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  1. Made a reel out of all the concert footage I shot in 2023. The super 8 footage was shot on a Beaulieu 4008 ZMII and the 16mm was shot on a Bolex H16. https://youtu.be/WgHjehnVAkA?si=BnNhBzU_E0mt8ZBW
  2. Hello, I've recently video-tapped my Beaulieu for a project that has required video dailies - it works quite well; just an 8mm bullet camera attached to an external battery with the image being converted through a HDMI into a recordable monitor. It's a pretty simple set up but it's extremely messy -- lots of wires, a chunky battery, it's all quite annoying to set-up/deal with. As I expect to be using this set-up again for further projects, I was wondering if anybody had any thoughts on how I could tidy this up a little bit. My initial thought was a universal frame/adjustable arm but the issues I've ran into here are: a) it's just not capable of supporting the weight of the monitor and external battery and b) the camera has an uneven top, so, even if it did work, everything is way too crooked to really work with. Is there anyway I can merge all of these components together like a Mini or RED set-up that allows me to quickly just slide the camera into a slider/tripod/rig and go, only having to really set-up and break-down once?
  3. Hi! I'd like to sell my Pro8mm "Classic Pro" with max 8 modification. It will come with the 8-64 zoom, a Cosimcar Pentax 6mm 1.2 prime, and the single lithium ion cell/charger. This camera has seen probably 10 reels since purchased from Pro8mm. It's as new as it was from the company. It's in beautiful hammertone finish. I have some Hoya color correction and ND filters I'll throw in too. This is a camera I will miss, but I have to save up for a relocation so it must go. I'd like $1750.00. That's a $940.00 discount from what Pro8mm currently charges. Here is the Pro8mm listing: http://www.pro8mm.com/Merchant5/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=01&Product_Code=CAMERA_CLASSIC&Category_Code=S8 This camera is in my opinion the best Super 8 camera you can get. The Logmar might be modern and perfect, but this is classic Super 8.
  4. Recently purchased a second hand Beaulieu 4008 ZM 2 and, on a technical level, it works great! However, a panel in the cartridge slot came loose. https://imgur.com/bb7U0O8 What should I do? Cheers! -Mike
  5. Currently, my 5008 MS is in Sweden with Björn being serviced, re-celled, and having a Angenieux 8-64mm collimated - it's a lens I'm very happy with as I've always found it to be sharper than the Schneider 6-66mm. That said, I've recently been offered a chance to buy a 10mm 1.8 retrofocus Angenieux which I've seen be compared to the Cinegon 10mm! But is it worth buying this and then paying for it to be collimated if I've already got a 8-64mm?
  6. Hello! I have a Beaulieu R16 with a re-celled battery, an old original charger and a Tenergy smart charger. Do you think I can cut the smart charger wire and add the din plug of the old charger to it to be able to charge the battery? otherwise is it possible with the old charger only to charge the new battery re-celled ? thank you
  7. Hi everybody! I have put up my Beaulieu 4008 ZM II camera package on eBay and thought I would share it with the forum as well. The kit im putting up for auction includes: Fully functional Beaulieu 4008 ZM II camera body with mount cap (refurbished by Björn Andersson in 2009) Lens: P. Angenieux Paris 1.9/8-64mm Zoom with Hoya Skylight (1B) filter Lens: Schneider-Kreuznach Beaulieu Optivaron 1.8/6-66mm with sunshade Battery charger Manuals in English and Swedish Beaulieu camera case 2 cartriges of Kodak Ektachrome 64 1 cartride of Spectra Velvia 50 If wanted: Extra Beaulieu 4008 ZM II camera body (non-working battery) for spare parts/gate modification If wanted: 10 issues of "Smallformat S8/16" in English If wanted: 3 issues of "Super 8 Today" in English If wanted: Sankor Anamorphic 16-D (lens) The camera works great and the lenses are in good condition (no scratches or fungus). I recommend using an external 85A-filter for tungsten filming and buying a Blue Star Eye Cushion (http://www.bluestarproducts.ca/). Worldwide shipping. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions about shipping or the camera package. More pictures/footage can be sent. Best regards, Anton
  8. Got this lovely little Beaulieu 2008s off of ebay. Trying to find batteries for the thing, and to my understanding it is an earlier "A" model because it has only 1 contact in the middle and one on the side for the light meter, instead of the "B" model which has the three pronged contact. It came with the 4 original 1.2v batteries, but no kind of battery container. From my understanding and the research I've done, the 2008 never came with a battery container, and all I need to do is find a set of batteries that fit inside the battery holder or hook up an external battery pack. If there's someone with the knowledge to tell me that I'm wrong or tell me how I'd hook up a battery pack for this I'd appreciate it, thanks.
  9. Hi, I am selling 3 Beaulieu Cameras. 1.) Beaulieu R8 reflex control - seems like ist fully functional! - what you see is what you get! 2.) Beaulieu 4008 S - Battery Pack is included, but it needs new cells - no charger included - what you see is what you get! 3.) Beaulieu 4008 ZM2 - Battery Pack is included, but it needs new cells - no charger included -what you see is what you get! I am trying to sell these for a good price. My Uncle died and my aunt gave these cameras to me. i would love to sell them so she can use the money for a last flight from Germany in the states to visit her sister. I do not really know how much these vintage cams should cost.. i just know, that my uncle made great films using them and i´m pretty sure they are working. I don´t do films, I´m just into Photography. Please contact me with your offer. I would ship with dhl from Germany!
  10. Beaulieu R16 Brochure https://photographysgoldenageii.wordpress.com/2018/10/18/beaulieu-r16-brochure/
  11. Hi all I am new here .... So thank you in advance for your help. I have a Beaulieu 5008 which works to close (even the batteries) but I would like to modify 2 or 3 things on it are screws and the optics has of the play at the level of the camera. I saw a repair manual existed and I wanted to know if someone who has it could give it to me. Thank you (Google translation ;-()
  12. HI All - I have an old Beaulieu 5008s I bought used back about 1983. I used it a few times, but then it's sat in a closed case for the past 30 or so years. Battery's completely dead and won't charge. I've been looking around to see if anyone can recell the battery or if there's a DIY page that explains it, but haven't found anything so far, and the leads on this site are all fairly old. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks! Tim Walton
  13. Hi Everyone, My name is Will and I am a director DP. Before I get redirection comments, I want to say I am starting this thread because after a few weeks of combing through past forum posts, many of the topics/resources I am searching for are extremely dated an the websites I get directed to no longer exist. So I am now interested in finding links back to some of the outlets, or finding the individuals who can help me find where the Super 8 outlets I am looking for have gone. I am not looking for low budget tips, workarounds or DIY (unless that is a last resort). I am a fairly experienced commercial and feature director/DP. I have produced 2 features films, countless shorts (some good, some not) and am currently working in Berlin as a Table Top and music video director. I started with s8mm 12 years ago. I know its limitations, and I know this stuff all takes a lot of time and money. Phew, not that that is out of the way--on to the beef: I am getting back into S8. Mostly because my latest feature calls for it--the first 5 minutes play out in 1980s East Germany--where the rest of the film plays out contemporary. I have decided to shoot these first 5 min on 8 to add an aesthetic and to separate the time. Sure, I could fake it, but I don't want to and I have the budget not to. Also, I have tracked down some 8mm footage from the time and region I am shooting in--if I can get away with it, I want to try and integrate the historic footage for establishing shots. It might not work--I'm not worried about that right now. I recently won a Beaulieu 6008 PRO on Ebay. I have already sent it off to Björn to be rebuilt and modified. I am having him widen the gate and modify the Quartz unit to run at 24fps instead of 25fps (I work in a US market). He is also modifying the front mount (machining it down) to accept my set of Veydra Mini Prime lenses (the bases are too broad, and don't sit flush because of the LCU mount). This is new, modern glass that I use with my Blackmagic rig, but Veydra has provided me with new mounts to let them work on C mount systems. I also have the Schneider 6-66 1.8 for a second option. I am clearly putting some money into this rig, and I plan to use this for many future projects (music videos, short films, possibly a feature). I am looking for the following resources as the websites/companies no longer exist: 1. A good sound Barney and/or Blimp to make dialog recording more of a possibility. 2. Ways to add on a rail system for follow focus/matte box, and also keep the camera level on the tripod. 3. Any leads on how to build/integrate a 200ft/60m cartridge/magazine. Björn tells me parts for the Ritters aren't available any more. I know these were built out of the R16 mags. Is there a former Ritter employee with build plans? Part Leads? Is there a way to take the old Kodak 60m cartridges and make them reloadable? Any lead on where to find them? I am willing to get very customized on this and invest some money to make it work. 4. Thankfully, batteries on the 6008 are easy to swap, but does anyone have any knowledge on integrating a v-mount type system? And again, I have searched the forums for these topics but they are all dated and lead to dead ends. Also, I know I could do 16 with what I am putting into this. I don't want to though. I want to make this work. That's it for now. Thanks so much guys! I appreciate the help! ~ Will
  14. An optical behemoth and legend has been acquired by an American friend. Jos. Schneider Optische Werke GmbH originally manufactured this incredible Schneider-Kreuznach 6-180mm f/1.8 Variogon lens (30x) made for Beaulieu 6008/7008/9008 series Super 8 cameras. I was only aware of it's existence as a prototype vis a vis the attached lens data sheets originally supplied by Schneider. Apparently a few were produced for the German market. Note the attached Beaulieu Lens Control Unit (LCU) regarding iris/zoom and the Beaulieu breech-lock. There are two kinds of Beaulieu breech-lock mounts, identified by different placements of the ‘locating pin’. This zoom has the pin located at six o’clock for Beaulieu 7008/9008 series cameras. The alternative would be a pin located at ten o’clock for the Beaulieu 6008 series of cameras. Check out the reference shot comparing the length of this lens relative to the "tiny" classic Beaulieu 4008 ZM II. :) Google Photo Album (original resolution): https://goo.gl/photos/r7TZJC5tKPuKsKPU9 Schneider still provides current links that reference it's origins and development, i.e. http://www.schneiderkreuznach.com/fileadmin/user_upload/bu_photo_imaging/Foto-Objektive/know_how/Variogon_Zoom_Lenses.pdf http://www.schneiderkreuznach.com/en/photo-imaging/product-field/photo-lenses/products/know-how/zoom-lens-variogon-and-betavaron/
  15. Hi, I hope someone can help answer a few questions. I just received a very mint condition looking Beaulieu 4008ZM with the Angenieux 8-64mm. This was won in an online live-bid auction a month or so ago (a large number of Super 8 cameras from a collector). It looks great but I don't have a clue if it works as it didn't come with a battery (not even a non-working one). Here is what I've discovered: - I can't see an image thru the viewfinder. From the posts I've read I am presuming it is because the shutter is in the down position. - I need to purchase some sort of battery. Looking on the Wittner website I saw the large Eneloop on-board battery. It is not cheap. Has anyone used this? Am I better getting a Dummy Socket, cable and external battery? Any particular system you would recommend? - The mirror retraction knob will not turn. While I do not plan on retracting the mirror I wonder why it would be so stiff. - The Three-position Power Supply switch is stuck in the "in" position. I can pull it out, with a little effort and using my fingernails. I can't seem to make it lock in the "lock" position. My guess is something is amiss. Is there supposed to be a spring-action or something like that? - I put the selector in the "Manual" position and try to manually zoom but it feels like the gears are still engaged. Is this because there is no power to the camera? - The camera did come with the filter key. Is there a way to tell, without burning a cartridge of film, if the Wratten filter is still good? - There is no foam or rubber gasket on the film door; is that the design? Thank you in advance for any advice. I live in Tokyo so having the camera checked out in Europe is not easy. I need to check with Retro 8 to see if they work on Beaulieu. I hope I can turn this into a viable camera; it is the camera I've dreamed of owning since I was 10 years old. Bruce
  16. Hey guys, I recently bought a Bealuieu 4008 ZM II . It looks very nice but I havent found a cheap external battery so it´s not powered yet. But U did some modifying on it (longer zoomstick, b+w filter etc.) I als deatached the automatic diaphragm system to get a more "pure" and manual feeling. But now when I look into the viewfinder the picture is not very sharp and when I try to focus with the focus ring nothing changes --- still the same unsharp image. Also when I look into the lens an move the focus ring nothing seems to move. Its kinda sad because the Schneider Optivaron 1.8/ 6-66mm is such a good lens and i reall dont want to buy a new one or send it to repair yet. Is this normal? Has anyone of yo had a similar problem with the lens? Help would be very great Lee
  17. Hello folks :) , I recently bought a beautiful Beaulieu 4008 ZM II from the german camera museum. It´s in a great shape and was also tested by the seller, but now everytime i look in the viewfinder i see the lower half very milky and the upper half very dark, almost black. I have read in an other forum that its maybe a shutter problem , but I can open and close the shutter on the lens so thats strange.´But on the other hand i havent bought an external battery yet so i couldnt run the motor actually. And also When i look into the viewfinder theres a crooked stroke coming out of the right hand side, which also looks quite wrong for me. I´m quite a newbie in S8 cameras so any help would be SO great !!! Thank you in advance !!! Here some pictures of my beauty. ( I just removed the auto diaphragm on the lens) http://i.imgur.com/0I5tnr6.jpg http://i.imgur.com/V3EI3F9.jpg LeeHe
  18. Hey! So I am really excited because I got my grandads BEAulieu 4008 ZMII for Christmas. The thing is that it hasnt been used in 15 years. He took great care of it but the batteries are not in great shape. Does anybody now about where and how to get new batteries? Or any good servicing in London as well to look over it? Any help will be appreciated. I have shot a ton on a Bolex but I'm new to 16mm! x
  19. Hello, I have the Beaulieu 2008 Reflex Control model with the single contact in the center and the ground contact on the side. It was supplied with a wire to connect it to a battery. I'm not sure where it's from, but it does say "Made in Germany", so I'm thinking it could be an old model from Chambless or Wittnauer. The other side of the wire has a 6-pin DIN connector with the center pin broken off. There are a red and yellow wire each soldered to a separate contact, and a green and blue wire soldered together to another contact. I'm wanting to make a battery pack for this, either by using a female DIN plug or cutting off the DIN output and connecting the red/black wires from the battery pack directly. I've already figured out that I need two separate 2.4v packs, with 4.8v going to one contact and 2.4v going to another. What I need help with is figuring out what each wire from the dummy battery represents. I am thinking that the green and blue wires soldered to 1 contact are for 4.8v, and either the red or yellow is for 2.4v and the other is ground, but I can't find any corresponding information when I'm looking up wire color codes for Germany.
  20. Hello All, I have a Beaulieu R16 with 12-120mm Angenieux lens that I've recently started using. It's been great so far, but I'm having quite a bit of trouble trying to stabilise the camera/image. It's fine, or rather, the camera shake is not particularly noticeable on handheld shots and pans, but for stationary shots I'm getting a lot of camera shake. I'm using a pretty heavy duty Vinten video tripod with floor spreaders, so this I thought would be good enough to stabilise the camera itself, but there's still a really noticeable (to the point of distraction) amount of camera shake. To the eye it doesn't look at though the lens is shaking that much or at all itself so I can't tell if the problem is in the stability of the whole set-up - camera & tripod - or whether it is something more to do with the motor. I'm wondering if anyone knows if there are common motor issues (over revving or something??) with the R16? And also wonder whether anyone has any tips generally on stabilising the R16 with the 12-120 Angenieux? It's such a heavy set-up and obviously the fact the R16 base plate is not parallel with the angle of the lens it means that the tripod needs to be tilted downwards to shoot straight-on, so not ideal for stability in any case! I guess the next alternative would be to use a shorter lens (as to be honest, I really don't utilise the zoom in the way that it's designed to be used). Many thanks for your time in advance.
  21. All the Beaulieu cameras have face plates that are glued on. Often the glue is dry and the plates fall off. Does anyone have a recommendation for the type of glue to use when reattaching them? They need to be removed to service the camera, so I can't use something that won't allow them to be popped off if needed. thanks
  22. I came across an old forum in another website talking about using a Tobin TXM-20Ba crystal sync motor with a Beaulieu 4008 and nothing more. The user only stated the motor cost $495 and it worked well not only with the beaulieu but also with other film cameras. Nobody really added to the forum as far as the noise level of the motor (believe it or not I have come across crystal sync motors that are so loud it is absolutely pointless to record audio) or where I could even buy one. After digging around on google I came up with nothing so I figured this would be a good place to ask. Does anybody have any information on this motor or other cheaper alternatives for crystal syncing the beaulieu? Thanks for any response
  23. My Beaulieu R16 runs fine on external power. I just bought a newly-recelled 1,000 mA grip battery. It won't run on the grip battery. Checking the battery on the meter on the side of the R16, the needle only deflects half-way. I tested the battery with a multimeter. The outer ring shows about 8 volts, and the inner ring shows about 4 volts. Since the camera's meter shows half power, and one ring of the battery shows half power, I suspected that one of the wires in the Power Grip is bad. I switched to 'resistance' on the multimeter. Looking at the plug that plugs into the camera body, with the pins on the lower side (pins at 9 o'clock, 6 o'clock, and 3 o'clock), I checked each pin corresponding to a ring on the battery, and each pin on the plug. The 3 o'clock pin on the plug corresponds to the centre pin on the battery side. I get a reading of about 1.3 ohms. The 6 o'clock pin on the plug corresponds to the pin on the battery side closest to the centre pin; thus, it corresponds to the nominal 3.6v inner ring on the battery. I get a reading of about the same as the first reading. That leaves the 9 o'clock pin on the plug. I'm not getting a reading on that one, which corresponds to the 7.2v ring of the battery. Not being an electronically/electrically inclined person, and not having any idea of what I'm doing, it seems that when I use the battery on the Power Grip, the 7.2v power is not getting to the camera. The 3.6v is. Apparently I have a bad lead in the 3-pin XLR cord. Can this be fixed? If so, can it be fixed by me? If so, how?
  24. I dug out the R16 to play with it a little bit, and the automatic aperture motor is a bit noisy. It sounds like its bearing is bad/going bad, or it needs lubrication or something. Is this something I could service myself? Probably not, eh? Who services R16s in the U.S. nowadays?
  25. I've got one of the Beaulieu 4008 Pro8mm Max8 modified cameras, but I'm noticing that the battery life is pretty bad - It's supposed to last "50 rolls" but I'm barely getting through one. I think these are NiCads, which sucks, because of memory issues. I'm wondering if anyone has the schematics for these battery packs that I might look at, because I think I want to build my own. The way it's constructed, to take it apart is to basically ruin it (looks like it's basically a cluster of sub-c cells stuffed inside a big heat shrink tube. So there's no easy way to open it without destroying the case. Happy to do that if I need to, but I'd like to look at some pictures or a schematic first, if one is available. My thought is that I might just build my own using better, more modern batteries. Or if a standard belt exists that I could pick up cheaply, I'd go for that too. Thanks! -perry
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