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100' 16mm Spools XTR

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Hey all! I'm prepping for a short film that I'll be shooting with an Aaton XTR Prod. I've never used 100' spools of film but it would benefit me to be able to use 100' lengths of film. The problem is I honestly don't know if they can be used on this camera and don't have the budget to buy a roll just to test it. Has anyone used this combo before? If so can you explain how to do so? (A video showing how to load the spools would be ideal).


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You can use 100' spools on the feed side. You need to remove the core adapter using the small screwdriver that is found inside the feed side of the magazine. You will loose the mechanical footage counter. You cannot use a spool on the take-up side, only a core, so you will have to unload the exposed film in a changing bag or darkroom. Using spools on an Aaton is an emergency solution, not recommended if you can help it.

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Just a reminder that the film on the core won't fit in the 100' can- the core is bigger than the spool hub- and it's not lightproof anyway, so you will need to wrap the film in a lightproof bag-preferably two- and send it to the lab in a 400' can, or a 200' if you can get one.

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