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The potential consequences of "Leaving Neverland"

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After it's release almost 2 years ago, the 2 part documentary Leaving Neverland (about Michael Jackson's alleged crimes) has been greenlit for a sequel.

Of course the Jackson estate is bombarding them with legal suits, but in all honesty, all I can think about is the crew. Would a DoP or AD worry about a film that could potentially get them blacklisted from a big chunk of the industry? Does the average hiring producer look at things like that for positions other than Director or Writer?

There's been stuff like MadTV which has been mean towards public figures but never attempted to seriously state anything about their parody subjects, I just wonder how it could all go down in the event of the courts ruling these pictures as 100% libel.

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Isn't that summtim. 650+ views, almost 2 years go by and no one has any input. Really sad testament to this forum. Or are they scared of signing their name to a comment? Well, maybe that is it. They all got jobs and houses.

Sounds like an interesting topic. This is the first I heard about it Max. 

Amazon.com: Leaving Neverland: Movies & TV

Looks like an interesting film. I will get it from my library. Didn't research it much, but Amazon's DVD is a DVD-R. Wonder why it was not pressed?

For me, if I was qualified for the work, it probably would not matter. I don't own any real estate. My car is almost 12 years old. My gear is all old. No steady job. They would only 'get practice' suing me.

But not everyone is like me. 

If you got a project like that where no one wants to shoot it, put up want ads at the film or art schools. 

Beside $$, another thing to worry about now is the physical backlash when you don't mesh with the popular culture and prevailing world view. I used to carry around revolvers back in the day. The summer of love 2020 proved that revolvers are not much good in the new world order. Now it is Glocks with hi cap mags and an AR- SBR in the trunk's pass through.

No matter what you do...someone, somewhere is going to be offended. And the freedom of speech thing is out the door in 2021 America. (And I  hope to never have to use the SBR...it will blow your ears out!) 

Now Max, $$ does not drive all things. 

In an intro to his review on Amazon of  Among the Bohemians: Experiments in Living 1900-1939 by Virginia Nicholson, Lleu Christopher distills what fuels the bohemian life.

“Nicholson has a genuine appreciation for the bohemian spirit, and acknowledges the sacrifices made by many obscure artists, poets and others existing (often marginally) at society’s fringes. For some, the idealistic decision to forsake conventional society for a life dedicated to art, romance, poetry or perhaps a vaguer idea such as beauty or authenticity was never rewarded with any kind of material success. Was there any compensation for those living such marginal lives? Nicholson makes the case that for many, a life dedicated to art, romance and freedom is its own reward. For those who embody the bohemian spirit, material comforts and security are not worth the price of suppressing one’s creativity and individuality.”

So artists may have other motives to do a thing, other than money Max.

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