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Eclair ACL Jaeger input

Willem Jansen

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I recently bought a ACL (1.5) and it has the Jaeger input on the body for the battery. The original battery needs to be re-celled and I'm wondering if this is the best thing to do or, which is my other option: to get a separate 12v NIMH battery and attach it to the camera's magazine. This seems to be the more efficient option as far as my research goes. But then I still need a cable or adapter, right? I honestly never heard of the brand Jaeger before...


Does anyone have more knowledge about this?





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Jaeger connectors are mostly used in the aerospace industry.

I have a few brand new connectors in my stock. Believe me they are not cheap!

They also need a special tool for assembly and disassembly, which I have.

The connector on your camera looks like it has corrosion on the female inputs. It should be replaced.

Alternately, you might want to have the power input converted into something more standard like 4-pin XLR.

This would require modification to the camera base. Which ever way you want to go, it's going to cost $$$.

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Before spending money on power cables and batteries, have you been able to check if the camera is working at all?

Doesn't the original battery pack have a connector to fit the camera's power input?

If so, remove the dead cells from the battery pack and substitute any 12V DC source to the correct + and - wires.

Let us know what you find.

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Well, The camera has yet to arrive. The previous owner said the batteries needed to be removed and has already done that for me.


The only way to attach the battery pack to the camera is through the cable that goes into the Jaeger input. But because it has corrossion on it, I better first replace it right?

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Also, this is how he said he used to attach the battery pack to the camera:


- with the included battery pack to the Jaeger input.
- with a 4pin XLR to Jaeger adaptor (now missing, as detailed).


He has lost the 4pin XLR to Jaeger adapter over the years.


(Sorry for the double post, I couldn't edit my previous post all of the sudden)

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The camera package is at Bernie's place.

He will replace the Jaeger input with a XLR and add a cable, battery and charger.

Shout out to him and his wife Julie. Great communication and I'm very happy he can fix this for me.

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Hi All,


I'm replacing the jaeger connector on my ACL body with an XLR connector.  However, I am finding that my existing jaeger cable appears to have no voltage OR ground on 2 of the pings.


If you are locking at the connector on the body of the camera, the wide line key is on the top and the two pairs of tiny key notches are on the bottom left and bottom right.


Assuming that and you go around the pings clockwise like this:



4     2



I appear to have ground on 1, 12v on 2 and nothing or 3 or 4.  But, there are clearly wires going to the circuit board.  I assume for the light meter or other function.  Can someone tell me these pin outs so I can wire the new XLR correctly?







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I have replaced the Jaeger with a 4-pin XLR in my ACL 1.5. If I remember correctly, it was quite trivial (unlike replacing the very small Cannon connector between camera base and the motor after the pins in the original one got bent -- whew!). As it seemed difficult to fit a connector within the base, I made it in to a tail of sorts (cable + male XLR) coming out of the camera. The extra wiring is for pilotone module -- I'm not sure if I just left those out.

You can find some pin outs in this PDF, page 36: http://www.my16mm.com/assets/pdfs/manuals/eclairacl2man.pdf

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