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Hey everyone! Well, I'm at it again. This whole Covid thing has prevented us from doing much outside of the house, so I decided to launch my new youtube channel called Cinema Repository. It's going to be a place where I drop all my little iPhone clips about servicing cameras and funny little film-centric things I run into on a daily basis. I'm also doing a series about shooting on film that we launched our first episode of tonight (link below). This is basically an extension of my film school Celluloid Dreaming and a great way to give back. We'll have camera loading videos. Round table discussions about filmmaking. Interviews with some top filmmakers and of course a whole slew of short films, mostly all of them shot on film. I'll be using this topic as a repository to post new video's that we post, hopefully more as the week goes on as I've got plenty of content to edit! 
Without further adieu, here is our first little short about LACHSA and how the students were so psyched about shooting on film. 
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Great stuff.  I’m so torn between film and digital. But my requirements are getting stiffer. If it’s not an Alev3 sensor then I’d wrather shoot film.  I’m looking to build a new kit and have been planning on picking up a classic Alexa for shooting shorts with but then I see great stuff like this, which I 1000% agree with and I wonder if I should be chasing down a nice Aaton or Arri SR3 

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On 5/8/2020 at 8:26 PM, Tyler Purcell said:

Here is our second in-house produced film, 100% shot on film. 

Agree with every word. Thank you Tyler for sharing this. Great to see young talent with so much passion for shooting on film.

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