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Setting shutter to avoid flicker

Roger Alexander

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Hey guys,


I shot on RED Dragon or Gemini. I usually use a plugin to clean up flickering shots after the fact. However, is there a way I cant set my camera to shoot the shot and avoid the flicker altogether? When shooting slowmo outside under different street lights, it does not appear to flicker on my RED touch screen. You'd won't even know if flickers until you home to review footage.


Is there a certain way I can set my camera and/or shutter to avoid flicker in the shot?

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The streetlights are likely to be discharge lighting of some sort, which means they are probably flickering at 60hz, the frequency of mains power in the US. If you are currently shooting with a 180º shutter at 23.98fps, you should try using a 144º shutter, and see if that helps. It may not be exact, so some experimentation might be necessary.

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also depends your slo mo frame rate .. stick to those divisible by the Hz .. eg in the US 60/120/240.. and 180 degree shutter.. do a quick replay in camera to check.. blast off a quick file.. best way to check.. in Japan there is 50 and 60 hz regions so Im always having adjust... some sodium lights .. your screwed and they will always flicker as they dont rely on the Hz cycles ..

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