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mark iii and external monitor issues

goro toshima

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hi all,

i'm using mark iii with external monitor (ikan D5) and am having issuess.
basically, it's very wonky.

usually, everything will work fine upon starting up intially.
but if monitor turns off, and i turn monitor back on, i get no image...or if i go into
menu, when i come back out, there is no image--somehow it loses HDMI connection.

and then, i have to go through whole rigamarole to get image back--turn off monitor/camera,
unplug hdmi, turn monitor/camera on, then plug in HDMI--and then i'll get image.
but sometimes that won't work...so i'll have to do all that, take out batt, and then start up again.

is this a 5D issue? or is it just my camera/hdmi connection?



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HDMI can be flaky.


This is why SDI exists, and why people sometimes complain about the ergonomics of things like DSLRs. HDMI was designed to run signals around people's home TV and computing setups, not a camera situation in the field.


If it's really flaky, there may be damage to the connectors. Usually they're just soldered down onto the boards in the devices, and there can be inadequate strain relief (I've never seen any HDMI connector that actually offered strain relief). I've seen bolt-on adaptors for DSLRs that take the inconvenient side-facing HDMI connector and orient it backwards, and offer a bit of strain relief to the camera's PCB into the bargain.



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thanks phil...i do have the lockport to minimize strain on the hdmi. but i'm still having issues.

i've heard from several people that this is just a quirk of the camera. so far, i've always been

able to get camera/monitor back to working order after shut-down. but it's a lot of


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my rule of thumb with my 5d and monitor is that I never have the camera on while the monitor is plugged in and off. so monitor goes on, then camera, then camera goes off, then monitor. if I lose signal due to a cable tug of some kind then I will immediately turn off camera, open battery door, drop battery out then in again, then turn camera on again usually while keeping the monitor on. I am pretty used to this and it takes me 10 seconds at most to get back to working order.

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Funny, I observed this same problem this past weekend. Monitor would just go out and the only cure seemed to be unplugging the HDMI cable. My other observation, still no way to have the camera back monitor and feed an external monitor at the same time. Recall that this was true with the 5D mark II version and I thought this would have been solved in the latest iteration. Disappointing, it's all software isn't it?

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One very usual problem is also that the recording may stop if the camera loses hdmi connection. So, lost connection = lost take. This happens at least with canon 5d mark2, 5d mark3, panasonic gh3, panasonic gh4 and with all kinds of monitors so it is not camera specific and happens all the time.


I'm planning to use a hdmi to sdi converter directly fed to sdi-hdmi converter with hdmi cameras to be able to break the hdmi link between camera and monitor so I can save some takes and don't have to swith camera and monitor on and off in specific order.


The monitor on, then camera on -rule also works with gh cameras btw so it's a good rule to remember

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