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I recently got an old CP-16A and am trying to restore it to working condition however it has one problem. When I plug it in to ac and run it nothing happens. If I leave the run button on for several minutes it will eventually start to run but very slowly. After a few more minutes it will start to run faster but never reaches sync speed (the red light is always on). If at any point I turn the run switch off the process starts back from the beginning. The power supply is good, it's giving off 20 vdc at 3 amps and I tested the camera with another power supply alligator clipped to the battery terminals and got the same results. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm trying to repair this myself without having to send it in. I'll link a video where you can see the speed ramping up and down on it's own. At the point I'd taken the video the camera had been powered on about 10 minutes.

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It may need lubrication. When I got mine 10+ years ago, I had to replace the belts. I'm not sure why it would start and stop like that. If it's not a lubrication issue, then it may have something to do with the crystal. I hate to say it, but this may not be a problem you can fix yourself. I would call whitehouse AV, they know almost everything about cinema product cameras. I'd give him a call.

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Inside the CP16s there is a memory battery. When this deteriorates, it may ooze onto a crystal module directly attached to the motor control board. It is quite a mission to get at it. You might strike lucky if the crystal module is covered with dried ooze and is successfully cleaned off but more likely it will have been damaged.


Ken Hale at Whitehouse Audiovisual may have the necessary replacement PCB but I have not been in touch now for several years. There was a new digital replacement motor control system and rear control panel developed and sold. I don't know if the designer/builder/vendor is still trading or has any remaining inventory to sell.


More details can be found at this page :-



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