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16mm Eclair ACL for sale: London

Freya Black

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There are many variations of the ACL its true and this would seem to be an original ACL. Although it does have a nice Angenieux viewfinder that is orientable.

It certainly has the English mags.

The motor is set for 25fps.

Its not the varispeed motor. 

The lens seems to be in quite optically beautiful condition for its age although the body of the lens has been etched with the name of Sheffield Hallam University Fine Art Department... where it ended up after Dick Pope stopped using it. The lens was clearly looked after.. Mechanically the lens seems fine too.

It comes with the power cable with the little 4 pin connector at one end and the standard 12v 4 pin XLR cable at the other. 

I'd love to share photos although I'm not sure where I could host them at the moment.

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If you're still trying to sell this camera, have you thought of posting a 'For sale' listing on BB List? We're a trading platform specifically for broadcast and film equipment. We run a full escrow service - you don't part with your kit until we verify we have the money safe (protects you) and we hold the money until the buyer confirms they are happy with their purchase (protecting them). If there's a dispute, we help. Real people moderate the transactions, not a computer.

I just posted a WANTED ad for someone looking for an Eclair ACL motor - https://www.bblist.co.uk/item.php?item=76179



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