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Sourcing Eclair ACL Battery

Jacob Boitel-Gill

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Hey everyone,


I'm looking to buy a 16mm film camera and have decided on the Eclair ACL. I've seen one on the internet for sale however it's missing a battery.


Would anybody be able to advise on how difficult it is to get the right battery for this camera or where you would get one from? The seller says that everything else is in working order, but I'm a bit hesitant since it's a substantial amount of money and I'm not sure how to verify it works before paying for it...

I believe the model is from around 1970 btw.


Any response would be greatly appreciated,

Thanks a lot!

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Thanks a lot for the responses, I'll check out the other thread.

Yeah, I'm reluctant to go for it if they can't prove it's been tested. It does appear to be quite difficult to find anywhere to buy one though, not sure if it's just a matter of waiting for one to come up on Ebay eventually.

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On 4/11/2018 at 12:11 AM, Jacob Boitel-Gill said:

....Eclair ACL...battery for this camera

Not having a battery in the kit for sale does not mean he can't test it. Any 12V supply might do. Is this an ACLI with a Jaeger connector on the camera base or is it ACLII with a 4 pin canon XLR? The Canon is easier to work with if making up your own power cables. Actually if making up a cable with the Jaeger connector you need good skills, otherwise give that job to someone else.

ACL came with nicad batteries, which are a pain to look after. NiMHi will be easier, and quite cheap to adapt from what's available. For example...



You will need to put them in a plastic box and make up the power cable or adapter.

Re the voltage for ACL power supply, I can't remember the advice I got from Andrew at AZ Spectrum, but the max was actually quite high. Nicads, 10 cells,  freshly charged are almost 14V,  NiMHi probably similar. I think if I was making a battery pack now I would check opinions on max V and add one or two cells.

For a single speed motor it doesn't matter much, 10 cells is fine, but for a heavy duty variable speed motor with a newish camera, tolerances on the wearing surfaces like new, lubricants ageing a little, you need good Voltage and high Ah or you will suck high amps.

Soldering up your own cells is not hard if you have a little experience with a soldering iron.

Let us all know what you do.

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There's a couple of ideas from Andrew at AZ Spectrum on Battery V and Ah on that link from Pav. He gives 15.6V max battery V, but Im not sure if that is the nominal V from 13x1.2V cells, or the freshly charged V ffom 11x1.38V cells, guessing the fully charged V at 1.38/cell.  So that needs to be clarified.

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