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Found 6 results

  1. How much would it cost to purchase a good to near mint condition Aaton A-Minima?
  2. Selling on behalf of my client an ARRI 416 Plus kit: 1x 416 Plus Body PL Mount 1x PAL IVS Video Assist 3x 400' Mags 2x OBB-2 Batteries (1x needs to be re-celled) 2x OBB-2 Batteries 1x Top Handle 1x Shoulderpad 1x 12" Dovetail 1x Bridge Plate 1x LW15mm Bracket 3x Mag Covers Client is looking at $29K US (Yes, I know that's expensive but he knows the market demand and almost 'no' supply, and is asking for a higher price). I can consider reasonable offers to him. Please PM if interested. Thanks, Norm
  3. Hi Everybody, I've just acquired an Arri SR2 Advanced and wanted to know if someone knows where I can find dummy film stock ? I need to practice a bit before starting to shoot something real. I live in Switzerland and we don't have labs and film stock anymore in here, everything is closed and out of stock... Let me know. Thank you
  4. Hey Guys, I've recently become the proud owner of an Aaton XTR Prod, however the camera unfortunately has a few items missing, which i'd like to acquire. With that said, i'm on the lookout for original Aaton accessories including: - Walnut handgrip & cable - 2x screw in 15mm rods (short) - Heated eyepiece cable As the purchase of the camera used up a fair amount of my budget, i'm looking for reasonable prices, however I completely understand that these are getting harder to come by, so happy to play fair. I also have a few accessories that I don't think i'll be needing - such as the Origin timecode device, that i'd be happy to swap if people are searching for one (tend to slate anyway). I'm based in the U.K, if that helps too. Thanks! Nick Lee-Shield www.nicholasleeshield.com
  5. Hello Group, Planning on a short film in Super 16mm B&W. Did some first B-Roll shots as a test with Kodak Tri-X 7226 reversal, waiting for the scan to return. I happened to have two 100ft rolls (one still in the freezer). The idea is to evoke a 1940s-50s period feel. Not sure about excessive film grain in S 16mm though. I have seen a lot of recent footage (excellent digital scans) of Tri-X reversal, Double-X neg, Orwo UN 54 and FomaPan R 100. The latter seems to suffer from unpleasant round white spots (like air or gas bubbles during processing) frequently. Other than that I really can't tell the difference, since it heavily depends on grain management during scanning and grading. The Tri-X reversal is actually the most expensive, but I have seen Double-X and even Orwo UN 54 with about the same amount of grain - all looking very good. Sharpness seems great on all film stocks. Seen Vision 3 de-saturated. Doesn't work for me: it's somehow too milky and the gray values seem off. IMHO a Black&White film should be shot (if possible) on genuine B&W stock. Please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. I am asking because if the Tri-X reversal turns out too grainy in the scan (will have it scanned with a 2K Muller scanner, it's used by the most inexpensive lab I can find where I am located (EU) and the results are always great) - I might switch to Double-X neg and if it works, mixed with the Orwo (when I don't need 200/160 ISO/ASA). I am not after the "near grainless" 35mm look from the late 1940s and '50s. A little grain is just fine as long as there are no digital artifacts (I have seen Tri-X reversal scans in 16mm/S 16mm ranging from "unusable, gritty and very grainy" to excellent with fine detail in the highlights (one wouldn't expect with reversal). I guess some labs apply sharpening with the wrong settings that brings out the grain (especially in darker areas) way too much. Any input and tips very much appreciated, Cheers, Christian
  6. First off, I want to say thank you to all the people who contribute to this forum - I’ve been lurking around for quite some time without posting much. You know the old adage... “If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all”... Well, by nice I mean something that could further the discussions - but quite often I find the answers before needing to ask! Anyway, I just got myself a s16mm Arriflex SR2 (PL mount), and I'm looking into prime lens options. I have a collection of 35mm and above format primes, but none suitable for this smaller gauge (they can obviously cover it but finding a good wide/normal lens out of my collection is a stretch). I’ve read in various places that some 16mm format lenses aren't compatible - they cover it but don’t physically fit with the Arri SRII or SR1. My question; what prime lenses which cover and/or are designed for super16 are compatible with my SR2 in the wide to normal focal lengths. I'm not looking for the newest and greatest optics available, but instead some quality vintage glass with character. Old lenses from the likes of Cooke, Schneider, Zeiss, Meyer, and probably any old German or Russian knockoff's interest me. Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated.
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