting this anamorphic lens comparison on my site now, it was taken down from the original site. We compared 6 different anamorphic sets on the red camera. There are videos and pictures for each lens and set. Let me know what you think. https://www.mu2pro.com/lens-test/
  8. Hi, I am looking to purchase an Alexa Classic. Must have: - Low hours (less than 1500 hours). - Highspeed license - Ability to do at least 2k internally and Arriraw externally. - Full working order, no issues. Willng to pay up to $8K all in (including any taxes, fees and shipping) depending on the camera. (dealers beware, I will not pay more) Paypal or other secure forms of payment for both buyer and seller a must. I am located in Europe and a solution must be found if importing from outside to not incur import duties. PM me here. Cheers, Clayton
  9. Hey All, WTB: Arri Alexa Mini EVF Cable PM or Email @ Hunter.R.Baker@Gmail.com
  10. MYT 3-in-1 Complete 5' Slider Kit w/ tons of extras I bought this kit 2 years ago from MYT and added lots of extras including nice feet for putting the slider on the ground. It mounts both Mitchell and 100mm heads including O'Connor 2575D Heads with fully built out Alexa camera packages down to O'Connor 1030D's for Alexa Mini and C300s. Also the base of the slider can mount on a fisher dolly, baby legs, standard legs both Mitchell and 100mm. I bought it in 5' which makes for great precision moves that are the right length. This is the package includes: 1 MYT Large 3-in-1, 5ft. rail length, Mitchell Mount and100mm Ball Mount (Cost $3,575.00) 1 MYT Large Glide Aluminum End Truss (2pk) w. Rosette Leg Adapters, 7" Legs (4pk) $695.00 1 MYT M/L Hi-Hat Tray, 100mm Bowl Converter $385.00 1 MYT Hi-Hat Tray Mitchell 4 MYT Short Posts for Hi-Hat Tray 1 MYT Mitchell Plate for Base w/ Tie Down $350.00 1 MYT 100mm Ball Head for Base / Tie Down $225.00 1 MYT Hard Carrying / Shipping Case $300.00 1 MYT Large Wood Handle $65.00 5 MYT 3/4" Length SRP Locking Bolts $70.00 2 MYT Mini Hardware Locking Screw for Slider Mobility (to lock on the track) 4 MYT Mini Hardware for Mitchell Base to Slider Body 4 MYT Mini Feet for Slider 2 5/8" Clamp Collar Ring $105.00 I paid over $5,000.00 for the whole package. Selling it for $3,600.00 PM or email for details @hunter.r.baker@gmail.com Best, - Hunter Baker
  11. Hello group: So I am interested in possibly getting an arri alexa classic since they are somewhat affordable right now. However I have some basic questions I keep getting misleading information about. 1) Do you need to buy an ARRI RAW license to access the highest resolution of the camera? I own a Odyssey 7Q so i would be able to use to access the highest res. 2) If i plan to shoot anamorphic on the classic would I be able to desqueeze the image on the odyssey? Do you need a arri license to shoot anamorphic on the classic as the 4x3 license on the mini? 3) Image wise does the camera have the same look as the mini? Thanks in advance
  12. Please send pricing and details to sales@broadcastsolutions.com. W.T.B. Alexa Mini Package
  13. Hello group: So I am interested in possibly getting an arri alexa classic since they are somewhat affordable right now. However I have some basic questions I keep getting misleading information about. 1) Do you need to buy an ARRI RAW license to access the highest resolution of the camera? I own a Odyssey 7Q so i would be able to use to access the highest res. 2) If i plan to shoot anamorphic on the classic would I be able to desqueeze the image on the odyssey? Do you need a arri license to shoot anamorphic on the classic as the 4x3 license on the mini? 3) Image wise does the camera have the same look as the mini? Thanks in advance
  14. For Sale Arri Alexa Mini Package 2081 Hours. Service certificate done with Arri February 2018. $55K USD. Email sales@broadcastsolutions.com 1 x ALEXA MINI CAMERA BODY with titanium PL mount with 4:3 Licence 1 x ALEXA MINI VIEWFINDER with cable 1 x MVB-1 VIEWFINDER MOUNTING BRACKET 2 x MAP-2 ADAPTER PLATE WITH 15mm SUPPORT 2 x MAP-1 LIGHTWEIGHT ADAPTER PLATE 1 x MSB-1 SIDE BRACKET 1 x BPA-4 BRIDGE PLATE ADAPTOR 1 x BP-8 BRIDGE PLATE 1 x ARRI DOVETAIL PLATE 2 x RMB-3 19MM ROD MOUNTING BRACKETS 2 x 19mm TO 15mm REDUCTION RINGS 1 x CCH-2 CAMERA HANDLE 2 x 240mm RODS 15mm 2 x 340mm RODS 15mm 2 x 240mm RODS 19mm 2 x 440mm RODS 19mm 1 x CSP-1 SHOULDER PAD 1 x KC-50 3pin XLR POWER CABLE 1 x EXT TO RS CABLE ADAPTER 1 x ALEXA MINI USB 8GB FOR FIRMWARE 1 x 3mm ALLEN KEY TOOL 5 x CFast 2.0 CARDS 128GB 1 x Lexar CFAST 2.0 CARD READER 1 x USB 3.0 CABLE 1 x WOODEN CAMERA A-BOX (line in only) 2 x ALLEN KEYS FOR ACTION PRODUCT PLATES 1 x Hawkwoods ALEC+XA MINI 15mm Power plate with flying lead
  15. Hey All, I just finished shooting a series of yoga workouts on a black background with the Alexa Mini (2 Camera Shoot). About a month after shooting, the editor noticed a number of white specks throughout the footage (both A and B camera). The white specks would randomly appear in a one frame and disappear in the next (no consistency to area of frame). After speaking with Arri, they believe that this is an environmental issue caused by cosmic radiation. We've currently found about 15 specks within 3 episodes of shooting (which were shot on 3 different days). See below for a couple of samples with the specks. Let me know if you've seen anything like this before. We're going to be shooting the next round in a week and are trying to prevent this issue. Best, Chad Mahadevan
  16. I'm selling my Alexa Mini that is in perfect shape. I purchased this back in 2017 when I was visiting Germany for a shoot. The Mini has never been rented out to anyone. It has low hours because I haven't been shooting lately due to family problems, divorce, etc. So the Alexa still looks and works brand new. http://www.reduser.net/forum/showthread.php?171407-Alexa-Mini-Package Asking Price: $59,000 OBO for the package below. $45,000 OBO for only the body. 1x ALEXA Mini Body (with 4/3 & Arriraw licenses) (130hrs) 1x ARRI ALEXA Mini Viewfinder MVF-1 2x ARRI ALEXA Mini to MVF-1 75cm Viewfinder Cable 1x ARRI Titanium PL Mount LDS with L-Bus Connector 1x ARRI MMB-2 Mini Matte Box Basic LWS Set 2x IDX System Technology CUE-D75 73Wh Li-Ion V-Mount Battery 2x Bebob Factory GmbH V155RM-CINE 14.8V 155Wh High Load V-Mount Li-Ion Battery 1x Bebob Factory GmbH 2-Channel Simultaneous Charger (V-Mount) 1x Wooden Camera ARRI Alexa Mini Accessory Kit (Base) 1x UVF Mount 1x WC-V Mount 1x Ethernet Cable RJ-45 1x CamBag HD Large 3x CFast 2.0 Card Reader 1x Rod Clamp 1x 15mm Rod 3x CFast 2.0 Card 128GB I paid a little over $70,000 in total for this package so you will be saving some money and time. If you are thinking about purchasing a body brand new on AbelCine then first get in touch with me. You will only be paying $4000 extra for a complete package. I tested the camera out and I can honestly rate the condition a 9.5 out of 10. It's not a 10 out of 10 because It's not unopened or brand new in the box. But it has low hours, function and looks new. The package is located in Lawrence, Kansas so feel free to come check it out. Shipping is no issue and I can ship anywhere in the world. Please get in touch if you are interested and for pictures, etc - jasonsinclairdp@gmail.com Looking forward and hoping to get this sold before next month. Cheers
  17. Selling an Arri Alexa XT in great condition with approximately 1600 hours. Comes with: Arri Alexa XT Camera Package Includes: Arri Alexa XT Camera Body Serial # 6714 Anamorphic 4:3 License & Open Gate Pair of Rods 15mm 12V Power Supply #12VPS Alexa Electronic Viewfinder #AEVF1-5992 Alexa Shoulder Pad #ASP4 Alexa 15mm Bridge Plate #BP-13 Alexa Bridge Plate Adapter #BPA2 Alexa Ethernet RJ45 3M #CBLE-KC153 Alexa Viewfinder .65M #CBLE-KC151 Alexa 12V Accessory XLR4 L2 #CBLE-KC154 Alexa 24V Camera Power F2 XLR3 #CBLE-435P USB3 Cable #CBLE-USB3 Alexa Viewfinder.35m #CBLE-KC1Alexa Center Handle #CCH150 Alexa Center Handle #CCH1 4X Codex 512GB XR Capture Drive #CXCD5 Alexa XT SXS Adapter #CXSA Codex Single Dock USB3 #CXSDK ARRI EL3 Eyepiece Leveler #EL3 Alexa Handle Extension 2 #HEB2 Alexa Leveling Block #LB1 Arri Lens Support 15mm #LS10 Base Plate Arri VEB3 Viewfinder Ext Bracket #VEB3 Alexa VMB3 Viewfinder Bracket #VMB3 Alexa Wedge Adapter #WA1 Asking $29,500 USD OBO Please feel free to message for pictures or more info
  18. Amateur editor/color grader here. Just got some Alexa footage in that is very very gold and warm, both before and after a Log C to Rec709 LUT. I was at the shoot and everything looked properly balanced on the monitors. In fact we even have photos of the monitors from shoot day and it all looks pretty balanced. Our DP was shooting at 4300K in Tungsten (indoors) which seem quite warm to me, but he claims there's no way the footage should look as warm as it does on my end after sending him screenshots. Wondering if the footage was incorrectly dumped or if it was incorrectly imported into Resolve on my end, or if shooting 4300K in Tungsten is just that warm. Attached is shot with rec709 LUT applied as well as photo of the monitor day-of-shoot.
  19. 2x Alexa Mini packages, identical $64,500 each ArriRaw License 4:3 License PL LDS mount Mini Viewfinder Viewfinder mounting Bracket Adapter Plate MAP-1 CPL Baseplate MAP-2 CPL Side Brackets MSB-1 Bridge Plate Adapter BP-4 Rod mounting bracket RMB-3 15mm reduction insert x2 Center Camera Handle Support rods 340mm (13.4”) 15mm BAP-1 Battery plate Cage Top Handle Camera Shoulder Pad Low bracket for CSP-1 Ethernet/RJ-45 Cable KC 153-S Power Cable Straight KC-50 Mini to MVF-1 cable 0.75m Arri BP-9 12” Dovetail Arri 2x 17” Rods 5x128gb Cfast Cards SanDisk Pro Cfast Reader w/USB cable 4xIDX CUE-D150 on board batteries 1 IDX VL Quad Charger w/ac cord WC D-Box w/IDX plate Rod mounting bracket Mounting Plate w/adjustable rotation Power Cable WC A-Box w/bushing carson.lori61@gmail.com 805-217-3551
  20. Canon CN-E Prime Lenses 24mm T1.5, 35mm T1.5, 50mm T1.5 In excellent condition. EF mount, covers S35 and full frame. Asking $3400 CAD ($2600 USD) each. Contact info@johnker.com. More photos available. Lenses are located in Toronto, Canada.
  21. For sale an Arri Quick Release Plate (QRP-1 / K2.0000399). It has been used only a couple of times. Works perfectly. The paint has some minimal wear. Price: 756$ Item is located in Zürich, Switzerland. Ebay link: https://www.ebay.com/itm/173381457410?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649 Check the ebay link for more pictures. For any questions, feel free to contact me at vanja.tognola (at) gmail (dot) com Wish you all a wonderful day Vanja Tognola
  22. Selling an Arri Alexa XT Open Gate, with lots of accessories including the full set of Arri internal ND's. Kit includes: Alexa XT SN: 6535 Hours:2532 Open Gate PL Mount Electronic Viewfinder Handle Extension 2 23v entension cable Center Camera Handle Viewfinder Bracket VMB3 2 Short 2 Media EVF Cables Bridge Plate Adapter O’Connor Ultrimate Arri Base Plate BP-12 19mm Bridge Plate 12v accessory cable Shoulder Pad 2x 24v power cable Codex Single Dock USB3 2x512gb Codex Capture Drive USB3 Cable 12v Power Supply IEC C7 to AU Mains Plug Codex SXS adapter Alexa XT SXS Adapter 3x Sony 64gb SXS Pro Cards Arri Flight Case Every single ND filter in the Arri range that are magnetic ‘behind the lens’ filters. Kit is located in Los Angeles, would consider a trade for a Red Gemini kit. $33,000 - open to realistic offers, pics on request Email: Jon@JonPears.com
  23. Please email sales@broadcastsolutions.com for pricing and details. For Sale: CAMERAS: Brand NEW Arri Alexa Mini Kit w/License, Under Warranty Email for Details Arri Alexa Mini Kit w/License Hours-1900 Email For Details Arri Alexa SXT Plus Camera Kit Hours-374 Brand NEW Red Epic-W Brain w/Helium 8K Brain Only Never Used Phantom Flex 4K 128GB Includes: 2-2TB CineMags, Cine Station,OLED VF, Extended Warranty, Email For Complete Details & Price CINEMA LENSES: NEW Angenieux Optimo 45-120mm Zoom Lens Under Warranty Angenieux Optimo Anamorphic 30-72mm Zoom Lens Arri Ultra Prime Lens Set Includes: 18/24/32/50/85mm Cooke S4/i Mini Lens Set Includes:18/25/32/50/75/100mm Need To Purchase: Cooke S4i 150mm Lens Imperial
  24. Hi Everyone I am selling my Alexa Plus 4:3 kit based in London UK. Comprehensive kit including all licences and all the required accessories. In very good condition, with 2650hrs on the clock. Full list of included accessories below. I also have a set of CLM2 motors available if required. Please feel free to contact me alex@alexryle.co.uk for more information. Asking GBP £14,500 (plus VAT in the UK/EU) but open to sensible offers Many thanks Alex Ryle 4x Sony SXS Pro 64Gb Memory Card PL Body Cap IDX V-Lok Plate Arri Center Camera Handle Arri Handle Extension Block Arri Viewfinder Mounting Bracket - K2.72042.0 x1 Arri EVF-1 - K2.72008.0 x1 Arri Viewfinder Extension Bracket - K2.74000.0 x1 Tape Measure Hook x3 Arri Leveling Block - K2.72017.0 x1 Arri Shoulder Pad - K2.72083.0 x1 Arri VMB-3 - K2.74001.0 x1 Arri Alexa Ethernet Cable - K2.72021.0 x1 EVF Cable 30cm - K2.72012.0 x1 EVF Cable 65cm - K2.72013.0 x1 Arri BP-12 Bridge Plate - K2.72004.0 x1 XLR (5-Pin) > 2x XLR (3-Pin) x1 Eye Cup Cover x1 Aerial x1 Arri Silver Fitted Flightcase x1 Arri Lemo 2-Pin (m) > XLR 4-Pin (f) x1 2m Power Cable XLR (3p) > Alexa (2p) x1
  25. Selling my trusted Alexa Plus with flight case and accessories, all in full working order however please note that this bundle does not include a viewfinder. Alexa Classic Plus 16:9 (4263h) with High speed licence and latest firmware BAB-V V-mount battery plate 2gb SD card CCH-1 central handle VMB-2 view finder mounting bracket KC-151-S EVF cable medium WA-1 wedge adapter VEB-1 view finder extension SP-3 shoulder pad BPA-1 bridge plate adapter LB-1 support block KC-154-SP-S 12V coiled accessory cable HEB-2 handle extension block BP-12 bridge plate ARRI dovetail plate 290mm 19mm support rods 600mm KC-20 power cable Custom flight case 2x SxS Pro SBP-64A 64gb card SxS reader USB3 Asking price £8,000 (ex VAT applicable to UK buyers or EU buyers that are not VAT registered). Camera in central London, collection preferred but shipping can be organised. Contact me for more details.
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