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Great news for film enthusiasts in Australiasia!


Archives New Zealand has reached a deal with Park Road Post Production to take ownership of all film laboratory equipment and set up a new film processing laboratory here in Wellington, New Zealand!

This has been approved by the NZ government and is to serve Archives in finishing all their restoration needs in the coming years, but also to provide processing for public use.


The Archives are taking the ECN and both B+W Neg and Pos machines (No ECP), a number of printers, cleaners etc. This will be a full service laboratory, employing most of the same people from Park Road. Slated to open around the end of October/start of December 2013.


If you have any questions, I'll be glad to try and answer.








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I sent this polite email to Archives NZ...

"When Peter Jackson's film lab was being dismantled, Brian Scadden told me that the archive facility was going to include a film processing lab. This lab would be accepting private work. I saw that Watts/Huges construction had done work on the building to house that. Is the lab running? Is it accepting outside work? It's very difficult to find anything on the net...."


Talked to Ian, Reversal Cine a couple years ago, sounded like a sincere guy, trying to set up smallish scale processing in Auckland. He will know what;s really going on with Archives NZ. Might contact him soon.


Chris Riley, I emailed him very recently on something else, but never heard back.


There may not be much to wow about Manu. We'll see.

Blame everything on Peter J. (wistful smiley face)

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Sorry, that may have been a bit too brief. Peter Jackson inherited (bought) the National Film Unit lab. NFU was a great lab, with every imaginable service. Shortly after, most of the hardware was disposed of. Archives NZ were going to inherit some of that and open a lab, used for archival duties, but accepting private work.


NFU also had a lot of production gear that got cherry picked by PJs guys, then the remainder dumped on the local internet.

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