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Found 20 results

  1. Here's a short film I wrote/shot/directed. I'm primarily a writer/director, and I'm doing cinematography on my films out of necessity. Next step for me will be working with a cinematographer! But I'd love some general thoughts on this film, so I can take the feedback with me on my next project. The film takes place within a Skype video call window, and I'd call it a mystery/thriller. Let me know what you think!
  2. Hi! I'm from Russia and my English is not that great, so if you see any mistakes, just let it go) Lil bit about the work. I really wanted to shoot a music clip, because I love watching them and it's a cool spot to start developoing cinematography skills. We had no budget and because of that I decided to make a street video. So I just rented a GH5s and a 12-60 mm lens for it and that's it. Of course I had an idea! 1) to make the color contract between bright blue and yellow and make these colors the main colors for the work. 2) to shoot the video against the background of post-war Soviet architecture as a way to emphasize the lyrics. (The song is about achievements that are usually based on pain and post-war architecture is a great example of it) Obviously, I was inspired by Dexter Navy's works and it's not a good thing, because my main reference was in the same creative field as I am! Also, I'm a newbie and it's literally my first experience. So I decided to take a piece that I could swallow. It was the reason why I decided to make the video without plot, because it would bring a new level of difficulty for which I was too greeny. I mean for me it's better to take a challenge that it's difficult enough that you would grow and learn, but not that difficult that it would crush you. And you know, I've learned alot! I did mistakes in shooting and editing, that I will never do anymore and I've learned something about my self, so overall It was a great experience! I will glad to hear any feedback from you. What you like or don't. What I could do better or just give me your thoughts about it! Aslo you can check the project for this work on behance))
  3. Hi, I am sorry if this questions is pretty vague. you can answer with any all along the lines of technology, character traits, knowledge of the medium, and anything else anyone finds useful and thinks I should know. Thank you
  4. Hi Cinematography Friends, Just finished my 2017 filmmaker reel and would really appreciate some feedback from the community. Thank you for taking the time! JJ Osbun https://player.vimeo.com/video/215070717
  5. A short montage video I did from the famous "artists district" in Paris, it includes Woody Allen music and reflects the bohemian feeling of this painters-filled part of town. https://youtu.be/Ca5jI4ESJQA
  6. any DPs out there with some useful tips?? Anything you wish you would have known when starting out as a DP?
  7. Guys, I have a proposal to follow each other's instagram to look what are we doing, to share with each other our impression and our passion in images. Just write in this Topic link to your instagram. Let's be in touch. My instagram: instagram.com/d.mulenko
  8. so theres a construction site i want to film an action scene at. prop guns, stunts, that sort of thing. the site is closed and theres not much machinery there, its just old walls and dirt really. do i need to get a permit or permission to shoot there? if so, who do i talk to? (since the branch is closed)
  9. Hello, I'm an aspiring DP who is primarily working as a camera assistant in NYC. I re-located to the city from LA after college for reasons mostly pertaining to preference. In the past year (moved here June '14), I've slowly, but steadily re-established myself and am now working quite regularly; no complaints there. However, now that I am not scrambling as much financially, I want to re-focus on shooting more projects in order to one day fully transition into full time DP work. When I lived in California, I had a lot of young director friends from college that I knew, but now that I am in a new city, it has proven to be a bit of a task finding collaborators. So, my question is, does anybody have any useful tips for meeting directors as a young DP? It seems that how much gear you have can play a role in getting work in the beginning, but beyond that, is there anything anybody would recommend? Ideally, I'd like to avoid shooting student projects. Thanks! MG
  10. Hello I have recently released my showreel as a cinematographer and director of photography, and I would love to have some feedback from you. You can see it here: Thank you very much!
  11. Hello all, As a little kid, I used to always shoot and develop my own movies on Super-8mm cameras. In the past few years, however, I've moved toward the digital age using Panasonics and DSLRs. I want to go back to using film, however I want to get higher quality than Super 8 - is 16mm a good choice for a young filmmaker? And if so, what cameras are best? My price range is anywhere below $1000 (or a little above). Thanks!
  12. Hello, there! I'm a 16 year old director, and have just gotten into cinematography. I'm beginning to develop a style of moving the camera during intense scenes, and framing wide shots by focusing mostly on the background. Please take a look at my latest short film, "The Lake", where I use these principles to heighten the suspense and tell the story. John W. King
  13. Hello, folks! I'm a young director (mid-teens), and the selection of actors in my town are mostly well-trained theatre actors. Earlier this summer, I made a film with two of these actors + a young film actor, and I noticed some difference in the two groups. The theatre guys were a lot more patient than film actor, but never really took direction; they were great improvisers (which is okay, but it left my film actor in a very awkward position as he was more for taking serious direction). Now I have read on directors such as Elia Kazan, who have worked in both theatre and film successfully, but I am still open to advice from you guys: what are some ways a director could work with a stage actor to create a great performance? By the way, the films I make are mostly dramas/crime films, which I like to call "Southerns" (I take a lot of inspiration from films such as No Country for Old Men, and Badlands). I recently volunteered at my local theatre department as a technician/stage manager for the fall, but nevertheless, I would like to hear what you guys think. Sincerely,
  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vn6b1xeI9wU&list=PLvfmoEMI4m_8xgDQ1GesmEJ0Dt_EMkNv_&index=1 This music video was shot late 2013 in Sydney Australia. Shot on RED epic at 120fps, 4K. We shot in a 4m dive pool and blacked out the sides as well as shooting at night. Enjoy! Feedback welcome! The Year of our War "Nocturne" www.theyearofourwar.com Director Stuart Edgeworth www.chuckedgeworth.com DOP Jon Shaw www.ginclearfilm.com www.soundcloud.com/theyearofourwar www.bandcamp.com/theyearofourwar
  15. Director & Photographer : Gorkem Tekdal My Commercial T-Box - Super Mario: https://vimeo.com/33453158 My Music Videos A.P.O - Kuceler & Bazen: https://vimeo.com/38024593 Bellar Ruse - Remember Me https://vimeo.com/63523848 My Short Films XIII: https://vimeo.com/83980041 Ali: https://vimeo.com/32494502 My Fashion Video https://vimeo.com/58285262 and My Photo Project https://www.behance....Cities/13765343 I wanna work in USA... Maybe one day.. Gorkem Tekdal (Director & Photographer) gorkemtekdal@gmail.com
  16. Director & Photographer : Gorkem Tekdal My Commercials T-Box - Super Mario: https://vimeo.com/33453158 Apple Store Opening: https://vimeo.com/75427746 My Music Videos A.P.O - Kuceler & Bazen: https://vimeo.com/38024593 Bellar Ruse - Remember Me https://vimeo.com/63523848 My Short Films XIII: https://vimeo.com/83980041 Ali: https://vimeo.com/32494502 My Fashion Video https://vimeo.com/58285262 and My Photo Project https://www.behance.net/gallery/My-Little-Cities/13765343 I wanna work in USA... Maybe one day.. Gorkem Tekdal (Director & Photographer) gorkemtekdal@gmail.com
  17. I've been working with an underwater photographer on developing a spec idea. It would be about creating the Cover Catalog photos and promotional video for a fictional clothing line, RENQVIST. Much of the original prep work can be seen in my evernote. https://www.evernote.com/shard/s195/sh/f0166ea2-7f53-4f3f-95e2-3237f2effdcb/abc02fd462d7d4814e324e62b9f53e70 I've even created a rough sketch of the concept by recutting a great video I saw on vimeo. https://vimeo.com/76786516 Password: renqvist Having taken the project this far, I realize I very much need the help of a seasoned Underwater DP, to figure out the lighting and shooting requirements. NOW I'm stuck. Where are people like this? I've done some unsatisfactory searching and thought to ask the community here. How do start sourcing a DP for spec work, if I don't have many connections? Especially, when I want to do something as specialized as shooting underwater. Any help/constructive advice/constructively telling me I'm insane is appreciated.
  18. Hello! Here is my long overdue new reel as a cinematographer, "junior" DIT and colorist. I hope you'll enjoy it: www.guillaumecottin.com/reel Do not hesitate to comment, I would love to have feedback and constructive criticism from experienced people. For jobs / availability or any other question, please email me at: guillaume@guillaumecottin.com Thanks! :-) G.C.
  19. G'morning ladies and gents. Just wrapped up my cinematography reel from 2012, so feedback is most definitely welcome! https://vimeo.com/57107763
  20. My name is Katelyn, and this is actually my first post on here. I'm hoping to get some good feedback on how I can improve myself in the film industry. In my Film I class, at Webster University, we had to make a film around 5 minutes for our final grade. Everyone did love stories, but I wanted to challenge myself and get out of my comfort-zone and make something different. I wrote, directed, and edited/colored my film. I had a friend of mine film this on his Canon 5D Markii. We both came up with the shots, but he operated the camera. I love hearing people's opinions, because I use those to better myself in the end! Thank you in advance!!!!!!
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