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Processing Super 8mm film internationally

David Gann

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We ship internationally and develop ECN and B&W-Reversal Super-8mm and can X-Process Ektachrome to Negative.




Filling out the international shipping paperwork for FedEx can be a bit of a pain but I think we have that pretty well down and our international turnaround times have gotten faster.

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you might want to take a look at this list (even though some links might be dead and some of the labs might have been closed):


Nearly all labs are now offering worldwide services. There are labs in Australia (e.g. Nanolab), Japan (e.g. Retro8) and Southern/Northern/Central America that might be cheaper and faster than dealing with labs in Europe (e.g. Andec).


Kodak also has got a list of labs, too (even though it's less complete):




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There is a lab in Australia, http://www.nanolab.com.au/ they are reliable, cheap, and offer good quality services. I have used them myself over the years. Other companies are listed here: http://www.mishkin.yolasite.com/australian-super8.php


There are a few around this end of the world..


cheers, Gareth

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