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Found 8 results

  1. Today In class, my teacher told me that Rivas splicer was hollywood standard. Is this true? I swear I always heard Guillotine splicer was industry standard. Is this just a preference thing? I'm curious Thanks!
  2. Hi guys , first let me apologise for my first few posts probably to want to take more away from this wonderful community than i can give. I really would appreciate some help with understanding a few things about how and who i approach to get into this industry. I am a Final year Fine Art student at Central St Martins Art College , London. I have enjoyed my degree in art don't get me wrong its been helpful and I have learned a lot, but I also have discovered along the way that what really gets me going is Cinema, films and really more than anything Cinematography , the lighting the movement the creation of an atmosphere and mood, this amazing world i cannot describe how desperately i want to be part of that. My conundrum, How do i become part of it? I have no direct contacts into the film industry as CSM doesn't run any film course. I also dont have a relevant degree (film ba or whatever its fine art). I have worked in the course making photographs which later developed into this passion and i know work almost exclusively with motion picture work shooting editing lighting and colouring myself , as i have tried to read watch absorb and learn as much as i can on my own. and now i want to try to take the first step up into the industry i see i have two options so far both of which im going to try and see how it works out. Option 1 : try to get onto a Cinematography Masters at NFTS etc but honestly i don't know if i am anywhere near good enough yet having no training other than my own attempts to self teach. Option 2: try and become a camera trainee ... im really comfortable with being at the bottom of the pile doing whatever those above me ask me to do , menial tasks , whatever i dont care i get its part of the process and honestly i would sell a kidney just to get there because what i honestly want is to learn from people who know what their doing to slog my guts out to absorb every minute bit of knowledge and begin this journey learning this amazing craft... but how??? who do i approach to get a role as this? do you need formal training before that i essentially lack ? do you approach production companys ? or do you approach crews? where do you find these crews? any feedback from people who are in the industry especially those who have worked their way up the ranks and can shed light on the process would be appreciated so much by me. also just so im not winging for advice and not contributing anything heres a few shots from my art films . thanks so much
  3. I have been picking my sound effects from different sources on the internet, but I was wondering what the usual sources are for the industry?
  4. Could it just be that Georgia has a 30% tax credit as opposed to MA's 25%? Lack of top tier talent? I ask because I've recently begun freelancing here and I aim to be a DP someday but I'm having trouble finding any major DP's in the state, commercial or film. They're just imported from NYC when needed. What needs to happen so that Boston can be a competitive city in the film and commercial world? I love this city and I'd rather not move!
  5. Hi Everyone, Im a 2nd year film student studying in the UK who's new to the forum but very interested in going down the lighting route and eventually becoming a Gaffer or DP for Film and T.V. My Main Question is about weather you guys believe its essential for Lighting Trainees or Sparks to have a Electricians Qualification to take on jobs in the industry? Especially when you first start out? and if possible I was also hoping to hear how you guys started your careers? and what you would suggest my first steps should be to go down this route? Im aware there are different laws and practices in different countries about what might be needed for the different roles and would be interested to hear about the different countries views on this topic. I look forward to your replies!
  6. Hey guys, I hope this is the right category to post this. Next year (june) I'm required to get an internship in order to graduate from film school. However, I'd like to get one in another country (US, Canada, UK mainly) because we don't have too much of an industry here. My dream internship would be to get into a major studio (Universal, WB, Pinewood...). I'll take any job, especially something that has to do with the camera department. I want to be on a film crew (no TV series, office jobs) preferably of a big, blockbuster film. I want my name to appear somewhere in the big screen. The only problem is I don't know where to start. I've checked their internships/opportunities but nothing seems clear enough. Also, some studios don't offer jobs as a crew member, as they say each film's producers hire their own crew. It would be highly appreciated if anyone could give me tips on how to get in a studio, or accept me into your next film's crew ;) haha
  7. Hello I'm studying Creative Film at Cleveland College of Art & Design Your answers will be used inside the university and its marking system only and will not be published in any way Firstly thank you so much for your time! Here are the questions: 1. What was your first industry opportunity? 2. Do you think that establishing yourself in the industry is who you know or what you know? 3. What would be your first piece of advise for someone who wants to take up a similar role to your own roles? 4. Finally, do you personally feel that cinematography is developing to become more and more important in television? Thank you for your time and input
  8. Hey everyone! Hoping I can get some help here from the community. Obviously, my dream career is to be a cinematographer, for television, advertising you name it. I started my own production company out in Orange County, California and we fortunately have had some pretty nice success and have been in business the past 2 years. However it is not necessarily the route I want to go for. I don't necessarily want to be a business owner or business man, I would much rather be out in the field shooting as much as possible. I tend to travel to LA a lot to work on projects there but as of now I find myself some what lost. I don't necessarily know whom to reach out to or what to reach out to. In a perfect world it would be awesome to get a job at a production company and be a shooter for them and earn a salary. I totally understand that in most instances I will have to start from the bottom and work my way back up and thats totally fine. Anyways can anyone point me in the right direction? Down below I'll leave my reel for you guys to check out. Thanks everyone.
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