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Found 24 results

  1. For Sale: Arriflex SR3 24V Battery Charger. In good working order. $250.00
  2. For Sale : Arri SR Battery Charger Email sales@broadcastsolutions.com for pricing, pics & details.
  3. Hi, I was wondering whether anyone knows a good place to buy 2 inch plastic film cores for an Arri SR2? I can only see a few for sale on eBay with quite high shipping prices. Quite a lot to pay for something that will be sent off to the lab. Also, could anyone enlighten me to the different uses of 2 inch vs 3 inch film cores? are 2 inch to hold 100' rolls and 3 inch for 400'? Many thanks!
  4. Selling my pride and joy. I upgraded cameras and need to part with this one. I'm just going to copy and paste the ebay description and a link. Included: -Arri SR2 with super 16 modification -Gold mount piggy-back adapter with working D tap -3x Batteries -4x mags -Side handle (not working) -1x Dual Charger -Power/ misc cables -Arri T Bar -electric eyepiece warmer -Cinematography Electronics SR speed controller. 2-75 fps -extra fuse -start/stop cable -niner splitter box Please see listing for more details and photos https://www.ebay.com/itm/Arri-SR2-Super-16mm-Camera-Package-Fully-Functional/223314481085
  5. Finally i am back in Business. After ma Moviecam Compact was stolen from a British Guy (who actually is a registered Member here) :angry: i am a happy owner of a nice Film Camera again. It took me a few Years to save up for a new Camera as i am dealing with serious Health Condition (Heart Condition, kiddney failures etc...) and therefore my income comes from Health Insurance. A few days ago i could get a sweet ARRI SR2 Super16 - Advanced (12fps <-> 75fps) with two fresh recelled Batteries (recelling was just 4 months ago) a Charger, 2 Mags, a Ocular Extender and a Arri Lense Support Fork (for FF and MB) If i told you that the Camera was about 1800 US$ you probably wouldn't believe it, would you? haha. I also got a High Speed Zeiss 16mm lense for about 600$. i think it was a good Deal Your Oppinion?
  6. I'm looking for SR3 | 416 Fiberscreens. In particular - 1.66 and 2.35 or 2.39 Does anyone have these and looking to sell?
  7. WTB ARRI 416 Package Please reach out with any leads. Thanks in advance! Cale Nichols calenichols@live.com 310-422-3568 www.calenichols.com
  8. Hello I have a question about an Arri SR3 Dual Batter Charger: Mainly, I am concerned whether it is still working. When I plug it in and try to charge the batteries the red lights no longer come on as they did in the past. I can not find any useful information in the owners manual so I was wondering if any of you might be able to help me. ID #: k2.47014.0 Here is a picture from Visual Products: http://www.visualproducts.com/storeProductDetail02.asp?productID=233&Cat=3&Cat2=49 Any help is appreciated, thanks guys.
  9. Colleagues, it's probably strange, but I'm looking for new original screws as an attachment. I hope for your help!
  10. Seeking to purchase an Arriflex SR series camera. Technical Requirements: Arri SR series (SR, SR2, or SR3) PL lens mount Super 16mm gate Preferred Included: hand grip spare mag 15mm rods long viewfinder No lenses, video tap, or other accessories required. Just in need of a solid, working camera. Max Budget of $3500 PM for communication
  11. Hi, for sale is Canon 7-63mm T2.6 zoom lens. Serial number is 10303 (so it's been made around 2003) Lens is very sharp, even wide-open, has no noticable breathing when focusing. Lens is designed for Super16 image size, film or digital sensor. It has Arri PL mount, and 95mm front diameter. Lens has got installed Chrosziel damper for fluid zooming. Lens is in mint condition, with minimal signs of usage on barrel and absolute pristine glass. Comes with lens support, both caps, in custom metal case. Footage ------ I live in Bratislava, Slovak Republic. Shipping only to EU. PRICE: 3300 € + 150 € shipping. ------ PHOTOS
  12. Rare chance to own a complete Arri SR3 Advanced camera package just serviced and regularly maintained by Clairmont Camera. Includes premium IVS video assist. Package Includes: Arriflex SR3 Advanced S16mm PL Mount Camera Body S/N: 4070 1.78/1.33 Combo Ground Glass Arri 30mm Eyepiece Arri Heated Eyecup Arri FE-4 Extension Eyepiece S/N: 1007 Arri Eyepiece Leveling Rod S/N: 1072 Arri IVS S/N: 5079 Arri BP-7 S/N: 5929 Arri 12" Dovetail S/N: 5079 Arri DC/DC2 Box S/N: 1434 Arri Right Side Grip w/ Start/Stop S/N: 340 Arri "Piggyback" On-board Battery Adapter S/N: 9615 Arri 15mm Clip-on Mini Rods Mag Port Cover Lens Port Cover 2qty. 24v Y Cable (Camera Power) 12" 24v 3pin to 3pin Cable (Eyepiece Heater) Backup Fuse For Camera 3qty. Arri 400' SR3 Magazine S/N: 3130, 1564, 2102 3qty. 400' SR3 Magazine Throat Cover Custom flight Case For Camera Body Flight Case For 2qty. 400' Magazines Full SR3 Package - $4,695 Also Available: On-Board SR3 Batteries (New re-cell at time of purchase) $295/ech - 3x Available 24v SR3 Battery Charger (Built Into Case) $250 Located in Hollywood, CA. Happy to demo the camera in person. Willing to ship at purchasers expense.
  13. Looking to buy Arri SR3 or Arri 416. Anyone know where I can find either? Thanks
  14. Hey, I found someone with a bunch of old replacement and repair parts for SR3's. i just bought mine, so it's currently in top shape, but I was wondering what some common issue were after a bunch of use. if possible I'd love to buy some parts now to have on standby before they disappear forever. I know that the SR2's used to have circuit issues, but im not sure if that's a common SR3 issue. Motor? Registration pin?
  15. Hey, So i recently did a registration test on an SR3, and I got back some curious results. For the test I shot 25' @ 24fps 25' @ 48fps 25' @ 75fps then rewound and did the same thing again with the chart moved a bit. I was expecting the 24fps to be rock solid, and the 48 and 75fps to have a little play, but it was the opposite. 75 was super solid, and 48 was a hair more wobbly, and 24 was loose. is that normal? and secondly, and i know this is hard to describe over text, but how steady should i be expecting a super 16mm to be? maybe it's a totally acceptable amount of wobble at 24fps and i am just expecting it to be better than it should be.
  16. I cracked the mirror shutter on my SR3 and have been having a hell of a time trying to find a new one. I did locate an SR2 mirror shutter so I thought I might be able to take off the mirror and replace the cracked SR3 mirror. I'm not talking about the whole mechanism, just the mirror. Does anyone know if those two mirrors are compatible? They appear to be the same, but I've had difficulty finding exact specs on either.
  17. Hi all. I am 4th cinematography student. I am about to shoot a short commercial on s16. I have shot on film a few times before but I would like hear other opinions on how best to a achieve a cold daylight look on film. Basically the story is that a couple wakes up very early in their city apartment and leaves for the countryside. I want the piece to start off very cold looking in their apartment and then gradually get warmer as they leave the city in their car and arrive in the country. I have only one roll to shoot this piece on. It's a thirty second ad so that should be loads of stock. Bug that brings into question how I can get a varying level of "coldness" on the one roll. I will be shooting on Kodak 200t 7213. My initial thought is to shoot the grey card with an 85 in. The remove that for the early scenes. Then later for the car scenes to use a 81ef so a slightly warmer, but still cold look. Then finally for the countryside scenes to put the 85 back in. Does this seem like a good plan to achieve what I am looking for? Very open to suggestions and opinions, or indeed any help at all. Thanks.
  18. Hey, I just bought an SRIII but it only came with one battery. Anyone know where I could pick up a couple more? Or, does anyone know someone who could make a small onboard that could plug into the 4-pin xlr? Looking for new, used, aftermarket, 3rd party, whatever. Cheers!
  19. Attached are several photos of my ARRI SR3 16MM Camera Package. These items are for sale as a package OR my be sold separately. See pricing included, OBO. Please contact me with any questions. Thanks, Roland
  20. I am selling my Arriflex 435 ES camera. This camera is in great condition and runs perfectly! It was well maintained and recently serviced. The Arriflex 435 ES is a fantastic MOS film camera that has been trusted and used worldwide for years. The 435 is amazing for slow-motion, running crystal sync up to 150 fps! It's a lightweight camera, yet it's incredibly sturdy. The ES stands for electronic shutter meaning that the 435 ES can adjust its shutter electronically, which is great for speed ramping, something this camera does well. The Arriflex 435 ES will serve you well for years to come. The camera is still highly in use today, with many directors and cinematographers choosing to shoot on it due to its high-speed capabilities, and overall compact lightweight design. The package includes: Arri Arriflex 435 ES Camera Integrated Video Assist (IVS) (3) 400' Magazines Short Viewfinder Long Viewfinder Extension Heated Eyecup Heater Cable RCU-1 Remote Control Unit RCU Long Cable WL-3 Work Light 24v Plug-In Module Carrying handle Right Hand Grip w/Trigger Large Flight Case Small Flight Case Film is a beautiful medium, and will be used to capture gorgeous cinematic images for a long time to come. I am asking $8,500 but I am open and willing to negotiate a lower price, so make me an offer! Thanks! I am also selling an Arriflex SR3 Advanced package for $3,500 OBO. Includes 3 mags, 2 batteries, mattebox, rods, etc. Hit me up if you're interested!
  21. Hello all, I've just bought myself an Arri SR3 advanced. I'm now looking to buy: Matte box, that can take 100x100mm or 100x125mm or 100x150mm filters. Something like this Truelens Kestrel would suit: http://www.truelens.co.uk/index.php?webpage=product_detail.php&product_id=72697&cID=20213 Up to £150 Soft grad 0.6 filter - 100x100mm or 100x125mm or 100x150mm. Up to £80 Suitable tripod with video head. Up to £500 Please get in touch if you have any of these items within my price range. Many thanks, Greg
  22. Hey folks, Slightly urgent issue here. I've just loaded an SR3 magazine and when I close the first door the film advance wheel (not sure what it's called) is very hard to wind. The other two I loaded spooled the film out quite easily. Should there be a lot of stick when winding the film out? Cheers for the help.
  23. Hey folks, I'm shooting a music video on an SR3 soon with some superspeeds. I had a look through the viewfinder the other day, wide open at t 1.3 and I 'seemed' to be able to pick the focus fairly accurately. I don't want to eyeball the whole shoot however and get back soft rushes. Has anyone judged focus by eye and been ok? Or should I always be measuring? By the way, I'm not going to be shooting the clip at t1.3! Cheers!
  24. Hello all -- Posting this on this forum in case anyone is interested. The buy-it-now on ebay is no longer available but I will let this one go for $2799 and end the auction early. It's a real steal at this price and am letting it go for cheap. http://www.ebay.com/itm/ARRIFLEX-Arri-SR3-Advanced-Super-16mm-Film-Camera-PL-Mount-S16-/271279445838?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3f2983d74e Great camera, but there are a few quirks that are cosmetic don't effect the image quality or ergonomics, but I'd prefer to have a camera in better shape, that is why I'm letting it go. Here is a video of it running recently (9/15/13) : Item is located in NY and will ship domestically. Contact: ekyfilms@gmail.com ---- For Sale Arriflex SR3 Advanced Super 16mm Film Camera All items included with this item are pictured. Besides a few cosmetic wear marks this camera is in working condition. This was recently tested at a camera house (9/15/13) and is fully operational and works as intended and runs smoothly. A video can be sent of the camera running. Included items are: • Arriflex SR3 Advanced S16 film camera body • (2) 400 Foot Arriflex SR2 S16 mags • Arri SR3 Handbook • Light-weight Flightcase • 20/80 Prism For a Videotap (no port cap) Features of this camera include: • 5 to 75 fps • Manually adjustable Shutter angles 180°, 172,8°, 144°, 135°, 90°, 45° • 54 mm stainless steel PL mount • Heated Eye Cup
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