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Kodak Vision 3 processing - 3 labs / 3 techniques, which is the best?


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Hi all!

I would like your input about Kodak vision 3 development, i have a 500T roll adapted to photography (30 exposures) that i would like to process here in Europe and i'm not sure about which one of the three would provide the best results :


- Cinelab London : A very well known cinema laboratory that uses Photomec ECN2 processors.



- Silbersalz35 in Germany : "In collaboration with Helmut Rings, the renowned technology pioneer and retired owner of Film16 laboratory, we created a diminutive new film processing machine, offering ECN-2/D96 normal/push/pull/bleach-bypass processing for color and B&W 35mm film.



- Silverpan in UK : He uses the indy Filmomat machine.


" A small state of the art computerised film processor for small batch use.

Ideal for small runs of the more esoteric and complex processes such as ECN-2 and B&W Reversal, the timing, temperature and agitation of each chemistry bath can be precisely dialled in.

This allows me to fully tailor the processing time, development characteristics, and chemistry to your individual film, whilst retaining exacting standards and repeatable results."


With these few informations, which lab would give the best results in terms of processing?


Thanks in advance, i wish you're all good and healthy!

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I've shot a lot of Vision 3 from Silbersalz and got great results. Highly recommended. It might be an idea to check if they accept negatives that weren't provided by them first before sending anything in though.


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Thank you guys! 
Silbersalz has great reviews and you felt it right, they do not accept other "brands" even if it is true untouched Vision 3, i thought maybe they were selling modified Kodak V3 but that's just their way of doing things and i respect that..
I'm asking for my next rolls 😉

Any film development specialist here that has an opinion on these three processing methods?

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5 hours ago, Jeremy Saltry said:

We actually offer a home ECN-2 kit that will be available in EU sometime next month. 


Edit: Thanks Jordan! 

Where will it be available to order?

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