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  1. CAMERA / LENSES SALES LIST Arricam ST Package no.1 BRAND NEW COMPONENTS- K2.54190.0 Studio Universal Viewfinder (excl. Eyepiece) K1.54001.3 ARRICAM ST 3 Perf K2.54004.0 ARRICAM Studio Viewfinder Zoom Extension 1 K2.54011.0 Power Bridge Plate ARRICAM K2.54017.0 ST Mask frameglow cpl. K2.54033.0 ST 100 % Video top K2.54041.0 Video assist ST PAL K2.54047.0 Back load adapter ARRICAM ST K2.54068.0 ST Magazine case 120m/400ft K2.54097.0 LT Shoulder magazine LT SH x2 K2.54127.0 ST Magazine adapter K2.54139.0 Dual Port Adapter K2.54163.0 Lens Data Display - Focus Puller LDD-FP K2.54166.0 MB Bracket for LDD-FP 1 K2.54167.0 MB Bracket for LDD-FP 2 K2.54168.0 MB Bracket for LDD-FP 3 K2.54171.0 Time shift box K2.54178.0 ST Universal Viewfinder Support Bracket K2.54194.0 Lens Data Box ST2 SERVICED USED PARTS for Arricam ST Package 1- K2.54049.0 Lite Viewfinder (compatible with Indie Assist LT) K2.54046.0 Lite Eyepiece K2.54050.0 Lite Extension Arricam ST Package no.2 BRAND NEW COMPONENTS- K1.54001.0 ARRICAM ST 4 Perf K2.54190.0 Studio Universal Viewfinder (excl. Eyepiece) K4.52734.0 Lite Universal Eyepiece K2.54097.0 LT Shoulder magazine LT SH x2 K2.54127.0 ST Magazine adapter Arri SR3 Advanced HS Package BRAND NEW COMPONENTS- K1.47002.0 Arriflex 16 SR3 HS Adv. K2.45164.0 Magazine 120m HS (no TC) K2.51101.0 Optik S16 IVS K2.42572.0 BP-6 Bridge Plate ‘Kamera Doctor’ HD Video Tap Mark 3 SERVICED USED PARTS for Arri SR3 Advanced HS Package- K1.47002.0 Arriflex 16 SR3 HS Adv. x2 (configured with HS pressure plate, no HS marking) Arri Ultra 16 Lens Set (IMPERIAL SCALES can be ordered from Zeiss) 6mm No 8933549 8mm No 8933509 9.5mm No 8932397 12mm No 8933848 14mm No 8933382 Lens Case Zeiss Superspeed Mark II 16mm Lens Set - Serviced at Optical Support in London 9.5mm 12mm 16mm 25mm
  2. Hey peeps, Has anyone experience to rig/setup an Arri SR3 on a DJI Ronin2? Thanks in advance, much appreciated!
  3. Hey there, I am looking forward to purchase an Arriflex SR2 or SR3 (Advanced HS) in May/June. Best would be EU - located (I'm in Germany), nevertheless I am considering to buy one overseas as well. Looking forward to serious offers. Thanks in advance!
  4. Does anyone have a video or audio clip of an SR3 (non-highspeed) running? The SR3 Advanced I just got sounds a bit odd, running at 24fps without film. I’ve only ever been around SR3s while shooting MOS, so I never really paid attention to the noise. Does it sound like this camera needs a service? Is it typically the body or the mags that need servicing when the noise is too much? Video of it running at 24fps without film: https://imgur.com/a/R8Gdkbn I’m going to test with film soon—don’t have any short ends at the moment. It sounds about the same with any of the three mags I have.
  5. Hi, might be a silly question, but is it possible to buy a brand new film camera? like arri sr3 or arricam. Do they even make new ones? Another question. Do you know any reliable store\dealer who sells arri film cameras (sr3 or arricam)? Preferably in Europe. Thank you.
  6. Hey everyone! I have the BP-7 15mm studio baseplate for my SR3 and am looking to trade it for the 19mm version - the BP-6. Anyone out there interested in that trade? I just accidentally bought 19mm accessories for my SR3 thinking that the baseplate takes 19mm rods and just realized that I made a big mistake ?
  7. Mag is in beautiful condition, serviced by Andree Martin at AM Camera. One of the cleanest SR3 mags I've encountered, with only minor cosmetic blemishes on the exterior. Mag has been used on a project this past week and works perfectly. Selling this mag because I have 4 total with my SR3 package and don't have a need for a fourth. Pickup in LA preferred but willing to ship. $1000 Photos: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1FQkf0rpufyD6I2uV0rgARU7xGfSymo9T?usp=sharing
  8. Hi everyone. I was wondering if it could be optically possible to adapt an SR3 original eyepiece, designed to cover the super16 format, to an Arriflex SR1 (super16 converted) viewfinder. Do anyone know if it could be relatively easy to replace the sr3 eyepiece's mount and eventually recycling an old sr1 eyepiece's mount to let it compatible with that? What problems should I face and how could I do? Thanks
  9. Hi, I have got for sale Arri FE-4 long extension viewfinder for SR3 cameras. it’s in mint condition both optically and cosmetically Price: 400€ + shipping location: Slovakia, preferably ship to EU Can supply photos on request.
  10. London based DP looking to buy some Super 16mm lenses/lens PL mount for SR3. Anyone have any links? Considering primes and zooms.
  11. I'm looking for SR3 | 416 Fiberscreens. In particular - 1.66 and 2.35 or 2.39 Does anyone have these and looking to sell?
  12. Hi there, Looking to purchase a 35mm or s16mm camera with accessories in Canada. Based in Toronto, but willing to travel. I'd be very interested in a 435, 235, 416 or SR3, but willing to consider others. Thanks, Peter
  13. Hi, for sale is Canon 7-63mm T2.6 zoom lens. Serial number is 10303 (so it's been made around 2003) Lens is very sharp, even wide-open, has no noticable breathing when focusing. Lens is designed for Super16 image size, film or digital sensor. It has Arri PL mount, and 95mm front diameter. Lens has got installed Chrosziel damper for fluid zooming. Lens is in mint condition, with minimal signs of usage on barrel and absolute pristine glass. Comes with lens support, both caps, in custom metal case. Footage ------ I live in Bratislava, Slovak Republic. Shipping only to EU. PRICE: 3300 € + 150 € shipping. ------ PHOTOS
  14. For Sale: Arriflex SR3 Advance HS in working condition located in EU Kit Includes: 3x HS magazines (2 of them need to be serviced) 1x Arri right handgrip with start/stop trigger 1x Arri Finder Extension 4 (FE-4) 1x Eyecup 1x Standard Arri SR3 Viewfinder 1x CEI Video Assist NTSC 2x 15mm rods 2x Arri SR3 on board batteries (need re-celling) 2x Battery charger (One original Arri) For price, photos and questions please mail me at: fcantoro.video@gmail.com
  15. Looking for one of these depending on the package. Preferably NYC / LA local, or shipping within the US. Email at arsenikhachaturan@gmail.com
  16. I'm selling my IVS (gecko cam handle). Last service date feb 2020. IVS video Handle IVS relay optics with iris Antiflicker/Inserter Module complete with fastening screws and dove-tail Fischer3/Fischer3 cable CCD cable ZV4 cable The system works perfectly, fps readings, flicker-free at all speeds and frameline generator ok. Optics are clear Please note I don't have a beam splitter available for sale at this time. DM me with offers.
  17. Hello everyone, Is there someone that knows where to get a clean ground glass (no cross hair) for the arriflex sr3? I know it's pretty rare but asking never costs anything. Thank you!
  18. Hi all! Just a quick one in regards to my Arriflex SR3 Advanced. The current video tap I have hooked up is the CEI Color 5 Video Assist. Ive been looking into how to make adjustments to the projected image as it is slightly rotated and shifted through the video feed. I know with the Arri IVS system you can make the adjustments by removing the 4 screws by the top handle, but I believe this one is slightly different. Any Suggestions before just digging in? I have already taken it off and made slight adjustments when attaching it back onto the body, but cant get it where it should be. Image focus is fine. If anyone has a manual on this particular model as well, that would be fantastic. The website seems to have been taken down and cant find a manual anywhere! Thanks!! Rhys
  19. For sale is our full Super 16mm ARRI SR3 Advanced Highspeed kit. This is a full kit including everything you need to shoot. We purchased the camera in 2014 and have used it on a couple of shoots. In 2016 we had it professionally serviced by Panavision in Sydney, one of the batteries was also repacked in 2016 by battery world. See the gear list (Picture) for everything included in the kit with a description of the condition. It was most recently used for a short film in January 2019. As you would expect the kit has got standard wear and tear, the previous owners were Panavision UK. This wear and tear is cosmetic only and does not effect the functionality of the camera. The lens is in mint condition, no fungus or haze. The focus and aperture ring is smooth. We are based in Adelaide, South Australia. Can post via (insured) courier at buyers expense or local pickup. Payment via bank deposit, PayPal (2.6% surcharge) or cash. No returns. For further information please contact Liam Harvey (telecaster7007@gmail.com) or Declan Brown (dbrown5012@gmail.com) serious enquiries only. We are also including 2300ft of 16mm film, the Kodak stocks are old/expired stock, the Fuji stock was bought in 2014 with the camera and has been refrigerated since we got it. We used some fuji stock from the same batch at the beginning of this year and the footage was perfect. The kit is priced to sell at $10,000 AUD We want to sell this is as a kit, so please refrain from asking us about the prices of individual items. Link to a gallery of items in the kit: SR3 Album
  20. Hi I'm looking for the following ARRI SR3 accessories. If anyone has any leads it would be greatly appreciated. $ Arri 15mm Clip-on Mini Rods Arri "Piggyback" On-board Battery Adapter Arri Right Side Grip w/ Start/Stop Shutter Adjustment Tool Arri Heated Eyecup On-Board SR3 Batteries + Charger Thanks Cale
  21. hello interested in buying SUPER16 FILM CAMERA AND ACESSORIES: Arri SR3 or Arriflex 416 Zeiss MK2 or MK3 Super Speed S16 lens set (9.5, 12, 16, 25, 50mm) or similar located in EU/Czech republic and partialy LA or OREGON. You can text/call me at +420777174155 (imessage, whatsapp), text me on facebook "Martin vonkuttenberg Klimpar" or mail me at klimpar@vonkuttenberg.com. Thanks!
  22. For Sale: Arriflex SR3 24V Battery Charger. In good working order. $250.00
  23. For Sale : Arri SR Battery Charger Email sales@broadcastsolutions.com for pricing, pics & details.
  24. Hi, I was wondering whether anyone knows a good place to buy 2 inch plastic film cores for an Arri SR2? I can only see a few for sale on eBay with quite high shipping prices. Quite a lot to pay for something that will be sent off to the lab. Also, could anyone enlighten me to the different uses of 2 inch vs 3 inch film cores? are 2 inch to hold 100' rolls and 3 inch for 400'? Many thanks!
  25. Selling my pride and joy. I upgraded cameras and need to part with this one. I'm just going to copy and paste the ebay description and a link. Included: -Arri SR2 with super 16 modification -Gold mount piggy-back adapter with working D tap -3x Batteries -4x mags -Side handle (not working) -1x Dual Charger -Power/ misc cables -Arri T Bar -electric eyepiece warmer -Cinematography Electronics SR speed controller. 2-75 fps -extra fuse -start/stop cable -niner splitter box Please see listing for more details and photos https://www.ebay.com/itm/Arri-SR2-Super-16mm-Camera-Package-Fully-Functional/223314481085
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