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Fujica Z800 Disassembly

Roger Haney

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Just need to add, that that site requires users to register. I know not everyone likes doing this, but it's one source that's out there.

There is information on the Super 8 Wiki:



Also visit this site for similar help, and also to view similar cameras for other disassembly pics and instructions. Use the translator for the webpage for Japanese to English:


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Uh, sorry not presently.  Those posting are over 4 years ago!  Many sites change hands or disappear.  Some sources for repair manuals and copies have dried up as owners of those libraries have died.  There is a vendor on eBay that posts repair manuals, and they might have access to what you need.  Hunt around and then message them, maybe you'll get lucky.  Sadly, FUJI ceased all support for their formerly beloved Single-8 cine film format and cameras.  I don't understand why, and ELMO did the same some years ago.  Good luck though!  If I find anything, I'll post it here.


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Two avenues to try.

Craig cameras wrote me a while back and said

all the CD's that I have, both for repair manuals and instruction manuals will be donated to the Toronto Photohistorical Society, put up on their website as the John S. Craig Collection and will be free to the public to download.

It may be  they dont have one for the Z800..

you may have to register or join to gain access to their manual collections (I havent looked)

and try


e-mail as they just may have it ?

Good luck


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17 hours ago, Andrea Pievaroli said:

Hi everyone, do you know if www.super8wiki.com website  has permanently closed or if is there a similar website ? Thanks

Still working for me today.


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