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30 Year Old 35mm Film

Kate Arizmendi

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Hey everyone. I was recently given 10,000 ft of 30 year old 35mm film dated back to 1982. The stocks are Kodak 5247 100T and Kodak 5293 200T. The person who gave them to me was given them by the AD from The Godfather, claiming these were short ends recanned from 1,000 ft rolls. Who knows if this is true- either way, they had been refrigerated and when we loaded them in the mags, they felt almost like new.


My friend Geoff Taylor and I shot a roll of each to test.


Kodak 5293 - https://vimeo.com/53663199

Kodak 5247 - https://vimeo.com/53709812


I just dropped off 6,000 ft of the 100T to Fotokem from a music video Geoff and I shot last weekend on it.

I'll post again when we get it back!



Kate Arizmendi

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Good lookin stuff.

I was so surprised by 35mm on one shoot which was a documentary (never finished sadly) shot all on expired/ends/cans of 35mm on a machine-gun sounding 2m with Lomo Lenses. I was really worried how it'd come out; and of course when I did see it-- granted only on vimeo-- the footage I saw was; well wonderful. I even put some of it on my reel and I don't think anyone would know the difference unless i pointed it out. Granted not 30 years old; but some of the film was marked as re-cans from the X-Files!

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