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Tax Breaks for British TV

Stuart Brereton

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So what, you already have to be successful, then you get some extra free money?


More that they might consider the UK when selecting the location in the first place. Being a successful production is another matter.


I'd be very surprised if the crews got any more... Producers are trying to cut costs after all.

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I wonder if the savings will translate into better rates for the crews that make the shows.


If any tax breaks are quickly gobbled up in higher labour costs, how has the producer benefited by keeping his show in the UK?



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Possibly by being able to afford better people.


Actually I would be quite pleased if this happened, on the basis that if the big stuff starts using higher end crew again, maybe there'll be some more scraps left over for the rest of us.

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At BVE I saw a presentation by the cinematographer of Downtown. I've never seen the series but was really interested in the idea of hearing a talk by the cinematographer of a leading tv series and what he could tell me about working with the Alexa.


What I learned from him about his craft: "Last year they used lots of smoke in the servants quarters down below, this year we weren't allowed to use smoke because of the budget..."


As to the Alexa I got to see many horrible looking shots of ungraded footage and then the same graded shots that looked a bit better. Apparently the Alexa allows you to shoot in much lower light levels than before.

Ah, so it's like the PD150 then.


I feel bad to say this because it was one of the best presentations I saw. I saw a presentation by Sony who told me that the F65 is a 3perf camera (really? so where do I find the holes?). I saw numerous other presentations where I could see other people in the audience giggling away while someone boasted proudly about work they had produced that looked like really nothing very much. Very bizzare. I was just a bit mystified by it all. The UK can be a strange place, for those visiting, I suggest you don't take any drugs as you really will lose track of whats supposed to be "real" and whats not.


I had a great time at the BVE everything was otherworldly and there were nice people giving away free chocolate. Worked for me! :)





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