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Cleaning Gaff tape gunk on extension cables

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Sometimes while I am on productions, PA's and grips tape down my extension cables to the floor to prevent people from tripping on set. Unfortunately, throughout the day, the stingers get hot and cause the gaff tape to melt and leave a nasty gunk on them.


Does anyone have any ideas on how to clean them?




Thomas Chaves



NYC G&E Cargo Van Rentals

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Bestine Solvent & Thinner (it's engineered as a solvent for rubber adhesives and most quality gaffer's tapes use a rubber adhesive I've been told).


To prevent the problem you can use a "cable path tape" that's a few inches wide and doesn't have adhesive in the center area to sully your stingers...I recall "Tunnel Tape" was a name brand of this product.


Finally, I use inexpensive carpet floor mats from office supply stores to throw over cables instead of taping them down. The carpets are $20-30 dollars for a 3x5' and come in a dark grey that doesn't show up in shots easily or show dirt. I also think they present a lower tripping hazard than a cable taped down to the floor.

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You can get mats at Home Depot for 10 bux



I spent many a days in my early days cleaning cables at a rental house


Lots of Goo Gone or what others have mentioned but you have to be liberal with the stuff and that pile of paper towels or rags is very flammable-

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