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Randy J Tomlinson

Kodak K40

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I have a Original sealed S8 kasette with Kodak K40 inside. Expiration Stamp says Nov. 1993 :D

It was sitting for decades in a Box somewhere in a Basement of an old House. So, not in Fridge.

Is it worth an experiment? 1 or 2 Stops Up? And who would develop it? I guess no one. I guess i have to develop it myself.

What would you do? Anyone knows where i can develop it?




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A few labs will attempt development as b/w neg but with no guarantee of results. I'd keep it as a souvenir, or sell in on ebay to a collector.

BTW unless you mean the actor, lemon has one "m".

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These sort of questions bring a tear to my eye, but I'd suggest getting a new roll of 100D or Tri-x rather than spend he time and money dealing with Kodachrome developed as B&W negative.

I've sadly tossed out old unused rolls of K40 in recent years.

The 100D 7294 is worth supporting.

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Hi, it's worth an experiment if you don't mind the severe film aging artifacts that might results [cloudiness due to age fogging in both reversal or negative processing, significantly lower contrast unless using a higher contrast developer for Negative processing, loss of filmspeed etc]. I process these films here all the time at Plattsburgh Photographic Services. Usually, they were exposed years ago, so the goal is to save anything on the film. If you want it reversal processed, it will work, just very poor quality (I've tested much older film), and as Negative, best to process it in a developer such as KODAK D-19 or similar. This will compensate for age fogging, loss of contrast, as the developer will kick it up to a more normal level. The film grain will be much higher than what you'd expect from KODACHROME. Sadly, had this film been cold stored, even in the fridge it would be pretty a pretty good B&W film, and stored frozen it would be excellent. But, these old films are fine for B&W results, and to experiment for a variety of things, such as testing time lapse, focus settings, and anything you'd like to goof around with rather than risk using fresh film and all the incurred costs. That's where cost will get you unless you process the film yourself, as usually, it's not cheap to get it processed from the main labs that still offer such services, and only as Negative: Pro8mm, Spectra Film & Video, Film Rescue, and Rocky Mountain Film Lab.


An added note: I so often have to finish off partially used cartridges that get sent in prior to breaking them open to process the film. So I also get to see what the results are from the bits I film, both in Color Reversal on old EKTACHROME films, and in B&W Reversal or Negative for the old KODACHROME films. If processing the KMA 40 as Negative, you could increase exposure by up to 1-Stop....however...it's a risk, since the age fog will exist in the unexposed silver already, so you could end up with a dense negative image. Unless you had a small stash of these films of similar age and storage history, I recommend treating this as a one off film to just do some camera testing or filming anything for fun.

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