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Critique My DP Reel


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Hey everyone, I'm transforming over from a videographer to a DP and I been slowly building my reel over the last year or so... I know my reel isn't amazing, but i'd love to hear what other people see in it good and bad.


What are some things producers or people would like to see that would help build my reel.


Any feed back is helpful. Much appreciated!



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I agree with Frank. One of the rules of any demo reel is to lead with your best thing. If there's anything less than stellar take it out or put it in the middle of the reel. And end with something great as well.


I really like the shot with the stopsign and the skateboard. That might be a good one to lead with, followed by something that shows your studio lighting skills.


Also there seemed to be a glitch in the middle of the reel on the weightlifter.


- Webster

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The comedy looking stuff doesn't really seem to fit into the reel at all-- I'd loose it.

The Jack Daniels shot too is also too quick and sticks out a bit in a bad way.

The Nike bit at the end also really doesn't work too well.


Perhaps would be wise to shorten it all a bit; and maybe consider doing a commercial/MV reel and then a Narrative reel since often those two styles are much at odds.


The opening shot also goes on a little too long-- and perhaps should be replaced by the guitarist falling. I would de-reverse the footage of the car going backwards down the street. without the context of the shot in the video it's from it seems off.

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