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Post one of your setups


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I need to find new ways to amuse myself.


The camera has been refurbished and shipped.

Should be here in a few days.

I also ordered an new version that

records to flash memory in color!

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Here's a few from a film test I did a little while ago. 7274






decided to go with 7279 for the shoot though...on account of the ammount of light we've got available. but i like this stock


I was at 2.8/4. I don't exactly recall the readings on the face...I wish I did though, that'd be good info to have. next time I'll draw a sketch. Perhaps someone here can judge it by eye?

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Guest Aaron_Farrugia

hey guys just lookin over the old posts and thought this one was an awsome idea

heres quite a few images of my work to get the ball rolling....


short film





short film







grab from a 16mm music video:





heres a music video i did for Chopper Read:


Chopper read music video:


























last few




theres quite a few there

any queries let me know which image and ill fill u in on the specs

(reflections was an AWSOME BOOK!)

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Hi, I am new to this forum and i'm really impressed with everyone's work/knowledge. Mr. Townson, this is really awesome stuff you got with the XL1s! Is there anyway to view these shorts online or at least a trailer?



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Shot this a couple weeks back for a feature called "2101". The film focuses on a futuristic metal pyramid-shaped device, so I very much wanted to design at least one shot to look like a pyramid. This shot was the most successful within that venture.

We wanted to light the room without using a single light within the room. My wonderful gaffer and I lugged all the lights onto the roof and directed them down through the two skylights. We positioned the table and our first "bad guy" beneath the closer skylight, and our "prisoner" and second "bad guy" under the further skylight. I wanted all of the space between the two skylights to be as dark as possible, so that when the bad guys walked between them they fell into complete darkness and became silhouettes. This ended up working very well!


The light set-ups coming through the two skylights were identical. Each had:

-2 Softboxes with 180 watt fluorescents

-2 Halogen Lamps raised higher than the Softboxes

-2 LED Panels with Full CTOs directed at the talent.

(This was pretty much the extent of what we had to work with on this film.)


Shot on a 5D mkIII with a Rokinon Cine 35mm.


Let me know what you think!

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I'm generally happier if I can get away with lighting a face from one side with a big soft light and no fill... Few things are as beautiful as a face lit by a window, ala Vermeer. I think a lot of us would love to just use one light coming from the perfect angle for a scene.

Agreed :)


Though this is not super soft, just one redhead with a bit of diffuse coming from the side/ slightly behind. A small bounce board fills the side of her face against his chest (from the same redhead) so it's not super dark and her eyelight is coming from a practical lamp (which didn't let off a lot of light). There was a heavily diffused redhead lighting up the room behind them also, but really this shot was achieved with just 1 light.




Fun fact actually, this sunset living room shot was 2 levels underground in an abandoned mall we managed to get permission to use :)


Also helps when you're actress is stunning.

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Wooh! First post ever!


Well here are two stills pulled from a romantic comedy short I shot a couple of months ago.


I had natural sunlight coming in from the windows and added unbleached muslin curtains (as seen) providing diffusion to sort of match the temperature of my tungsten fresnel. The fresnel was a 650w fixture, about 5ft up, angled upwards into a 4' x 4' bead board to bring up my key and add a bit more fill into the room. We had a small 11w bulb in the practical to add a little more detail to the lampshade and to give a 0.000000001 stop more light to the scene. :P


This was shot raw on a 5D Mark III with Magic Lantern.







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