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Ben Joyner

Kino Party colored tubes

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Hey guys,


Does anyone know of a good place to purchase Kino flo party colored tubes? Looking to buy some color tubes (blue,red.) Can't seem to find them available for purchase online, but I know they exist.




-Ben Joyner

Cinematographer // benjoyner.com

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Differing sizes of bulb. Kinos are T12, T8 are the thinner ones. I suppose you could cut them

The other option is clear tape and cutting little bits of gel for your lights.

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What's the difference between t8 and t12? Also, can you cut them easily? Looking to use them with 2 ft tubes.




You can cut them with a razor or boxcutter. Measure the sleeve to the size that you want to cut, mark it with a Sharpie. Lay them on a flat surface, press the area that you want to cut flat and then slice with the razor. It's a dense plastic material so apply a decent amount of pressure. That vendor has a store in Atlanta that can ship to you in Savannah.

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One more thing. Get an electric blanket and wrap it around the area BELOW the section to be cut. Turn the blanket on the low setting and leave it wrapped around the sleeve for 2 minutes. It softens the plastic material, making it much easier to cut.


A good way to remember the difference between a T8 and T12: A T8 is roughly the diameter of a U.S. quarter. The T12 is almost the same diameter as a U.S. silver dollar coin. The lengths and shapes( U bend, circline, etc.) will vary. The diameter of a T8/T12

remains constant.

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